Monday, October 15, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-14-18

 Every Monday I Awaken With 

This Image Floating Afore Me:

Apparently, the message I posted from Kejraj (Kayre) on 10/11/18 was a Part 1; here's Part Deux:

Thanks to Johanna L. for the heads-up on this breaking news of the imminent Team Dark roundup:

RT reminds us that the planetary debt burden is crushing the old, rigged casino economy; HooRah:

'Did Saudis, CIA Fear Khashoggi 9/11 Bombshell?' Inquiring minds wait for the next Q-Drop:

Jordan Sather does a short video on Kanye-Anon and getting Waldorf’d; pictures at 11(selfies all):

First NESARA, then GESARA and now Mexi-SARA? It could happen, comrades:

Blossom Goodchild, channeling The Federation of Light planetary liberation bulletin; Grok Sum:

Team Hathor: Small Subtle Conscious Shifts

Via Peggy Black On 10-15-18

We are here to acknowledge and empower you.  We are here to remind you that you are a divine being of light energy vibrations. This is the time to begin to step into that awareness and actuality. This physical dimension that you are focused upon and within is demanding, addictive and alluring.

We understand that the physical reality needs attention to be maintained. We understand that the physical reality offers sensations and pleasures of being in form. Having a physical body and relating to this dimension is the game. How you translate the events and the emotions colors your experience which serves to support and awaken you to your highest self.

Your physical body is a requirement for this dimension. It is your physical consciousness that observes, interfaces and makes judgments about all the experiences you have. Being physical is busy; it requires almost all of your attention. This physical illusion has many distractions and pulls for your focus; remember you give your energy to whatever you are focused on.

We are not saying that you need to shut down or disregard your physical aspects. We are inviting you to make small subtle conscious shifts several times an hour or several times a day.

These small subtle consciousness shifts begin to open the door of your awareness to a wider more expansive self. The goal is to become aware that you are aware. The goal is to understand that the physical experiences are only tools to activate, to stimulate your personal understanding of yourself as the creator.

When you begin to practice ways to refocus your energy throughout your day you will be amazed and rewarded with the results. We understand that your life can be demanding with family, work, projects, interests or just the maintenance and requirements of your body.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-13-18

Friday The Thirteenth

Came On A Saturday This Month

Saul, via John Smallman, does a fine job of dispelling persistent Cabal fear-porn regarding death:

Lisa Renee exposes the Controlled Chaos Strategy of the Negative Alien Agenda for all to see:

Join rabbit-hole bound que following lovely Lisa into some severely dark neighborhoods; grokkable:

Brownshirt Politics is a desperate repressive tool of the fascist Hidden Hand bad bloodline families:

The global tide of revulsion has finally turned on the human trafficking business of Team Dark:

Aussie rescuers saved this Humpback whale calf ‘enveloped’ in shark net protecting tourist beaches:

Magenta and The Nine accent the importance of Divinely Discriminating Awareness; Git Sum:

GaiaPortal: Stepward Attenuations Collapse The Old Paradigm Sructures

Channelled By ÉirePort On 10-13-18

Stepward attenuations collapse the old paradigm structures.

Forward movements made possible.

Farrows are sent.

Levitations begin.

Flessaries are approved.

Transcript Of The Latest WWCC Of 9 Transmission

Thanks to Suzanne Maresca for gleaning and cleaning up this text. This is the most current and accurate assessment on our global ascension process I have yet seen. Yes, it's long and challenges many of our most closely held assumptions; great channellings do that. As usual, the text is Magenta's and the illustrations are my contribution.

Judge Becomes Justice 

(Truth, Liberty, End of Cabal) 

By Magenta Pixie And The Nine

Energetically, as in the pattern of frequency that we call 'The Pre-Manifest' the service-to-self structure you know as Global Elite, Deep State, Darkworkers, Illuminati, Cabal - has disintegrated.

This is within the pre-manifest. This service-to-self construct is a collapsed structure. Once an energetic pattern sits within the pre-manifest it must move into actual physical manifestation. High-energy focus, through dark Magick, has been used to 'hold back' the pre-manifest, if you will, in past years, within linear time, upon your planet.

