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Recognizing Enslavement

By Sue McIntosh On 4-8-15

“The best slave is the man who believes he is free.” ~ Goethe.

Sue McIntoshEven though evidence of global human enslavement is abundant and striking, people who have been raised in its clutches while being told repetitively they are free are generally unable to appreciate their situation.

“If a lie is repeated often enough, people will come to believe it.” ~ Goebbels.  

When truth is presented in literature, movies or conversation, we are told it is imagination or science fiction. The current atmosphere of potential ‘terror’ and increased police and military violence gel the quagmire of social thought and make escape even less visible. Thus we founder on.

Capitalism has reached its limit. There is no more room for material expansion, and the empire is crumbling. Our leaders grab unravelling threads of control as society implodes, all the while exhibiting their increasing impotence. When truth is spoken and solutions are available, the murder of messengers and censorship of information increases, in attempts to hide them. But truth abounds and solutions are everywhere — but they require different perspectives and changing beliefs to become effective.

Recognizing Enslavement 
1. The ‘New World Order’
For generations our world has been controlled by the 1%, the elite, extremely wealthy 12 families whose bidding is done by the 99%.  The elite are royalty, presidents, congressional “representatives”, corporate managers, bankers—the upper echelons of all organizations and professions—who have different genetics and goals.  They tend to intermarry to minimize genetic contamination.  Their interests are greed, riches, sex and control.  They build massive empire to extract the remaining oil, gas, diamonds, minerals and jewels from the planet while attempting to reduce the 99% to a manageable half-billion.

The global agenda of the New World Order is a one-world government (United Nations), military (NATO), religion and currency.  Nations would lose borders and be amalgamated into large geographic segments similar to the European Union:  North American Union, African Union, South American Union, Asian Union and Pacific Union.

This plan has been activated and underway for at least 2,000 years. The elite have made public their agenda but cloaked it in environmental and humanitarian terms.  Symbols of the New World Order—the all-seeing eye, pyramidal capstone, magical numbers of arrows, the eagle-phoenix, and even its goal in Latin—have been hidden in plain site on the U.S. $1 bill.

A Stonehenge-like array of huge standing engraved stones was built years ago in Ellerton, GA, stipulating exactly the requirements for the New World Order to reach completion, a plan advanced over centuries and now in the final stages.  Every aspect of our lives is controlled by the elite, from weather and carbon footprints to religion, every profession, media, arts, food and health.

The elite are duplicitous, always lying, attending to their real duty to ensure the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.  The large middle class of America was built and employed to grow corporations.  Now that corporations control much of the world and have replaced individuals as persons legally, the middle class is no longer needed and is being dismantled.

Despite the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, both of which have been trashed since 9/11, we have never really had complete freedom of speech or the press, just as racial equality has never been realized by most people of color.

The United States has remained subservient to England and, more recently, to Israel.  The U.S.A. actually does not exist any longer—we are part of the North American Union, consisting of Canada, the former U.S. and Mexico—one reason our borders are open to most immigrants.  The amero, a new currency, has been minted but not circulated yet.

We fancy ourselves property owners. First we spend much of our lives serving and saving to purchase large items, then we’re taxed again and again—federal and state income and sales taxes, local property taxes, estate taxes, inheritance taxes. We bail out “too big to fail” companies and banks, with inflation and our hard-earned pensions and savings.

And the rich get richer and the poor poorer.

The masses of people have reached uncontrollable numbers, especially if we wake up to realize our enslavement. Genocidal attempts are ubiquitous.  Why reduce the 99%?  We are too many for them.  Indeed, once the masses understand we have been enslaved and hoodwinked, once we awaken and realize we can change the world radically and quickly, the 1% are finished, and they know it.

Population reduction is accomplished with war, famine, weather, pandemics, “earth changes”, radiation, chronic illness.  The false flag attack of 9/11 was designed to be a “new Pearl Harbor” which ushered in a long period of civil uprising and wars in Middle Eastern (energy sources, illegal drugs), African (oil, gold, minerals, jewels) and South American (ditto) nations.

