Monday, July 10, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-9-17

Jump Right In,

The 5D Waters Are Delightful!

After living in Amsterdam for 11 years I'm convinced that the Dutch started this craze:

Way past time to check in with KP, the Silver Surfer of the Kona Coast:

Very pertinent insight here as to how best to gain the High Vibe State of Being:

Caveat emptor, my Canadian friends. Americans have known for decades that Big Ag is systematically poisoning us, our livestock and Mother Gaia:

A timely reminder that Gaia's Ascension has been a big galactic deal for some time:

I love it! The last thing the Deep State wants is exposure to the scrutiny of the sheeple:

And for those of awaiting the Reval/GCR events to unfold, an Anna Von Reitz perspective:

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