Yet since your cosmic moment of 21st December 2012, the starseed collective consciousness, she that we may call Divine Princess Aurora, Goddess of the higher flame, has been the frequency to touch the pre-manifest. The dark Magick no longer works and the pre-manifest is flowing in fast track through vertical alignment as physical manifestation.

Gridwork upon the Galactic Grid structures has 'rebuilt the temple,' if you will, allowing vertical ascension to become a pathway for humanity once again. Vertical ascension is available for all healthy planetary structures and as the Starseed consciousness, divine princess Aurora continues to shine the light of love, compassion and freedom upon the pre-manifest then this matching energetic is that which becomes your experience.

Your experience creates your reality, your future timelines and thus the planet or dimension you reside upon. Your experience is shaped by your belief systems which become your paradigms. Your paradigms are structures which become your own personal template, your pre-manifest. Your belief systems which become your paradigms are shaped by the conclusions you make when you view your reality.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-11-18

The 11:11:11 Is Near

Kejraj (Kayre) of Era of Light penned this ode to the upcoming 11:11:11 Gateway; grok sum:

For those not already familiar with his work here's Dave Janda outlining the cabal take-down:

If God gives you lemons chalk it up to your sour frequency, or something like that; go figure:

The Fulford Report is still playing catch-up with the worldwide Satanic conspiracy story; get woke:

Dr. Mercola does a great public service with this piece on the eve of the 'flu season'; please pass on:

The Council  chimes in on this current phase of Ascension Prime-Time Follies; enjoy the Show:

Ya gotta love these crazy emotional support ploys; flying coach is cruel and inhumane treatment:

7 Signs Our Consciousness Is Shifting To Higher Dimensions


By Morag O'Brien On 10-10-18

Seeing truth everywhere, processing darkness and somehow staying in the light, to align with a calmer reality? When we wake up spiritually our consciousness expands. We come online as energetic beings. Our timing on planet earth is neither accident or coincidence. If these words resonate,  know you are not crazy or alone. We can feel like we are on a different wavelength from everyone else, struggling to understand ignorance and denial.

We try to stay compassionate in an unforgiving world. We sense people’s energy fields, experiencing powerful responses positive or negative, having to rationalize instincts in our 3d reality. Dream state can seem more real than real. Time fluctuates, a flow pulls from our heart chakra, our core, our third eye. Awakening to a quantum world, cosmic surfers, is sensory, smart and built on love vibrations.

7 Signs our Consciousness is Shifting to Higher Dimensions

1. Time has stopped being linear, has become quantum, trans-dimensional. Time fluctuations, speeding up creating a sense of lost time, poor short term memory, flash backs. and fluidity as we surrender to the Shift in love vibrations. Slowing down, time seems to synthesize before our eyes. Micro expressions, caught; interpreted, masks slip, truths are revealed. Boom. No going back.

2. Dimensional slippage takes place. Trippiness, the world taking on a surreal filter. 'They Live' glasses are on all the time, awareness that the matrix is on Red Alert, out of step, malfunctioning. Loss of time, sense of moving through an interactive game. Some moments in sharp focus, longer periods blurred at the edges.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-10-18

Humpback Day Has Arrived

Bon Appétit

Creator has this short, sweet message of encouragement for all the 'woke' ones out there:

QAnon releases a statement of progress in the Liberation of Planet Earth; it's happening NOW:

Snapshots from a planet in recovery...7 billion souls awakening to REALITY; could get messy:

It's now official; Stop Your 3D Lessons! Brenda Hoffman explains why in this weeks blog:

This magician reveals how fake news media indoctrinates the gullible masses with junk science:

The 5 types of people experiencing the Tsunami of Love; thanks to David Nova for posting this one:

Time for an update on Sacred Geometry making our Ascension easier via the I-Connect: Grok Sum:

Disclosure Digest 10-9-18

It's Getting Hard To Find Kansas Anymore

We lead off with this perceptive and prescient overview of Lightworkerland from Valerie Donner:

As Q goes mainstream, a host of 'interpreters' have begun posting 'the rest of the story'; op cit:

Cabal actors have been operating in China for thousands of years; swamp drainage is  ongoing:

Speaking of bad actors, the truth of the Satanic domination of the entertainment industry is spreading:
Our Lady of Mt. Shasta reports this week directly from her favorite Planetary Chakra; stellar stuff:

