Saturday, July 22, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-22-17

 The Ten Hyperlinks

Seeing as it's a New Moon let's check in with Stephanie Austin:

The View from inside the Cosmic Cuisinart:

The Tale of the Sovereign Stairmaker...git yer curmudgeon on:

We're seeing much more coverage of Cabal created terrorism on the old Interweb these days:

Likewise for Big Pharma's worldwide, licit and illicit, opioid racket:

Lovely to see transparency come to the Syria False Flag Operations and their financiers:

Flash! This just in from PCR:

Yeah, and just who is going to pay for this busted up country, sovereign Syria:

 I've been using the term 'weaponized food' to describe, essentially, a genocidal conspiracy:

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