Monday, April 20, 2015

The Cartography of Maths

Channelled By Sandra Walter On 4-20-15

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The influx of last week’s amplification buffeted our magnetic fields, which in turn affects the physical. Many of you felt the incredible expansion and purity of this light. These consistent amplifications are a good gauge for your crystalline structures. It will feel a bit indescribable; deeply profound sensations of Divine Love continue to rise, grow, and rewrite our prepared consciousness. We were ready, we opened to the unknown, and now we receive the payoff for our labor of love.

It feels remarkable, different from the stereotypes of Christ consciousness or Unity consciousness, or the sensations of the past. The Pleiadians reminded us last December: You won’t even see it coming. They were correct, and the last Equinox-Eclipse passage brought personal revelations that – to be perfectly transparent – changed me, overwhelmed me a few times, and gave me a deep sense of empowerment, purity, and a new level of service.

A new space has presented in Shasta to support the (very) active, creative, expansive journey of the next six months. I plan on sharing my Gatekeeper journal notes from the last Gate, as many synchronicities and connections have presented already just by mentioning a few visions on the last Ascension Path connection call. Some of these missions are large and involve many of us, some are small yet powerful.

I had the pleasure of completing a mission last week up on Shasta with Aisha North, a fellow channel from Norway. Glorious work with two vibrant siSTARs (Aisha and her twin sister), which completed projects we had worked on for many incarnations. We were absolutely blessed by the reunion of our little trinity, representing thousands who are embodying the Christ right here, right now.

Shasta, Egypt, Peru and Beyond: The Cartography of Maths

There is a current project which I sense may resonate with some of you. The Brotherhoods of Light are working with the Divine Feminine, particularly those with Sirian/Pleiadian connections, on new template work which involves the symbol of maps, mapmaking, or blueprints. Even though it feels ancient as we remember what was set in place for right now, It is different from the past template work. It is lucid, conscious, direct, and somewhat technical (hence the Sirian Master Engineer-type influence). I will write up the Archimedes connection in another article, it is a fascinating synch.

As the Divine Feminine brings forth the Christ embodiment (the plan to break apart old belief systems about the Christ is probably apparent, so I won’t mention it again. Quietly, beloveds.), we hold a huge space for New Light to enter at key points on Gaia. And it does not matter if the Feminine is female in form, or in a male form who has learned, embraced, embodied enough feminine dynamic to be able to hold spacetime energetics without the interference of the ego-mind. It is quiet, deeply profound work with beings of incredible light. To you who are involved, I send you my love this moment. The presence of these beings and realization of what is occurring can be overwhelming, and the consistent exposure is changing my consciousness. What divine contracts we have at this level – and more to come.

Create, Create, Create

One of the (many) joys of crossing paths with Aisha was our conversation about creativity. It was wonderful to be present with siSTARs who comprehend and express the Creator State of beingness. So many projects are presenting – so many ideas, new expressions; the multidimensional creativity which was promised is now understood, embraced, sought after by the awakened collective.

Have you noticed the consistent increase in creative ideas as the energy rises? Ascension and creativity go heart-in-heart; this is not a stagnant old paradigm spirituality with set-in-dead-stone truths, it is a vibrant revitalization full of surprises, revelations, and new creations. Hence the ongoing destruction of old myths, beliefs and expectations of what is or is not spiritual, what is or is not the Christ. Expect the unexpected, beloveds. If you choose participation in the Ascension, intend deep core-busting change within yourself, and go direct.

As we move into a purer state of Unity Consciousness, understand that a creative inspiration may be for you, or it may be for someone else to implement. Ground them and send them forth through the collective. We are ONE huge new multidimensional operating system now, rapidly increasing in size and power as we zip through the uber-gateway of 2015. Limitless. Boundless. Purposeful as we move into heightened awareness of Source-as-Self. Creator Beingness.

Gratitude and Service

We have another wave coming in April 23 – 26.  I invite you to explore my redesigned website for tools, articles, inspiration, a week of private sessions coming up, and other opportunities to deepen your experience of Ascension. It is remarkable what we are accomplishing, beloveds. If you are feeling weary or run-over by the energy, know that thousands in the Light Tribe have created a huge space for your alignment with the New Light. That part of our work is in place; a platform for others to find and use. We move onward and upward.

In Love, Light and Service,

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