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Who is Ra? – A Review Of First Density

By Wes Annac On 3-30-15

law-of-one-book-i-the-ra-materialWe might’ve talked about first density before, but I wanted to review it here for those of you who haven’t yet learned about it. Ra’s term ‘density’ is different from the usual term that’s used, ‘dimension’, and because of this, there are differences in Ra’s descriptions compared to any other.

Before we start the review, I wanted to make a quick note about my opinion on channeling and the agendas of the various channeled entities who’ve spoken through mediums.

This is obviously a taboo subject, even for some spiritually conscious people, and some people would never open up to the idea that there are entities on higher planes of reality who we can connect with and receive advice, guidance and descriptions of the higher realms from.
Even if I don’t seem credible to other conscious people who don’t think the same way, I do believe there are entities in other states of consciousness who we can communicate with.

I think we should use discernment with any spiritual material we read, especially channeled messages, but I think there’s something genuine about channeling and we might benefit from opening up to it and considering that it could be real. The opinion’s being passed around right now that negative extraterrestrials or astral entities like to pose as positive ones and use channelings to trap us in a ‘false matrix’ of light.

Some people claim that nearly every channeled entity is a negative astral being who wants to usurp our energy with false promises of a glorious, utopian ‘new earth’, and to be honest, I don’t know if it’s as widespread of a problem as it’s made out to be. I do think we’re spiritually evolving and we’ll eventually exist in a higher state of consciousness, and I don’t think the idea of a ‘new earth’ is a trap. I definitely think the issue of negative astral beings posing as positive ones is real, but I don’t think it’s as severe as others do.

There are a few channeled sources that resonate with me, like Gloria Wendroff’s ‘Heavenletters’ or Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff. I do think these entities exist and I think they’re genuine in their intent to help us raise our vibration and spiritually evolve by communicating with us.

I’m not saying you have to believe the things I do, and the last thing I want to do is push my point of view onto anyone. I can only state my beliefs and hope that they’re respected by other conscious people, just as I’d respect another conscious person’s beliefs, even if they aren’t my own.

The point I want to make is that I don’t think Ra through Carla Rueckert is a negative, deceitful entity who wants to fool us. It’s my personal choice to believe these messages are genuine and were delivered for a pure purpose, and again, you can feel free to believe whatever you want.

You can believe channeling is pure nonsense if you want – it won’t bother me. You can believe Ra, Hilarion or any other popular channeled entity are astral spooks who want to fool us and usurp our energy if you want.

At the end of the day, I think we need to be secure in our observations on reality while letting others be secure in theirs. If we can’t accept each other for our unique perspectives, then we obviously aren’t ready to evolve.

With this said, let’s review what Ra has told us about first density. We might review second density in our next report, but we’ll focus on the first for now. Ra describes how first density elementals were created.

Questioner: “The original, the first entities on this planet— what was their origin? Where were they before they were on this planet?

Ra: “I am Ra. The first entities upon this planet were water, fire, air and earth.
Questioner: “Could you tell me about this first density of planetary entities?
Ra: “I am Ra. Each step recapitulates intelligent infinity in its discovery of awareness. In a planetary environment all begins in what you would call chaos, energy undirected and random in its infinity.

 Slowly, in your terms of understanding, there forms a focus of self-awareness. Thus the Logos moves.
“Light comes to form the darkness, according to the co-Creator’s patterns and vibratory rhythms, so constructing a certain type of experience. This begins with first density which is the density of consciousness, the mineral and water life upon the planet learning from fire and wind the awareness of being. This is the first density.” (1)
We’re also told how first density elementals progress to second density.

Questioner: “Does this first density then progress to greater awareness?
Ra: “The spiraling energy, which is the characteristic of what you call ‘light,’ moves in straight line spiral thus giving spirals an inevitable vector upwards to a more comprehensive beingness with regards to intelligent infinity.
“Thus, first dimensional beingness strives towards the second-density lessons of a type of awareness which includes growth rather than dissolution or random change.” (2)
Ra is then asked about the relevance of vortexes or ‘energy centers’ to the first density (and beyond).
Questioner: When the first density is formed, the— I am going to make a statement of my understanding and if you will correct me, I will… I intuitively see the first density being formed by an energy center that is a vortex.
“This vortex then causes these spinning motions that I have mentioned before of the light, vibration which is light, which then starts to condense into the materials of the first density. Is this correct?
Ra: “I am Ra. This is correct as far as your reasoning has taken you. However, it is well to point out that the Logos has the plan of all the densities of the octave in potential completion before entering the space/time continuum in first density. Thus the energy centers exist before they are manifest.” (3)

The first density wasn’t manifested by itself – every density in our current octave was designed by Logos before they were manifested. Thus, the first density didn’t appear alone, and it was accompanied by all the other densities in this octave.

