Friday, April 10, 2015

The Council - Non-Acceptance

Channelled By Ron Head On 4-6-15

councilThe Council
Several times we have given messages regarding acceptance. Today we wish to discuss something that you may not have seen brought forward before, non-acceptance. This will give you an opportunity to employ the wisdom you have gleaned, even if you don’t currently see yourself as having it. We see you, and we see that you indeed are far more than you believe.

At this time on your planet, there begins in earnest a time of clearing. It appears to you that everywhere you look there is the lower, the negative. What the actual condition is, is quite different from that. Consider this. There has been always great peace and beauty in your world. The predominant wishes of humanity are and have been for peace, love, and security. That makes the negative seem to stand out boldly from the loving background.

Even more so is this true now, since so very many of you see the negative clearly and truly wish it were not a part of life for you and your loved ones. It stands out so clearly because, yes, it is so very negative, but also because there is so much contrast as the collective vibration is actually lifting. There is also the fact that there really is less of it. And add to that the fact that this is the time when it must and will be cleared.

Now, you may not be, probably are not, one who is actively engaged in activities that are removing such things from your reality. So what may you do? Here is where the non-acceptance, the practice of non-acceptance, can come into play.

As you see or hear of things which appear less than desirable, along with the choice to perhaps cease listening or watching these things, say, “I do not accept this. I do not concur with this. I do not choose this for my world. I do not agree.” In other words, make a choice. You have that power. You have that power. You have that power. Exercise your right to choose.

Now, we understand that you are more than likely not yet fully aware of the power that you do have and its effect. So we suggest that you begin learning to be in what may be, for you, a new mind-set or awareness. Begin training yourselves to be aware that while you may indeed be an individual, you are also a part of a large and powerful collective mind that has created the world in which you are living and these choices do and will have an ongoing effect upon that mind. Conscious choice is beginning to trump unawareness and unwillingness to see.

We have told you in many ways, and for a long while, that your inner change was the important part of the changes that are happening. But there has come a time, an inevitable time, when the effects of that begin to be seen and felt. Prepare to blow your own socks off. We do love your sayings. Good day.

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