Thursday, July 20, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-20-17

Things Are Heating Up

The Resistance (us!) is getting very creative in blocking the Black Snake XL Pipeline:
'Kryon Teaches Exactly How to Instruct Your Cells to Heal';  heal ourselves, heal the Planet:

A wonderfully sober view of the impending GCR/Reval event:

We have antiquated DOD computer systems because the Shadow State siphons all military monies into their black ops secret space program,s funding very high galactic tech ships and bases, off planet:

I just love this image of white folks getting some remedial history instructions from First Peoples:

 The Council. via Ron Head, with some pertinent advice on letting go:

Here's a helpful analysis of the most recent (7-17-17) Light-coded crop circle message:

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