Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jesus: Love Surrounds And Envelops You In Every Moment Of Your Existence, So Stop Trying To Block It Out

As you are all very well aware, enormous changes are occurring all across the planet as a direct result of your consistent intents to establish peace and abundance for everyone on Earth.  Yes, you are aware that your intents are effective and bringing into being the changes necessary to end worldwide suffering.  You may occasionally tell yourselves individually “My prayers, my peace meditations, my efforts at sending Love to all on Earth, are futile!”  But deep within you know that this is not so.

As humans you do experience strong and even extreme mood swings.  Do not allow the lows you experience to discourage you.  Focus on the good things that are constantly happening and remind yourselves that it is you who are helping to make them happen.

Your presence on Earth, your efforts to change the world through your loving intentions are essential and most effective.  Release all your doubts and rejoice in the coming to fruition of the divine plan for humanity, right now.  Yes, right now!  As humans it is difficult for you to rise above the seemingly endless chaos and confusion that envelops the planet as you live your daily lives paying bills and working hard to maintain stable and loving relationships with spouses, parents, children, friends, bosses, and work associates.  Frequently there are are conflicts, disagreements, misunderstandings, and dismissive behaviors that cause you pain.  And everyone is experiencing these same issues.

As I keep telling you the only answer is Love.  But it seems to you that to be loving in the face of dismissal, disapproval, judgment, and blame only leads to more of same.  It seems that you will be seen as weak if you do not respond appropriately, that is, angrily.  But you  have also noticed that anger always leads to more anger until the pain is too great to bear, and you retreat inwards hiding your feelings behind a mask of indifference while the pain remains.

But the pain occurs only because an aspect of yourselves agrees with the negative judgments you have experienced.  It is like being kicked where you already have a wound, a self-inflicted wound, and the pain is intense.

However, you are all the divine children of God, created perfect and, therefore, eternally perfect.  Yes, as humans you do do silly, thoughtless, unkind, and hurtful things, it is part of the human experience, an intent on your part to continue holding on to the sense or feeling of being separated from your Source.  It is an ingrained belief that you are not good enough that mostly grew during childhood as your needs were dismissed as unimportant or were totally unseen.  And those essential and basic needs were acknowledgement, acceptance, and of course love.

Humanity has been damaged, and over the eons that damage has been passed on from father to son and from mother to daughter, so most of you have grown up in an environment that was at best sometimes threatening and unfriendly, and at worst extremely abusive.  When you are a growing child you learn initially by example, and that is an extremely effective way to learn.  Lessons learned like that are very difficult to undo.  In fact they seem to be the sensible and normal lessons that everyone learns.

Yes, everyone learns them, but they are neither sensible nor normal, they are insane!  You were created in Love.  Love is your nature, and yet you mostly grew up without It.  There was, for most of you, conditional approval, and you all strove endlessly for it, but even if you received it, it was and is not nearly enough.  It is as though you were attempting to live in a vacuum into which small amounts of air were pumped just as you were about to expire!

You need Love.  It is offered to you constantly by God your ever loving Father, and by all your angels, guides, and mentors in the spiritual realms.  It surrounds and envelops you in every moment of your existence, and without It, an impossibility, you could not survive.  But as humans you do experience an absence of Love, and humans die from that sense of absence!

The only way out of this extremely painful situation is through opening to Love and intending to be loving in every moment.  But you are afraid to open your hearts because, as humans, you have so often been betrayed and destroyed when you trusted someone.

However you are Love.  Love is the life-force that flows through you constantly, you have just learned to ignore or disregard It as you play the game of separation.  That game has become intensely real for you because you have been playing it for eons.  Think of some of the ingrained habits that you perceive in others, in fact addictions that they seem totally unable or unwilling to acknowledge, let alone change.  And you all have them!  But most people are loath to admit that that they are addicted to ways of behaving – “No, it’s just the way I am!” they will say – habits that if they could change or let go of you know would improve their lives enormously.

Your addictions and habits are the illusion!  When you make major life changes, as some of you have either by conscious choice or unconsciously when disaster has struck – major illness, divorce, job loss, accident – you are amazed at the improvements you experience in your life. You do not have to suffer!

Yes, accidents and illnesses occur bringing pain, but to continue suffering after the physical pain has eased or passed is to bury yourselves in a victim mentality where you blame outside occurrences for what is occurring within you.  And as long as you cling to that perception so will your suffering endure.

Remind yourselves daily, hourly, moment to moment if you can, that you are Love, that you are One with God, and therefore with one another.  When you allow yourselves to be aware of this you will find that to harm, bad-mouth, or judge another is impossible.  How could Love attack Itself?
As all in the spiritual realms keep telling you “Love is the answer to every problem, issue, or situation.”

When you accept that Truth and make a point of acting on It your life changes vastly, you find peace in the most unlikely places, and your trust is seldom if ever betrayed.  As more and more of you do this – and more and more of you are doing  this every day – the world changes, and conflicts wind down allowing peace to prevail.

You have had eons of conflicts, wars, and betrayals as you have attempted to remain separated, judging others as wrong, and then by force trying to persuade them of your god-given righteousness.  It has not worked, and it cannot work because it is like your right hand being at war with your left, the only solution is to stop!

Love surrounds and envelops you in every moment of your existence, so stop trying to block It out, instead open your hearts to accept the abundance that is offered to you and rejoice in the wonderful rewards It brings you.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

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