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Disclosure Digest 7-23-17

And The Beat Goes On 

For those of you wondering just which planet Ben Fulford hails from, this recent interview is for you:

There is one light still burning in Congress, and Bernie is his name-o:

Some very good news for the Standing Rock Sioux and the entire planet:

Julian Assange removes another brick from the Wall of Unknowing:

It seems that Mars, and it's SSP colonies, is in for a major cleansing wave from Ol' Sol:

Saul: There Is Only Source, Father/Mother/God, And That Is What You Are, Each And Everyone Of You

As all the channels are reiterating, enormous changes are happening right now, right as you are typing this!  They are essential aspects of humanity’s awakening into the awareness that all are one, that there is only ONE and that all are at one with That.  The idea of separation would be an enormous joke if only you had not convinced yourselves so firmly that separation is REALITY!  It’s not!  There is only Source, Father/Mother/God, and that is what you are, each and everyone of you, without any exceptions.  How could there be exceptions when there is only the ONE?

Many of you are now awakening to this knowing, this realization, and as you do your energy fields change vastly as Love flows through you abundantly instead of in the dribs and drabs to which you have all become accustomed.  Consequently others, many, many others, are feeling, sensing, that enormous change is in the air, as it most definitely is.  Those of you who read these messages, and many other beautifully channeled messages, have been holding the Light on high for decades to bring the awakening into the lives of all around you and to extend it to all on Earth. 

At first, progress was slow, but as more and more of you became aware of your spiritual essence and answered the calls from your guides and mentors in the spiritual realms, the rate of progress expanded across the planet, while at the same time accelerating, thus much reducing the time it was going to take for humanity to awaken unto Itself, into the awareness that It is the beloved Son/Daughter of God.

The chaos and confusion worldwide – politically, ethnically, racially, philosophically, within multi-national corporations, and religiously – are powerful indicators of the ongoing changes, changes that will no longer be delayed or prevented.  Everyone’s “dirty laundry” is coming out to be cleansed, and some are experiencing it as an extremely painful process.  However, all that is not in perfect alignment with Love has to be dissolved in the laundering process, because it just muddies the waters of the vast Ocean of Love that is Reality, making it very difficult for you to be aware of who you truly and eternally are.

Higher Self Channelling On 7-21-17

By Multiple-Mike Quinsey

Can you believe that you are over half way through the present year. If ever you needed proof of the special times you are now in you need look no further. Changes are likely to come thick and fast that will propel you into the New Age, so that you can enjoy the advantages and benefits to be gained. Nothing will stop them coming into being and as you must know by now, the ultimate is to reach the point when Ascension will occur.

We see the whole picture as all is in the “Now” and can assure you that all proceeds well and in accordance with the plan set by great Beings who monitor and follow your progress. Some souls will not be ready to ascend and that is to be expected, and their path is also planned to ensure they continue to evolve. It is one that meets their needs and enables them to continue evolving. All of you at some stages in your evolution are guided by Higher Beings, who are dedicated to their work that will not cease until all of the Human Race has ascended.

You are at a time in the new cycle when it is being established, which is why many of you seem to be getting nowhere fast. The turmoil and upsets experienced are all part of the changes that are getting rid of the old so that it can move forward into the higher vibrations. You have one foot in the 3rd dimension and the other one in the 4th dimension and before long both will be in the higher 4th dimension, and all of the problems associated with the lower vibrations will have been left behind.

 It is a slow but positive transition that requires no action on your part beyond doing all you can to maintain a high level of vibration. That requires a dedicated approach to your actions to ensure that you are positive in all of them. Negativity and fear will only pull your vibrations down so you must endeavor to avoid getting involved in situations that may create it. Keep calm and help to raise the vibrations by keeping your own steady, and send out loving thoughts where you find discord or negativity.

GaiaPortal: Streets of Gold Are Unveiled

Channelled By ÉirePort On 7-21-17

Ferrites embed within the soft matrix.

Separations are resolved.

Banners of Illumination are raised.

