Wednesday, July 12, 2017

An Excerpt From Skillsets of Evolution

These concepts mirror very well the view of our existence and reality held in Tibetan Buddhism.
Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha 
 The Prajnaparamita Mantra. You could google it!

 By Tiara Kumara

Whole self attunement means that you have strong connection with your all-inclusive holistic nature. Metaphysical law states that every part contains the whole and the whole contains all of its parts. Each and every one of us, as human beings, is a part and a unique expression of the whole. It is through this wholeness that we are connected to everyone and everything.

To be attuned to your whole self is to know that you are an aspect of source consciousness, the supreme entity experiencing itself through your physical form. Your consciousness does not exist within your human body or from somewhere inside the brain. Your human self is contained within your vast awareness.

Your human is a microcosmic aspect of your macrocosmic self. You are an infinite being that exists simultaneously on every dimension of consciousness that there is to exist upon.

The journey of human evolution is about making a return to integrated wholeness. When you wake up from the deep slumber of forgetfulness, you start clearly seeing the programs that control your rather robotic life. Your individuality, as you have lived it, changes greatly. Perceptions change. Emotional triggers calm down. Eventually, the entire screen of life completely morphs into something different.

The fact is that your constantly changing personality is impermanent; therefore, it is not even real. Your thinking mind, your body and your emoting nature is not real. They are merely instruments, constantly changing. The personality is a minuscule reflection of its inclusivity within another more expansive umbrella. The only real, lasting substance is that part of your consciousness that is ‘soul’ and that pristinely vibrates to an all-encompassing group tone.

We are all mere aspects of each other returning into coherence, as one greater being. As we shift our perception from separated human thinking to group consciousness, we learn how to connect to and maneuver from our one group mind.

This is enlightened group consciousness that selflessly thinks together, feels together and moves together. We are consciously connected, at all times, through the grid of telepathic inter-relationship while building the bridge for those who follow.

Group consciousness is your Greater Self as the next rung on the ladder of human evolution. It is from this recognition that you are strengthened and empowered with many more abilities to sincerely and positively affect the whole. We are wired to serve in this way; every single one of us.

Tiara Kumara
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Skillsets of Evolution is a 4 month training of advanced spiritual development:

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