Monday, April 20, 2015

Jack The Watcher: Transparency


Channelled By Jean Rockefeller On 4-19-15

Here's Jack...
My Friends, at this point, many of us are battle weary. Tired of the constant struggles that we find ourselves immersed in. However, this is just a manifestation of the immense Planetary Growth that we are now experiencing.

*Reinforcements are coming in ever growing numbers as humanity is now awakening to see the carnage that has been created while they slumbered.

*Those who speak for those who cannot speak for themselves are finally being heard and this will create long awaited, tangible change.

*The Energy of Action continues to grow beneath as acceptance of the injustices that are occurring are no longer valid. Exploitations that are not in alignment with the Greater Good are now becoming transparent to a growing number of beings.

▪ A quiet rumble of Revolution is now appearing but it will take time for this energy to surface. Patience is needed for a time.

We must now await for newly awakened to rise, take notice and take action.

They are, just now, wiping the sleep from their eyes and need time to acclimate to the current conditions. Once fully conscious, some will recoil and retreat, unable to process the devastation that was created while they slept. Others, will awaken and be irrevocably moved to action.

The former will fall away, grounding the old Earth.

The latter will join Us in a New Reality as we have long awaited their reinforcement energy. However, they will be looking for guidance and will be drawn to Beings of Light like a moth to a flame. Those among us who are already awake will become beacons, attracting and assisting those who are ready to move into higher realms.

The Black Vulture remains with us but His energy has now transformed and will begin to transmute into Creation of the New that has been born from the release of the old.

With the release of the Tethers Of Service, many beings are now freed from the umbilical cord that has provided them with sustenance for many lifetimes. They are now on their own and are just now stirring to an awakened state.

For those who held these tethers, nothing short of a monumental upheaval is underway as deep, dense and long held stagnant energy is now being forced to the surface for cleansing.

These energies are being presented as weeds that need to be pulled from your lives.

For some, this process will be difficult as one will now be presented with people, places, circumstances and events that are no longer in alignment with their new frequency. Resulting in seeing ones life through different eyes and in different Light. A change in perspective applies here as long held belief systems connected to said people, places, circumstances and events are no longer jaded by the contracts and connected energy that have held them in place for lifetimes.

If a modification in your perspective has already occurred, then you have already accepted the new energy and change in your external environment is inevitable. This merely validates that personal growth has already occurred internally. Holding on to old beliefs and long ago outworn thought paradigms does not serve your Highest Good and at this point, are being released. You have already accepted the New Energy and are now assimilating it. It behooves you to now float on the current of fluidity to make this process easy and effortless. Gaia is now offering release; embrace this change and move forward, onward and upward.

Dynamic Change Perceived as Stasis

Since the beginning of 2015, there has been an ever increasing and almost constant introduction and simultaneous release of energies. One may now be experiencing a time of extreme disunion perceived as stasis. It may not seem as though you are making headway but know that you are expanding in unbridled proportions. During this time, the body must be given time to adjust and this is why physical symptoms as well as weight gain can occur. It is solely because the body needs time to adjust and calibrate to the new influx.

Depending upon the cellular programming contained within, the body may need comfort in the form of extra weight either to feel more grounded, more protected or both during this time of growth and acclimation.

It is important to note that once new energy is accepted by the Higher Self, it cannot be turned away. The new energy will integrate, no matter how long it takes for the body to assimilate.

The bio luminescent field of Gaia is changing and this growth inevitably and permanently extends to Her willing compatriots.

Your DNA is changing, your Body is changing, your Awareness is changing and These Changes are occurring Rapidly and almost Constantly.

Your perception of time is now altered as your growth has now reached hyper-drive. Personally, my awareness of time is limited yet limitless, a discussion for another time perhaps...

But for you, it may seem as though you are speeding though time, almost unable to catch your breath and this only validates that growth is occurring at rates that your mind cannot comprehend.

Watch your P's and Q's

You have asked to elevate your beings to higher realms and with that request comes great Responsibility and Transparency. "Do as I say and not as I do", no longer applies. As humans are innately hypocritical, through personal awareness and self examination, areas that need attention can be illuminated. As We evolve and move into higher vibrations, empathy and compassion for ALL life must be embraced. This is vital to return Balance. A continuation of the same is no longer valid. In order to invoke change, change must be embraced and liberated from the old paradigm.

Apply your attention to your self, your actions, your reactions, your thoughts and your feelings. You have immense power contained within. Begin to direct your attention to those moments when you are emanating negative energy. It takes only awareness to accomplish this simple yet most powerful task. There may be times when the brain seems to be on auto pilot and through focus, one can begin to regain control over the most powerful tool they have and that is the mind.

A simple exercise:

A few times a day, halt your thoughts and actions, become still. Look at your surroundings and center yourself completely in the present; the here and now.

Proclaim out loud your name, what day of the week it is, what time it is and what you are doing.

Take then a deep breath and focus your thought energy and emotional energy on Love and emanate that energy out into Creation, Gaia or anything or anyone who comes to mind in that moment. At this point you can also give a blessing of gratitude to all whom have graced your life or Count a few of your blessings.

This exercise may cause alterations in your dream state as control of your thought energy is vicariously extended into other realms and dimensions. Meaning you may find that your dreams become more insightful, prophetic and vivid.

The Dream Time is yet another tool that one can use to gain access to other dimensions and Higher Realms.

The Skunk will now be our guiding energy until the Autumnal Equinox...

And essentially until the end of this Age.

The predominate energy of the skunk is "Do No Harm."
Although sexuality, self respect and self esteem are also applicable.

The skunk is a pacifist at heart and are fearless as they have few natural predators.

Most predatory animals will leave the skunk be as they are well aware that a confrontation will lead to extreme discomfort.

Skunk can spray from the safety of multiple feet away from their intended target with incredible accuracy. Their fumigation is annoying but ultimately, no sustainable damage is incurred. The skunk's energy and guidance will be powerfully felt until the Autumnal Equinox and Her influence will continue far into the future.

In summation, the Skunk commands respect, expects respect and offers respect. She does this with peace, calm and gentleness. These are aspirations that we all can benefit from.

The paradigm of "Do No Harm" is one of the main ideals that is waiting to be accepted and assimilated into the human collective. This paradigm is non exclusive and is intended to encompass ALL LIFE. We must ALL be in balance and balance will return as it is a Universal Law.

It is time to end All Wars directed at All Beings and come to peaceful and symbiotic agreements.

Jack, The Watcher

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