Streets of Gold are unveiled.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-22-17

 The Ten Hyperlinks

Seeing as it's a New Moon let's check in with Stephanie Austin:

The View from inside the Cosmic Cuisinart:

The Tale of the Sovereign Stairmaker...git yer curmudgeon on:

We're seeing much more coverage of Cabal created terrorism on the old Interweb these days:

Likewise for Big Pharma's worldwide, licit and illicit, opioid racket:

Lovely to see transparency come to the Syria False Flag Operations and their financiers:

Flash! This just in from PCR:

Yeah, and just who is going to pay for this busted up country, sovereign Syria:

 I've been using the term 'weaponized food' to describe, essentially, a genocidal conspiracy:

Disclosure Digest 7-21-17

 Lightening Up Is A Good Thing

Sandra Walter leads off today with further details of the upcoming metamorphic follies:

Anyone who does not understand that Israel owns the US Congress needs to go here:

Team Dark's attempted genocide-via-weaponized-food meme is coming undone:

It's been awhile since we heard from Sananda through James McConnell; let's remedy that:

Thanks to Wes Annac for posting this very helpful article on his OpenHeartedRebel website:

Of course! When God gives you lots of empty shipping containers...make student housing:

And we wrap it up with an update from our Pleiadian relatives via Valerie Donner:

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-20-17

Things Are Heating Up

The Resistance (us!) is getting very creative in blocking the Black Snake XL Pipeline:
'Kryon Teaches Exactly How to Instruct Your Cells to Heal';  heal ourselves, heal the Planet:

A wonderfully sober view of the impending GCR/Reval event:

We have antiquated DOD computer systems because the Shadow State siphons all military monies into their black ops secret space program,s funding very high galactic tech ships and bases, off planet:

I just love this image of white folks getting some remedial history instructions from First Peoples:

 The Council. via Ron Head, with some pertinent advice on letting go:

Here's a helpful analysis of the most recent (7-17-17) Light-coded crop circle message:

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-19-17

Some Of The Tastiest Disclosure Bits

'Pentagon Furious After Turkey Leaks U.S. Base Locations In Syria'; now the Team Dark infighting is kicking into high gear. Keep friends close and your enemies closer, Oy:

The latest Update from Sheldan Nidle and the Galactic Gang...Grok It:

We're a blink away from having Star Trek turbo lifts:

Remember, Facebook is a Rockefeller front pushing a now doomed plan to cyber-enslave Humanity using the WWW.  It was Team Dark's greatest folly as the Internet now speeds our Liberation:

This blog is published daily, in the peaceful Peoples Republic of Boulder, CO...Git Sum:

Ufologist ‘confirms with scientific evidence’ that aliens lived with humans on Earth (and we still owe them some money, apparently:)

‘Like hell’: Catholic school teachers abused 500+ students over 50yrs in Germany:

The current Kazarian gangster regime in Tel Aviv is indistinguishable from from the Third Reich:

Those Tall Nordics in Ikea-land have always been sovereign and eminently sane:

Speaking of sanity; go California!:

The Divine Feminine and her Goddesses are starting to kick ass at the at 11:

The Arcturians - Message For Our Grounded Earth Crew

Through Suzanne Lie On 7-17-17

Message For Our Grounded, Earth Crew
Creating Groups Based on Active, Shared Intentions

We, the Arcturians, would like to communicate with our grounded, Earth Crew about creating third dimensional groups based on active, shared, intentions. We are aware that this task is quite simple within a fifth dimensional environment, but it can be very challenging within the environment of third/fourth dimensional Earth.

First we will begin with the word “intention.” We will begin by describing the manner in which “an intention” and “Light Language” are the same. Neither intention nor Light Language can be viewed by your physical perception. Both your intentions, as well as Light Language, can be only sensed with your higher fourth and fifth dimensional perceptions.

In fact, both your intentions, as well as the intention of the ONE, are quite visible via your fifth dimensional perceptions. Let us take a moment of your “time” to explain the terms, “your intentions,” and “the intentions of the ONE.”

We will begin by giving you third dimensional definitions of “intention,” which are: purpose, aim, intent, goal, objective, and/or plan. All of your “planned intentions” often stay within your thoughts and emotions for a very long time before they become manifest in your daily life.

