Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tricky Traps In The Matrix And How To Fight Back


By Morag

Guest writer,

Tricky, spiky, static energy hisses and fizzes as the matrix cracks and splinters around us. We are in the midst of a tidal wave of cosmic frequencies. We are experiencing high voltage upgrades. We are coming online with quantum existence. The skies hum and buzz as the creaking machinery of the matrix is dismantled from above and below. Photon blasts, solar flares, cosmic events and higher vibrations coming from Gaia are sandwiching the hologram, squeezing it into submission.

It is rumored our planet has a warning barrier round it, yellow tape, ‘Caution, Do Not Enter’.

Travelers beyond our little sparkling gem in the solar system are rubber necking. Emergency aid workers come to our defense. Multi dimensional soul tribe guide, protect, cheer us on.

As we come online we expand our consciousness, connect as integral beings of the multi verse. Down here on the frontline day to day interactions snap and crackle with frustration, stress, fear and confusion. Maintaining calm and equilibrium in the current cosmic climate is a tall order. We can feel discombobulated, our energy flow blocked or gritty between our upper and lower chakras. This disconnection in our mind body soul being can make us clumsy, physically. Be mindful when driving, cooking, doing activities that require coordination, caution and concentration.

We can feel overwhelmed by the demands of our day to day lives. Simple tasks can seem insurmountable when we are grappling with such fundamental concerns as when our children will next eat or distracted by global concerns of poverty and war. Dissociation from our lives can occur, we can drift away from our physical bodies and be drawn down darker pathways of our ego led mind, into spaces of depression or despair that are very hard to escape. We can let addictions take hold, dominate our lives, make the decisions for us, it simplifies things. None of this is the free flow of energy. They are blocks, breaks and broken bridges. Being grounded is key to shifting toxic clogging of our energetic arteries. Keeping the energy flowing helps us balance and stay calm.

The matrix, as Morpheus says, “is everywhere, it is all around us.”. It is low vibrational frequency. It is impatience, irritability, flaring tempers and frayed nerves. It is delays, disruptions, disarray and demonstrations. It is tragedy, terrorism, trauma and travesty. Yet it is not inside. It is not in our soul. It is in our bodies and our minds, from birth, both can be detoxed, but it cannot contaminate our soul if we choose to resist it.

If we turn inwards, seek solitude, reflection, stillness and calm. Then  we can take time to look after ourselves. If we learn self care, self respect and self love, then the matrix is fatally damaged, it is in full retreat, it knows its a losing game. It no longer owns you. It may dictate our day to day existence but it does not control our mind, for an awakened, connected soul is an expanding mind. One cannot happen without triggering the other. This is trinity being. This is the beginning of quantum. This is evolution.

How can we get to this inner space of wisdom, peace and self worth whilst we are immersed in the hologram of the elite? How can we avoid subversive, sneaky, slippery traps set out to snare us. We can do this by recognizing how, why, when and where the matrix sets its traps.

5 ways the matrix traps us
  1. Economic circumstance, geographic place of birth keeps us in primal fight or flight mode. We are stuck in a loop of day to day survival.
  2. Redtape, beaurocracy, micro management, death by detail. Over complication of processes, middlemen dominating the game.
  3. Traumatises us, damages us, traps us with tragedy. Corrodes us with poisons, mind control, and chaos. Lies to keep us down, down, down in low frequency fear.
  4. Usually following on from any of the above, seduces us into addiction. Toxins alcohol, pornography, gambling, opiates (legal and illegal), sugar and fats. We then have the addiction to deal with, preventing or delaying us from getting to necessary karmic clearing.
  5. Racism, sexism, any-kind-of-ism, homophobia, economic prejudice are all key tools in this war strategy of divide and conquer. We police ourselves.
Retreating from the matrix as often as possible helps us gain perspective, ground back into Gaia, and raise our vibration. We are in a war zone for our mind, body and souls. The matrix is crumbling, it is breaking down, being decommissioned, game over, Kansas is going bye bye. As it malfunctions, freezes and crashes we must raise our game to fight this hostile environment.

5 ways to be an earth warrior
  1. Mantras, meditation, spiritual protection, prayer, chanting. Seeking inner calm to manifest outer peace.
  2. Pick your battles in day to day interactions. Be street wise. Lower your expectations where appropriate. Recognize your own mood and work with it not against it.
  3. As much as possible adapt to the routines and rhetoric of the matrix. It’s watching us like hawks and will pounce if we slip up. Avoid hand to hand combat. Pay fines, get the kids to school on time, adhere to rational and sometimes irrational laws and conventions as camouflage, as armor, as a way of keeping the matrix off your back.
  4. Re-energize in nature, interact with animals or children, do creative, imaginative activities. Reset your frequency, restore balance. Make an effort, keep hauling your vibration back up.
  5. Fight for your rights, join debates, sign petitions, make your voice heard about the things that matter to you. Stand up for your rights. People power, free speech, pressuring local politicians, engaging in debate and pushing things forward.
Throat chakra activation is an integral part of the awakening process. Humanity is powerful. There are a lot more of us than them. The technology age has gifted us with instant communication, with truth shared by ordinary people all over the world. Unified consciousness at its birth. Cosmic frequencies may be turbulent, tidal, testing us to our limits. Each time we push through the barriers, body swerve the bait, wise up to the propaganda and programming, we taste freedom.

To be an earth warrior is to be a free thinker, a free radical, and a freedom fighter. To rate yourself as worthy of time, effort, care, compassion and love. It is to create love within us. To open our heart chakra and connect with Gaia, with cosmic consciousness, with sovereignty and oneness.

These are dark times streaked with rainbows of bliss, of zen, of pure love vibration. We can do this people. Be wise, be wary, be full of wonder at the beauty of Gaia and the human experience. Engage in the moment, drag your mind out of the past or the future, into the present. Engage your senses, all of them. Slow down. Smile. Meditate.

In light, love, harmony and humility at all times. Safe surfing beautiful people.

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