Saturday, November 20, 2021

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming ~ A Pepe Musing


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Nov 16, 2021

By BasedCitizen

It's dark, and getting colder.

I take a long draw from my rusty nail and close my eyes. I waft around the sweet leathery smoke. Behind me I can hear some faint sobbing. Its not that far away. I reflect on the many times the world has tested me to the point of tears, but not today.

Off to my left I can still hear the clowns. They are not any quieter, yet somehow not as loud. The honking seems more random than it once was.

I open my eyes and ahead I see a faint beam of light breaking the darkness; a new dawn. I feel a friendly hand on my right shoulder and I remember… Even though I cannot always see them, I am surrounded by frens.

Some have been marching for months. Others have been marching for many years. None of us seem to know exactly where we are, but every last one of us knows where we are going.

I take one last draw before tossing the nub to the ground. Then, as if coordinated by God, I hear a billion footsteps begin marching with me and I know…

Nothing can stop what is coming.

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