Saturday, April 18, 2015

Archangel Sandalphon: Your Resonance With The Earth

‘The world is shifting beyond your recognition,’ this is a statement that I wish to share with you, and for you, to recognise within your perspective.
It is not for you to understand the shifts taking place upon the Earth, maybe not even to recognise them; but, more importantly, to recognise how the shifts in the world influence you within your being.

When I speak of the world, I am referring to the world of your perspectives rather than the Earth itself. The world you recognise is the world of your perspectives, a creation born from that which you wish to hold within your being, to resonate with and recognise as yourself. The Earth is in tune with your perspectives, co-creating with you in order to manifest your beliefs and perspectives from within your being into your reality.

Imagine Earth existing in its true beauty and glory in this moment; imagine how breathtakingly stunning this would be. The Earth already exists in its true beauty in this very moment; the Earth is already healed and was never truly harmed or damaged. The only pain, damage, and chaos occurring within and upon the Earth are within the creations and manifestations of your prescriptives.

In truth the vision you choose to see, sense, and acknowledge the Earth as has a major impact upon your experiences of the Earth and your ability to recognise the truth of Mother Earth. If you choose to recognise the beauty of the Earth an entire version of the Earth would unfold to you filled with exquisiteness and completely healed. It is only your belief in your own need for healing or that you do not resonate in oneness with the Creator which influences your view and perspective of the Earth.

forest-396025_12801-300x189My statement at the beginning of my communication is very powerful, ‘The world is shifting beyond your recognition.’ This means there is a need for you to allow your perspectives of the Earth to shift, because you can no longer recognise the truth of yourself, the Earth, and the Creator, with the perspectives and beliefs you currently hold.

It is not that the Earth is ascending so much that you are unable to recognise the Earth; it is more so that there is a need for you to shift in order to recognise the truth of the Earth and the Creator which has always been present.

With all aspects of Ascension it is your willingness to see, sense and acknowledge beyond your perspectives which allows you to feel as if you are ascending when actually you are simply recognising the truth which has always been present. In order for humanity to recognise that the Earth has ascended there is a need to recognise that letting go of strive and struggle will allow for humanity to accept the beauty of the Creator.

When humanity realises that all that is needed to experience and recognise ascension is to see, sense, and acknowledge with an open perspective, expansive mind, attentive listening, and observant sight, then all will understand that ascension occurred for the Earth long ago.

It is humanity’s recognition and observation of the truth which is all that is required to complete ascension. However it is to listen, see, sense, acknowledge, with deep knowingness within, tremendous expansion and willingness to receive the truth, even if it is beyond current mental perspectives.

Please take time to contemplate my statement, ‘The world is shifting beyond my recognition.’ Rather than observing the statement as outside words, internalise them. Realise the world you are creating and wish to experience is far greater than your expectations, beliefs, and perspectives, not born from an expansive mind. They no longer hold a place in your being and reality as they are placing limitations upon you.

To you, it seems as if the Earth is always increasing and developing its resonance, which creates transformation. Everything is always evolving, even the divine Creator. Life of all forms cannot help but evolve; it is a natural aspect of existence. Often transformations cannot truly be recognised within the Earth’s energetic and material structures because of humanity’s unique connection with the Earth.
The Earth is a part of your being and form; you are more connected as one with the Earth than you would ever imagine. When souls enter into human form, they download a template of light from Mother Earth which is almost like holding aspects of Mother Earth’s DNA within their beings.

This template of light remains present throughout each person’s life time. It supports you in remaining anchored upon the Earth, it enables you to feel a greater resonance with the Earth, and it encourages you to co-create with the Earth the divine plan and purpose of your soul. Mother Earth’s template of light is essential to life and existence upon the Earth.

Some people who feel a deep resonance and connection with the Earth and nature kingdoms have activated their Mother Earth light template with greater intensity. This often occurs when the person or soul is required to work alongside Mother Earth during their lifetime.

Sometimes when people find themselves out of balance with their world, or experience forms of difficulty, it can be that they are neglecting or ignoring their connection with nature and the Earth. Therefore their Mother Earth template of light is not activated enough to support them and allow them to co-create with Mother Earth, as is the divine purpose of this existence.

When a person makes a conscious effort to spend time in nature and feel replenished by the experience, it is due to their light template born from Mother Earth being restored.

When catastrophes occur upon the Earth, have you noticed how your heart goes out to the Earth; how you may feel upset or hurt by the damage occurred to the Earth? This is because you have a part of Mother Earth’s energy like a template of light within your being.

Your compassion is not simply due to your fondness of the Earth, it is because the Earth is a part of your form. Your connection with the Earth is far greater than you could possibly imagine, it is akin to an extension of your body.

Catastrophes on the Earth are also a wakeup call, which you and humanity send to yourselves. You are constantly co-creating with Mother Earth. Your thoughts and the thoughts of humanity create a tidal wave of intentions anchored deep into the consciousness of Mother Earth. Co-creation then occurs as Mother Earth energises the created thoughts, bringing them into manifestation upon the Earth.

In truth the fears of humanity can create catastrophes upon the Earth. When you become aware of a catastrophe, small or large, upon the Earth, whether it is close to you or far away, allow yourself to compassionately recognise the incident as a wakeup call.

Take responsibility that any thoughts or fears you may have energised could have added energy to humanity’s co-creation with Mother Earth in manifesting the situation.

Realise within your being there is a need to observe, heal, and release your unbalanced thoughts and fears so Mother Earth no longer is required to co-create with your unbalanced thoughts and fears.
Realise you can make a powerful shift within your being, perspectives, and the world you recognise, by simply sending your love first to yourself to empower yourself, then to humanity as forgiveness, and to share that humanity is always loved. Finally send your love and healing to the situation. Mother Earth will accept your love, healing, and compassion; she will co-create with you to bring these sacred energies into full experience upon the Earth.

The more humanity focuses upon love, healing, compassion and all the beautiful qualities of the Creator, the more humanity will move beyond their current perspectives, and Mother Earth is gifted with beautiful intentions and energies to co-create with. You will then truly see the world shift beyond your recognition.

‘Archangel Sandalphon, I invite you to surround me with your Angelic Vibrations and your deep resonance with Mother Earth.

‘As your light penetrates my being, I invite you to activate and bring into balance my Mother Earth Template of Light so I may exist and co-create in harmony and peace with Mother Earth, recognising the beauty and complete ascension of my being and the Earth. Thank you.’

Simply take a moment to breathe deeply, accept my light and observe or acknowledge your Mother Earth Template of Light activating more fully and coming into balance within your being.

‘I now choose to co-create love, peace, harmony, beauty, and happiness with Mother Earth, dissolving all harmful fears from my being, so I may experience the natural beauty of Mother Earth now and forever more.’

This is a wonderful affirmation and intention to ensure you take responsibility for your thoughts and perspectives, sharing with Mother Earth the beauty of your being so she may manifest this into the Earth for all to experience.

Know you resonate and co-create with Mother Earth; this is something you cannot neglect.
With and in truth,

Archangel Sandalphon

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