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

WWCC of 9: Judge Becomes Justice (Truth, Liberty, End of Cabal)

 I've been waiting all of my adult life for some plain truth-speaking about what our situation really is here inside Holodeck Earth. In this video The Nine come through for me big-time; watch it till you grok it. Bring popcorn and please feel free to take notes...DT the ET

Via Magenta Pixie On 10-8-10

(This video is available on

Monday, October 8, 2018

New Moon Digest 10-8-18


Git Sum Metamorphosis


 Creator, via Jennifer Farley, opines on just how much change you can stand; Oy:

Stephanie Austin, MA shares her wonderful astrological insights with us in this latest Update:

Q Rules and, IMO is the expression of our collective Will to be free of Team Dark:

Another postcard from the Bizarro Land of Big Pharma; why is this suddenly so obvious:

"Gone, Gone... Totally Gone Beyond; Far out!" the Prajnaparamita according to Allen Ginsberg:

Mira from The Pleiadian High Council explains how her people practice inter-dimensional listening:

GaiaPortal: Spirals Of Higher Influence Become Apparent To All

Channelled By ÉirePort On 10-8-18

Spirals of Higher Influence become apparent to all.

Leverages of necessary oceanics come into play.

Flares of Illumination are sent to all.

Fortunes are recognized.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-6-18

When Did The Sky Change?

Let's begin with this latest Q&A from The council via Ron Head; good stuff here:

DD's Love Bubble is our Multidimensional Exposome and it’s a lovely shade of pink tinged w/ gold:

Here's the latest Full Frontal Fulford Report; Ben still has a problem with Divine timing:

There's a grassroots movement to re-invent the Internet; sounds like a job for The Arcturians:

Folks, it's time to spread the truth about 5G mass mind-control technologies, while we still can:

When given the chance, the Dutch are capable of very good science; this is a good example:

Time out from current affairs for this blast from our Egyptian past/pres/future via Ra Ho Tep:

The Arcturian Group Message: 10-7-18

Via Marilyn Raffaele

Dear readers, the time has arrived when both the awake and the un-awake are discovering that a great deal of change is beginning to take place within the status quo you are so used to. When change comes to firmly held belief systems, it causes a great deal of anxiety and fear because there is comfort and security in knowing what is going to happen, when, and how.

Wanting to plan and know the when and how of everything is a facet of the third dimensional mind set, one that sees itself separate from others and from God and thus must plan for every contingency in order to be safe and survive.

You are well aware at this point in your spiritual evolution that you are not separate and must begin living these truths and trusting that there is a bigger picture going on behind the scenes separate from what you are seeing and hearing on the news.

Dense creations of the three dimensional belief system are being exposed so that they can be recognized for what they are and changed. Each day more and more awaken to realize that a large number of commonly accepted laws, beliefs, teachings, and promotions are simply not true and do not serve the highest good of mankind.

Enlightened ways of seeing and doing are replacing many false beliefs in spite of the fact that there remain some willing to go to any length in order to maintain the status quo.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-4-18


 Suzanne Maresca rocks the Casbah with this one; git sum:

 Brenda Hoffman leans in with some down home Galactic Wisdom; quite grokkable:

Welcome to the blogosphere, Kat; please keep these wonderfully written articles coming:

I came across this message from Archangel Michael and recognized his Voice; FYI:

It's time to re-post this vintage AAM article on the Infinity Breath; grounding the Light to Gaia:

Steve Who? Look HERE

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation On 10-2-18

Via Sheldan Nidle 

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in righteousness) All is as before. While the dark cabal persists in being its usual arrogant self, we move forward dynamically, assisting our Earth allies in keeping far ahead of the cabal. Their days are numbered and they are painfully aware of it. As our Earth allies continue to carry out the next stage of our ever-evolving strategies, victory is assured. These plans of action are immensely complex and include a myriad of variables. Remember that this is a global undertaking.

We recognize that the time to dismantle the current power structure is taking its toll on your patience. We ask for your continued perseverance and trust while these joint timetables are in process. They will manifest in right divine time. Be confident and gracefully accept that the time approaches for your blessings to begin. Be prepared to use the prosperity promised you to fulfill all your dreams.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Arcturians: Focusing On The Core – The Rebirth Of New Earth

 Via Suzanne Lie On 9-18-18

Greetings from the Arcturians, as well as your entire Galactic Family, which is much larger than you may imagine. Please realize that every decision that humanity makes within this NOW is having a great impact on the planet.

