Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-26-17

How Was Your Day-Out-Of-Time Yesterday?

Thanks to Suzanne Maresca for finding and posting this very helpful message for all High-Vibers:

This is a chock-full-o-disclosure interview of Kerry Cassidy by Robert David Steele...git sum:

Ben Fulford's Full Frontal Report always adds a few more pieces of the disclosure puzzle:

This latest from Sheldan Nidle goes into a little more detail on what I call 'the waiting game':

For me, as a retired RN, this no-nonsense view of our energy fields is most welcome:

Some good news for rainforests, Hue-manity and Terra Gaia:

This article exposes a very serious corruption of our law enforcement agencies:

Herein, Brenda Hoffman channels the Galactic perspective on The Ear of Listening:

While we're in full-listening mode let's visit the Rubin Museum of Tibetan Art in NYC:

 We finish with some channelled words of encouragement from, who else but the Arcturians:


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