I’d imagine our octave is comprised of the first through eighth densities, but I couldn’t say for sure. Writing about Ra’s material doesn’t make me an expert on it, and like anyone else who reads it, I’m feeling my way around it and interpreting it the best I can.

Ra seems to be saying here that first density was designed and manifested in conjunction with every other density (third, fourth, fifth, etc.), and I’m sure this made the evolutionary process a lot easier for first density elementals who were ready to take their next step (i.e. evolve into second density).
Ra then does their best to tell us how long the first and second density cycles lasted on our planet.

Questioner: “Could you give me an idea of the length of the first and second density that occurred for this planet?
Ra: “I am Ra. There is no method of estimation of the time/space before timelessness gave way in your first density.
“To the beginnings of your time, the measurement would be vast and yet this vastness is meaningless. Upon the entry into the constructed space/time your first density spanned a bridge of space/time and time/space of perhaps two billion of your years.
“Second density is more easily estimated and represents your longest density in terms of the span of space/time.
“We may estimate that time as approximately 4.6 billion years. These approximations are exceedingly rough due to the somewhat uneven development which is characteristic of creations which are built upon the foundation stone of free will.” (4)
I think Ra is saying that these time measurements are hard to give because, for the most part, we chose how long we wanted to experience first and second density and those choices were part of our sacred, inalienable freewill.

Thus, various individuals and collectives experienced these densities for as long as they needed before collective evolution took place, and the only thing that confuses me about this entire query is that there are still first and second density entities here on earth.

There’s obviously still dirt, wind, fire, etc., and those consciousness complexes are still incarnate in first/second density, as are animals. I might be missing something, but it seems impossible to determine how long first and second density lasted (past tense) when they’re still going on.

Maybe the question had more to do with how much ‘time’ our collective spent in the first and second densities before moving on, which would make a lot more sense.

From my perspective, however, the first and second densities are still happening, and thus, giving a timeframe for how long they lasted wouldn’t make much sense.

In our final quote, we’re told how the first density elements of wind and fire shaped (and taught) the elements of earth and water.

Questioner: “Could you tell me how, in first density, wind and fire teach earth and water?
Ra: “I am Ra. You may see the air and fire of that which is chaos as literally illuminating and forming the formless, for earth and water were, in the timeless state, unformed.
“As the active principles of fire and air blow and burn incandescently about that which nurtures that which is to come, the water learns to become sea, lake, and river offering the opportunity for viable life. The earth learns to be shaped, thus offering the opportunity for viable life.” (5)
Self teaches Self, in every lower and higher state of consciousness, and in the case of first density, wind and fire taught earth and water by literally shaping them and providing them with the necessary conditions to eventually create life.

Similarly, humans could learn a thing or two from animals (and vice versa), and it goes without saying that we could learn a thing or two from the entities who exist in higher densities than us, such as Ra.

We don’t want to learn anything from those negative astral entities I mentioned earlier, and while I don’t necessarily think they’ve infiltrated channeled messages to the extent some people think they have, I know they exist and they can negatively influence us if we let them.

They come to us through our thoughts and emotions, which is why staying spiritually aligned is so important and beneficial. Beyond them, however, there are genuine higher-dimensional entities and collective consciousness complexes who can assist us if we open up to their advice and guidance.

Feel free to take this opinion or leave it, because that’s what it is – my opinion. You don’t have to take it as reality or some form of gospel, but it’s how I feel after being exposed to a plethora of channeled messages on the internet, some of which are decently genuine, and others, hard to take seriously.

If we can consider things we might’ve once shrugged off or laughed away, we might learn a thing or two from entities in higher realms who want to help us understand that we’re beings of pure, spiritual energy who have the potential to raise our consciousness and spiritually evolve.

Just as the earth and water learned from the air and fire, we can learn from those guides if we’re willing to be a little open. We don’t want to be too open because of those dastardly astral entities, but this is no reason not to open our minds and hearts a little. We might learn something valuable if we do!

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