Friday, July 14, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-14-17

The Divinely Orchestrated

Farce Majeur Rolls On

Lamestream Media - where 'smoking guns' are mostly leaky water pistols; gotta love the irony:

Remember when reading this that all past Service To Self malfeasance is being forced into the Light at this time for recognition, acceptance and healing, not to draw you into judgment. So Be It:

Sandra Walter's new video on the mega-gateway opening happening this August.  The content is pure high-vibe Sandra with some of the weirdest background music I've heard in a coon's age:

A very good, short explanation of the acting-out of Gaia'as most recent 'energetic download':

Gaia's cleansing by fire is not only happening in the western US: 

The Cabal is patently anti-life and their genocidal corporations practice slow genocide:

Coca Cola's weaponized, sugar-laden drinks get taken to court exposing their destructive effects:

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