When you do not actively fulfill your own inner “intentions,” you may feel disappointed in your self. Some of you may also judge your self harshly for not filling the intentions that others have of you.

Your reactions to the judgments of others will be very different depending on your inner conversation with your self. You could be very disappointed in your self and chastise your self for “not fulfilling your planned intentions.” 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-17-17

No Miscalculation With The Divine Masculine

As Van the Man is fond of singing, it's time to get the healing done. Git Sum in yer man-cave:

NATO is part of the problem while offering absolutely no peaceful solutions to the current crisis:

He often plays the corrupt weilder of power on-screen and I think he knows whereof he speaks.

The Stargate Influx and Transcending Archetypes video from Our Lady Of Mt. Shasta:

This is the best Ascension 101 video I've yet heard...git Sum:

Team Dark sociopathic corporate agendas are increasingly seeing the Light of Day:

Meg Benedicts brings us this delightfully high view of our current planetary transitions:

The August Eclipse: Metaphoric And Mystical

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
The August eclipse is deeply esoteric, which is why we are guided to utilize it for complete activation of the New Earth Crystalline grids. A Total Solar eclipse crossing the entire United States is a rare event. In this year of dropping old timelines while simultaneously amplifying the higher timelines of Ascension, this eclipse presents yet another powerful turning point for a palpable external manifestation of what is occurring with the higher light.

Our August Gateway passage opens on August 3, includes the Lion’s Gate on the 8/8, the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, and extends until August 25. This wave of Light assists us in dissolving realities which do not serve the collective highest interest. It also provides an activation of ancient encodements, structures and intentions set in place for this possible scenario, while lighting up the New Earth/Crystalline Grid networks.

New Moon peak is Monday, August 21 at 11:31AM PT. A total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from the United States along the path of totality from 10:30AM PT to 3pmET (see the eclipse video below for details). The SUN’s corona is revealed for over 2 minutes in the path of totality, which cuts diagonally from Oregon to South Carolina.

Activation of the Christed Crown

An Earth-Moon-SUN alignment allows us to see a blazing display of the SUN’s corona. This giant stellar vision of the Solar crown passes from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. The Solar crown is a representation of Christed attainment; a blessing of Christ consciousness.

Imagine Yourself As A Superhero


A Message from Peggy Black

and the 'Team' On 7-18-17

We are here extending our support to those who are aware. We celebrate the chaos, for it is out of chaos that new realities are called forth and created. We observe, however, that those living in the experience of chaos might not feel the desire to celebrate. It is the nature of being human, the desire for what is familiar, what is safe and what matches the beliefs. Realize what you are experiencing is only your personal vibrational interpretation.

We will continue to invite you to step out of what is familiar and what is thought of as safe and acknowledge it is really only an illusion. This sense of reality that everyone is taught to hold in place is being dismantled. What appears to be breaking down in all aspects of your society is the shift which invites and allows for a new order of energy to arise. 

Dysfunctional behaviors and limited mental patterns are ingrained into your entire energy field and beliefs.  Mass consciousness is being stirred, quickened and triggered to awaken to the truth of the unlimited self, awakened to the truth and realization that each and every being is divine.

There are a swelling number of awakened individuals across your planet. Internal and galactic codes are being stimulated allowing a conscious shift to take place within each individual. This shift is unique within everyone. However subtle or intense, the shift is taking place.

There are many who are activating the shift by their actions, studies, and remembering who they truly are as magnificent multidimensional beings. Those of you who have been expanding into this realization understand why you are here at this time on this planet.

Monday, July 17, 2017

You’ve Catapulted Yourself

This post is indicative of the quality of the incoming high vibes last weekend.  Folks, we are very, very close to the long awaited Awakening of the Sleepers and the Liberation of Terra Gaia from the lower densities.  And So It Is.

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman On 7-17-17

Dear Ones,
You are discovering you can no longer hold onto that which you have hidden from yourself for so long.

Perhaps you think that such is as it has been since you initiated your transition – one clearing after another. While that statement has a bit of truth in it, what is happening to most of you now is a deep cleansing that neither you nor we thought possible before you started your current earth journey. For you had much more on your earth ‘to do’ list than a deep cleansing.

