Saturday, July 1, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-1-17

 Welcome To The 5D

Year Of The Rooster!


 Bro Beckow does have a galactic way with words; this one should go viral IMHO:

And this spot on piece from our If-It-Looks-Like-A-Duck desk:

Remember, it was the British Empire that taught the Canadians how to properly oppress their Indigenous Peoples.  And who role modelled for the Brits? The Romans, capisch?

It seems that the Pope is starting to deconstruct the dark, Satanic heart of the Vatican bureaucracy:

This guy was left behind by Ratzinger to keep the lid on the ugly company secrets; good riddance:

PCR does an admirable job of peeling the rotten onion that is the False Flag Attack Meme:

We Gaians need to quickly expand out 'view' to encompass the rest of our galaxy...for starters:

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