Weather has been controlled by the Air Force and Navy for over 20 years via HAARP (high altitude auroral research project), ultrasound weaponry and chemtrail cloud formation—causing a dust bowl in the western U.S. and floods and blizzards elsewhere; energizing and steering hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes; decimating the gulf stream and the upper Pacific Ocean; triggering  earthquakes and tsunamis–all the while orchestrating “end times” scenarios.
2.  Banking and the Economy
Charging interest for bank loans and earning interest for savings began during the Crusades, when bankers lined the routes to Jerusalem and held and lent money owned by Crusaders.  Banks have owned economies since. The Federal Reserve in this country is a consortium of private banks owned by the very rich which sets interest rates, prints legal tender, controls  stock markets and other aspects of our economy, and lends huge sums to the federal government. Prices of gold, silver and other precious metals are controlled, especially post 9/11.  The Federal Reserve manipulates stock markets to cause recessions and depressions, calling them “adjustments” and blaming the people for bad economies.

The greed of the elite is insatiable. The super-rich always want more and more. They fight among themselves and always measure the man by his wealth.  The use of money as a goal in itself has fallen short for most of the 99%, who are usually left with a feeling of something missing, even in the face of monetary wealth.
3.  “Health” Care
There are now many studies, mostly in alternative or minor medical journal, substantiating major injury caused by vaccines, environmental toxins, radiation, poisoned water and other drinks and genetically engineered foods. Look at the big picture. Neonatal and pediatric vaccines cause generalized physical inflammation, which is then accumulated and synergized with adult vaccines, genetically engineered foods, fluoridated water, soda and health drinks laced with pesticide sweeteners and caffeine, and environmental poisons.

The goal of Western medicine, regardless of compassionate care delivered by multitudes of well-meaning healthcare givers, has never been healthcare but sickcare:  causing and perpetuating illness while using tools and dispensing medicines which enrich the bio-pharmaceutical industries.

Big Pharma has completely ruled medicine for years from the highest echelons, meaning the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, American Medical Association and societies of pediatrics, family practice, ob-gyn, etc., are all been complicit.  American medical schools and journal editorial boards carefully screen out all data and opinion concerning alternative methods, especially if they are curative.  Fortunately, modern students and practitioners are expanding their perceptions and are often eager to listen and pursue other healing modalities.

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, held in great reverence by the medical establishment, is not only not a federal institution, it is a private corporation and holds patents on such germs as ebola.
At least since the advent of AIDS and the HIV virus, epidemics have been caused by viruses, bacteria, spirochetes, prions and other types of infectious organisms which have mostly been synthesized in biowarfare laboratories in the military, medical and university institutions.  “Emerging diseases” have been engineered!  Why?  Follow the money.  And for every disease there are hospital and medical expenses, medications and new toxic vaccines.

There are known causes of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases and known therapies and cures for them in the alternative health community.  When we learn to conceptualize and manage our physical health differently, we will begin to treat our illnesses more gently and successfully and acknowledge the doctor within.

The ranks of anti-vaccine physicians are swelling, as more professionals take the time to study the contents and terrible toll of “immunization.”  Search engines online often censor this information, but it leaks through multiple tags, conferences, you-tube and vimeo, newsletters and blogs.  The expected push-back from mainstream medicine is loud and fierce, but the day will be won finally by those courageous practitioners who value truth over threats of penalty.
4.  Education
Most Americans agree that success of public education is at an all-time low.  Curricula are changed frequently; testing and discipline are out of control; classes are too big; teachers are depressed and frustrated; high-school students can’t make change or write an essay, and generally graduates of the system are dumbed down.

College and graduate school, with inflated price tags and lack of job opportunities in healthful occupations, are becoming less attractive by the year.  As histories are written by the victors, higher education curricula fit the mainstream, and independent thought and writing are discouraged.  Some students and observers are perceiving “higher education” as “more brainwashing” to produce professionals in the same mold as our parents.
5.  Religion
Organized religion, like other societal glues, offers small amounts of truth and large piles of edited debris that slave-holders use to keep us “in line.”  Examples of the latter are sin, war, retribution, contribution, sacrifice, repentance, and confusing the unrelenting judgmental Judaic/Old Testament God with the loving, gentle, infinitely patient, creative force of the cosmos.

The church overflows with symbols of chronic conspiracy:  fish-helmets, pine cones (the pineal/spirit gland), crucifixes and crosses (bloody sacrifice), cannibalism (communion), rituals, commercialized holy days, intermediaries, crusades, genocides of indigenous peoples, hidden art and long-suppressed knowledge of extraterrestrials.