You shifted your being and all others who wished to join you from 3D to the dimension in which you now feel comfortable. You helped the earth shift in a similar fashion. Those tasks were more than anyone, least of all you, expected to complete in one earth lifetime.

You are now going beyond to cleanse personal issues that did not affect your transition from 3D, but will most certainly expand your capabilities in 5D and beyond.

It is as if you all started a foot march to new you and have subsequently claimed a much larger world than you thought possible. You are as unbelievable in your personal and earth achievements as was Alexander the Great.

Those labeled Baby Boomers merely planned to create a bridge to the new world. Instead, you built the bridge, crossed it, and are now creating new worlds and ideas not believed possible a few years ago. Those of you born after the Baby Boomers are achieving similar feats of wonderment.

Even so, the most important element to you is that you are in the midst of an amazing journey that has taken you far beyond your original parameters of possibilities.

Major Announcement From Magenta And The WWCC of 9

Against all odds we Rainbow Gaians have pulled it off; The Matrix is officially DOWN!!!

Channelled Via Magenta Pixie On 7-16-17

( This video is available on 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-14-17

The Divinely Orchestrated

Farce Majeur Rolls On

Lamestream Media - where 'smoking guns' are mostly leaky water pistols; gotta love the irony:

Remember when reading this that all past Service To Self malfeasance is being forced into the Light at this time for recognition, acceptance and healing, not to draw you into judgment. So Be It:

Sandra Walter's new video on the mega-gateway opening happening this August.  The content is pure high-vibe Sandra with some of the weirdest background music I've heard in a coon's age:

A very good, short explanation of the acting-out of Gaia'as most recent 'energetic download':

Gaia's cleansing by fire is not only happening in the western US: 

The Cabal is patently anti-life and their genocidal corporations practice slow genocide:

Coca Cola's weaponized, sugar-laden drinks get taken to court exposing their destructive effects:


By Patricia Cota-Robles

Your I AM Presence has magnetized this information into your sphere of awareness because of who you are and why you are on Earth during this auspicious time. The information that is being shared with you today from the Company of Heaven is something you are very aware of on a higher level of consciousness, but that you may not have been able to remember in this dense physical plane. The Divine Intent of this sharing is to remind you that the time for you to fulfill your purpose and reason for being on Earth is NOW.

What is occurring in the Government of the United States of America and the Governments throughout the World during this Cosmic Moment is a greatly intensified purging that is pushing Humanity’s miscreations to the surface in a way that cannot be ignored. This is occurring in this uncomfortable way in order to motivate you and me and the rest of Awakening Humanity into action. This is a critical step in clearing the way for the global events that will take place during the August Eclipse series. The Beings of Light want all of us to know this Truth, because they are very aware of how difficult the challenges are that Humanity is facing on a daily basis.

We all knew it was going to be like this when we volunteered to embody on Earth during this unparalleled time. We agreed to come in spite of how daunting it might be because we knew we had all of the skill, knowledge, strength, courage and willingness necessary to succeed in this monumental mission. As a word of encouragement, we are being reminded that for every person who was granted permission to embody on Earth at this time there were thousands more who were turned away. That is not because we are better or more Enlightened than anyone else. It is because our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven felt that because of our past life experiences we had a better chance of Awakening and staying focused on the Light in face of the adversity we were destined to encounter.

GaiaPortal:Elements of Higher Light Encase The Solitaries

Channelled By ÉirePort On 7-13-17

Elements of Higher Light encase the solitaries.

Flashes of intensity are felt by all.

Strassburg excellence comes to the fore.

Fortifications are released.

Halloweds are received.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-13-17

If Mamma's Not Happy...

Brother  Beckow has a heart-to-heart with the Divine Mother; vintage from the vault - Git Sum:

Good content and, like most of Lisa's articles, a long read. For the fans out there:

A seminal piece on the co-creation of Abundance; for all of you patiently awaiting the Reval:

Here's a fun take on the trillions of little folks in our gut who make this Earth-walk possible:

Some interesting stuff here from Tiara Kumara ( don't 'ya love that name):

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

An Excerpt From Skillsets of Evolution

These concepts mirror very well the view of our existence and reality held in Tibetan Buddhism.
Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha 
 The Prajnaparamita Mantra. You could google it!

