Thursday, April 16, 2015

Archangel Gabriel: On The Quality Of Respect

Channelled By Marlene Swetlishoff On 4-15-15

Beloved Ones,
Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as respect. One shows respect for self and others by speaking and acting with courtesy, honor and dignity in every situation. The more that one understands about one’s own self, the more one begins to see and appreciate how truly unique and worthy they are, which leads to a healthy respect for one’s self and for others. This helps the individual to fulfill their personal potential, talents and abilities. It requires an individual to accept self as they are in the moment while they continue to work on becoming the person they have always dreamt of becoming.

 One works each day on building their self esteem and self respect by thinking good thoughts about themselves, smiling often, and maintaining a physical appearance that reinforces their positive self confidence. They are pleased with their everyday life and all that it offers to them and maintain the confidence that something good is coming to them. They maintain their own standards and work on achieving the goals that they desire to achieve. They strive to succeed at doing what they want to do instead of following a path that others have already taken. They constantly work at achieving that which makes them happy, that which fills them with passion, enthusiasm and inspiration; with that which gives them zest, vitality, self empowerment and self respect.

They stand firm in their beliefs and the choices and decisions they have made. They know that their sense of self worth, self satisfaction, self respect and happiness comes from within them and not from the people around them. When they find the things that they really believe in, it does not matter what anyone else thinks of them. By being happy with who they are, it invariably leads to those around them treating them with the respect they deserve. By respecting themselves and their own identities, they are always considerate of other people. 

They respect and value others as unique individuals who may think and feel differently, who see the world in a very different way than they themselves. They are willing to go beyond themselves to take the opportunity to broaden their own experiences. By relating to other people in a way that loves, values and helps maintain the individuality of the other person, they show their own respect. They know that tolerance, openness and respect for one another leads to the expression of higher spiritual qualities to manifest in all their interactions with each other.

This enables the greatest positive and loving results for everyone concerned when it is implemented.
When one sees beyond human limitations and conditions to the positive life force within all things, they understand that each individual’s personal spiritual journey is a unique process that is perceived from one’s own perspective in their path of growth to higher consciousness. They take responsibility for all their thoughts and actions and use their power of intention in a loving and positive direction.

They kindly, lovingly, and compassionately honor the free will choice of each individual, thereby empowering them on their individual path of self discovery. They come from a place of love and respect in all things and this practice ultimately helps to benefit all of humanity and the world. They are self reliant with well developed spiritual, ethical and moral values and they practice love in every moment, in every aspect of their lives. They treat others as they themselves want to be treated, knowing that their respect and appreciation of another person is an example of how much self respect and appreciation they have toward themselves.

It is important that each individual shows examples of the qualities of love and respect within their own communities by treating one another as their sister and brother. By building their community together in cooperation, mutual respect and appreciation, they also help to sustain it. They embrace cultural diversity and value cultural differences, understanding how this two way process influences, affects and enriches each person’s teaching and learning in their own culture. 

They look to the commonalities of their spiritual beliefs and preferences. They express sensitivity and mutual respect for the diversity in those beliefs as each person’s spiritual needs are respected and recognized. They are always honest, kind and transparent with each other and take the time to listen and to truly hear what the others say. They consider these opinions with respect while trying to maintain positive and productive communications.

Respectful people practice modesty, simplicity and humility in all things. They do not try to impress others with their beliefs or accomplishments but let others recognize their value for themselves. Respect is based on the recognition that every person is important regardless of color, creed, religion or race and must be treated with dignity. It includes recognizing and appreciating differences between people and respecting another person’s point of view, to have the right to believe as they wish. 

Each individual must recognize the need to engage in inner reflection about such differences, and seek to understand them by exploring and comparing each others knowledge, beliefs and practices with an open mind and heart. Learning to accept and respect other people’s beliefs, culture and practices is an important step that opens one’s mind to the world around them and to everyone's uniqueness in their differences. Being open minded and interested in other people's beliefs and viewpoints expands and enriches one’s own consciousness.

As I take my leave, I bow to you in loving respect.
I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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