Most of the world’s “great religions” have been designed, constructed and perpetuated by the elite and their controllers and until now have served their purpose in keeping us humiliated and meek.
7.  Increasing Militarization of Local and Foreign Authorities
Gun-control legislation and many false-flag terrorist events, especially school shootings, are aimed at disarming the 99%.  Simultaneously, swat teams are routine, police brutality increases, and local police and deputies receive truckloads of army equipment and munitions.   When in recent world history have we seen these two phenomena together?

In Hitler’s Germany, before World War II.  It is no secret that the American congress and many other politicians want desperately to begin World War III in the Mid-East. Why? War makes defense companies big bucks and loss of life contributes to genocidal control.  Henry Kissinger calls our children and young people “cannon fodder” and our seniors “useless eaters.”

So, here it is folks — the rise of the Fourth Reich, right under our noses. The corporate descendants of all those Nazi rocket scientists, doctors, geneticists and generals moved from Germany to the U.S. at the end of World War II have reached full bloom.  They have continued to slaughter our prophets and heroes—Kennedy, King, Lenin, Kelly and many others—to keep us in line, in the box.  We have spent most of our lives working 40-100 hours a week for pauper’s pay, been made to return most of it in taxes, socially outcast if we follow a different drummer.

We have been taught to fear, to fight, to wallow, to eat garbage, so that now we have an obese, ill, dumbed-down populace fit only for internment in FEMA camps, complete with crematoria.  Our paid sadistic mercenary soldiers and CIA take pleasure in killing, torturing, maiming children and their parents and the environment.  Our volunteer armies, enlisted for “freedom”-fighting and 3 square meals a day, find themselves paralyzed, vaccinated, medicated, mind-controlled and suicidal.
Such is the big picture of our matrix.


How can we escape?  How can we change the world?  How can we birth utopia amid all the chaos? If we’re waiting for someone to help us out of this mess, the future is hopeless.  If, on the other hand, we realize “WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” (Hopi) and recognize our own divinity and responsibility, we can break away from the illusion of the matrix, rewrite the script of the play and recreate our reality and the world.

It all begins with us.  The quantum universe reflects and magnifies our thoughts, words, emotions and actions.  Like attracts like:  If we are warriors, there will be great battles.  What we resist becomes our albatross.  If we see ourselves as victims, oppression follows.  The more we release and surrender, the less conflict we endure.  If we are serene, we have peace.  If we are grateful, abundance is ours.  If we love unconditionally, we are Christed and beloved.

Solutions lie within.  The exploration of inner-space begins with meditation, and meditation is  possible when we learn to cancel all extraneous noise and chatter of our left brain and enter the silent world of spirit.  This is the place of being.  This is the place where the still small voice lives—the spark of divinity we can fan into flame.  Our breath is the fan—inhale love and exhale gratitude slowly and consciously.  Inhale healing and exhale release.  Inhale beauty and exhale surrender.  Inhale crisp fresh air and exhale toxins.  These practices bring us soul fusion with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Commune with the physical body—what does it need?  What does it say?  Appreciate the trillions of cells working in concert, the strength of our skeleton, the endurance of our heart, the knowledge in our brain, the nourishment of our lungs, blood, liver and kidneys.  Enjoy stretching, walking, exercise, rest.  Enjoy abundant, healthful food and clean water.  Celebrate with meals, thanking the farmer, the plants and animals consumed.  Thank the body for its years of service.

We are love.  Love deletes fear.  Love follows truth.  Love discerns false information.  Love is intuition.  Through intuition the inner voice speaks to us through first impressions, a brief fluttering, a picture, a presence in our peripheral vision, a quiet knowing.  Love is our government (no taxes required), and we naturally form communities to help each other while realizing our oneness.

Amazing new energies are bathing the earth, and the planet’s cosmic isolation is over.  Angels and benevolent extraterrestrials encircle us and the globe, awaiting only our requests for their assistance.  They, with the new self-realized humans, wage peace and goodwill, love and understanding, acceptance and compassion, helping us as individuals and as a species to evolve spiritually into strong, ageless, joyful, gossamer beings.

We do not resist or protest; we simply go our own way with gratitude.  We practice civil disobedience and unity, releasing negativity.  We form spontaneous communities, grow our own food, play our music, sing our songs and dance through life.  Our ET friends and angels guard and protect us.

We will not be denied.  We are not afraid.  We are strong, proud, healthy, peaceful instruments of love.  The time is here.  The time is now.  We re-create ourselves and thus a utopian world.  Each of us carries the heart of the Messiah.

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