 By Tiara Kumara

Whole self attunement means that you have strong connection with your all-inclusive holistic nature. Metaphysical law states that every part contains the whole and the whole contains all of its parts. Each and every one of us, as human beings, is a part and a unique expression of the whole. It is through this wholeness that we are connected to everyone and everything.

To be attuned to your whole self is to know that you are an aspect of source consciousness, the supreme entity experiencing itself through your physical form. Your consciousness does not exist within your human body or from somewhere inside the brain. Your human self is contained within your vast awareness.

Your human is a microcosmic aspect of your macrocosmic self. You are an infinite being that exists simultaneously on every dimension of consciousness that there is to exist upon.

The journey of human evolution is about making a return to integrated wholeness. When you wake up from the deep slumber of forgetfulness, you start clearly seeing the programs that control your rather robotic life. Your individuality, as you have lived it, changes greatly. Perceptions change. Emotional triggers calm down. Eventually, the entire screen of life completely morphs into something different.

AAM On The Shift of 2017 And The Grounding Of The Higher Consciousness Unified Field

Channelled Via Celia Fenn On 7-10-17

Beloved Family of Light, you have now reached a time in your year of 2017 when great change is at hand. We would call this the Great Shift of 2017. Indeed, as we have said earlier, 2017 is the year of Sacred Planet Earth, and the year of New Beginnings. The incoming Light Codes of the first half of 2017 have laid the seeds for the rising New Earth Consciousness to manifest on Earth.

We call this New Earth consciousness the “Unified Field” of Higher Consciousness. It is the new and emerging field of Higher and Multi-dimensional consciousness that is coming into existence around the Planet to create the Multi-dimensional grids for the New Earth.

It is held in the Heart, Soul and Light Body of each person who has made the commitment to Higher Consciousness and Multi-dimensional living. As these shining beings awaken, and come together, their radiant energy signatures and group energy signatures create the structural grids for the New Earth manifestation.

This is why it is so necessary for you to maintain your personal energy signature at a high frequency, and to come together with others who are at a similar frequency of Light and Consciousness, and to contribute to the emerging Unified Field of Higher Consciousness.

This emerging field has now reached the point where it is powerful enough to be the motivation for major shifts on the Earth. The energies of July will build up to a climactic point in August at the Lion’s Gate and the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in Leo, especially the Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August.

This will be a fairly lengthy period of sustained intensity, and Beloved Ones, you will need to focus your intention into maintaining your inner Peace and Power as you pass through this period of challenge and testing as you bridge between the New and the Old in your lives.

You’re Your Creator

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman On 7-10-17

Dear Ones,
Have you taken the time to breathe in the light?

Many of you tell yourself that you must do this or that before you enhance your being with the most recent light energies of love and creation.

Step one to any creation is knowing you deserve what you wish. Perhaps that thought does not seem that difficult for you feel you deserve the best of everything. We beg to differ.

You are at a place in which all you desire is waiting to be created. But then, waiting is the operative word in most of your creation statements.

Perhaps you learned that you must chant something, purchase a creation package or meditate in a certain way. All of which are important steps for the person who created their dreams as a result of those actions, but not at all for you if you have not yet created the life you wish to have.

It is time for you to put aside all lessons learned – whether your own or the messages of others – to realize you, and only you hold the key to your creations. And it is time to ask yourself what piece you have not yet connected to within yourself. For this is a time of creation with the enhancement of the ongoing energy waves of self-love.

Most likely, you have yet to tap into the piece within you that declares you are not worthy of self-love, of self-creation. That you must pray more, act more loving or clear more within you – anything, you can think of to stop yourself from creating your dream life.

Many have even used world chaos to hide your true self. For in your outer beliefs, you cannot create the life of your dreams while the earth is in chaos. And if you did, how can you believe that such a life would continue following the destruction of all earth structures?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-11-17

 Let's Take The Fourth Moment 

Into The Fifth Dimension

Some seminal 'pointing out instructions' from my teacher, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche:

Which we follow with some very good news from Italy:

 Choclaholics have known the importance of this food group for hundreds of years:

Fake and falsified medical research is finally being exposed to the general population; 'bout time:

The Indigenous Peoples know that the Divine Feminine is ascendant on planet Earth:

Remember, you really Are what you Eat:

For those who remember the Steely Dan song 'Reeling In The Years' here's the low-down:

Update From The Galactic Federation Of Light And The Spiritual Hierarchy On 7-11-17

 Channelled Via Sheldan Nidle

12 Manik 10 Kumku, 13 Caban

Dratzo! We are on the verge of a wondrous set of events. It seems that all the obstacles we encountered have been dealt with and we are just about ready for the initial group of deliveries. These currencies are to be gold-backed and are to contain US notes. There are to be no Federal Reserve dollars in these assigned deliveries. Hence, they are to spell the demise of the US Federal Reserve and quite shortly are to signal the formal rise of your new NESARA Republic. This simply means that we are to officially observe the start of a number of major arrests of the heinous scalawags of the dark. Oh Happy days for us all!!

These coming times are to ultimately demonstrate the deep commitment of those in charge to giving us our prosperity and the formal establishment of our NESARA Republic. We are truly grateful to all in both Heaven and Earth for finishing their grand assignments! This is no small achievement. It simply implies that all is now well and in good order. Much is still left to be done. Hence, ready yourselves to earnestly commence your grand preliminaries and, in divine purpose, achieve your sacred projects to better humanity and this magnificent realm! May you all be blessed by Heaven for your wondrous patience!

There is much that can be said about the events of the day. What is deeply required is a true return to honesty. For the last two decades, we have seen how those in power openly flaunt their positions. The present time is indeed the moment for this to finally stop, particularly for those who so arrogantly saw us in a most unkind light. In other words “off with their heads!” Good-bye to the Powers that were! A most marvelous welcome to those who now come to forever change the order of this realm The old power must be ready to face the consequences of their actions. In this regard, we rejoice in the arrests that are expected to follow and wish them to fully face the results of their unsavory actions.

Ascending The Densities Of Consciousness

 This is good, basic information of levels of consciousness and the dimensions of our local universe...Git Sum!

By Jeff Street On 7-7-17

Author’s Note: As always, my articles are simply my perspective that I offer in the spirit of discovery and empowerment — take what resonates and leave the rest.

Each thread of consciousness (our souls, over-souls, and beyond), within the One multiversal consciousness, exists in one of eight states.  Each of these states of consciousness has a unique set of characteristics, perspectives, and core beliefs that define it.  These states have also been called LEVELS because we generally progress through them sequentially.  This progression is the evolution of our soul’s consciousness, and it is the fundamental process that every Soul is undergoing and striving for — the process also known as Spiritual Evolution.  And it is the primary reason that we incarnate into physical realities like our planet Earth.  Physical experiences, and the challenges that they entail offer our souls an evolutionary fast track, and hence are greatly coveted.

Actually, there really aren’t discrete levels of consciousness — consciousness is a continuous spectrum, and so it can be in any of an infinite number of states.  Despite this, one can distinguish some interesting and notable waypoints in the progression of consciousness, and this is what we will explore in this article.  There is more than one way to slice and dice the spectrum of consciousness and understand its important stages. Here I present an eight level model.  Others have modeled the spectrum of consciousness as twelve levels, and yet others as ten levels.  Please don’t let the differences in the way people have sliced and diced consciousness obscure the useful insights that are provided here.

Another name for the process of MOVING UP through the levels of consciousness is “Ascension.”  Ascension has been widely misunderstood — it is not about going “somewhere else” it’s about attaining higher states of consciousness wherever you happen to be.  It may feel like you’ve gone somewhere else because a change in your level of consciousness is a radical shift in perspective which alters how you perceive and create your reality.  Also, if you raise your consciousness in this life, then in your next, you will incarnate into a higher level of physical reality — one that better matches your heightened level of consciousness.