If that decision is based on love and light for Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants, you have given Gaia a greater gift than you may imagine. As humans become more conscious of their ‘Higher SELF,’ who is their Multidimensional SELF, they will feel more and more of a need, an urge, to focus on the Core of the planet.

As humanity begins to ‘remember’ that Gaia is a living being, they will begin to understand how person and planet are made up of the same elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Also, just as each human has a core, so does Gaia.

Therefore, when you focus on Gaia’s Planetary Body, you are also focusing on Humanities Human Body. Furthermore, each ‘element’ of humanity’s Earth, Air, Fire and Water interacts and affects every other element.

More and more of humanity is beginning to consciously feel and accept the higher frequencies of Light that are NOW entering Earth’s atmosphere, as well as all of Gaia’s Planetary Life forms.

Then, as humanity becomes more and more aware of their own ascension process, they will become more and more aware of Gaia’s planetary ascension. “What does ‘ascension’ mean?” you may ask.

Ascension is a transmutation of the frequency of reality into the next octave of vibration. Transmutation is change, alteration and/or transformation into the next octave of reality.

Disclosure Digest 10-2-18

Alliance Septic Sucking Services 

Are On The Job

Dr. Salla weighs in on the ongoing follies around the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh; insightful:

Lionel sketches a good overview of the failing Deep State's puppets in near total panic;

 A top UFO researcher claims Trump's Space Force could expose US military's black projects; DUH:

X22 Dave's endgame scenario is off; it won’t be a hardship filled journey to NESARA; Git sum:

Bannon (Naval Intelligence) takes a working European vacation; Patriot working the Euro-swamp:

 'NESARA: The Financial Side of a World That Works for Everyone'- good job Bro Beckow:

A Message From Our Andromedan Friends

Channelled Via Morag O'Brien On 10-2-18

We are your neighbors, we exist side by side, across time and space. We have watched you for many eons, excited by your growth, dismayed by the infestation. We, like others, have intervened at primary points, gifting humanity with science, philosophy and tools. We have stepped back from the shadows, we have allowed the duality of the lower realms to play out, as they did for us many, many eons ago. We received guidance and support through our transition, we were blessed by ascended beings, as you call them, connecting with us and illuminating the way. We did not have the problems humanity on planet earth have. We were aware of violence, we understood the craving for power other species make their life’s purpose, but we are a peaceful species. Our evolution was gentle, gradual, illumination came to us in times of peace and prosperity, technological leaps and esoteric transformation.

We know the darkness humanity is facing, we know from experiences in other lifeforms, choices we made consciously, reincarnating from a stable environment. Few of us have experienced the levels of lower realm destruction that all of earth’s humanity exist in. We empathize, we are deeply humbled by the strength and creative passions of humanity. As earth’s guardians, her neighbors in time and space, we have agreed with others, to intervene.

The goddess Gaia has chosen this time to transcend, to liberate her organic body, planet earth. The Black Plague has caused enough suffering, damage and destruction. Human sovereignty has been deemed compromised, lines have been crossed. We have all come together, to be here at this time, to facilitate, to aid and guide humanity through her ascent. Despite hope for a holistic ascension, separation becomes apparent. The tipping point has been reached, enough to enable ascent for some, not enough for others. This has caused the separation. Dimensional frequencies now vibrate with alternate earths, humanity has passed the crossroads. Full separation has not occurred yet. The fabric we see is multi dimensional, trans dimensional, a quantum dynamic of parallel worlds.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-1-18


Red October Has Arrived

Senator Lindsey Graham's excoriation of fellow senators is great stuff; STO VS STS

Checking back with Jordan Sather we get two updates and a promo clip from his new documentary:

Sorcha Fal (Russian Intelligence conduit) sheds some light on the current DC Follies; Spaciba: 

 'Trump Meets Top QAnon Backer In White House'; Git Some LIONEL!!!:

A short Lionel elucidation; Somebody here is lying - Qui bono baby!
 "Arch Of Baal Set Up In Washington D.C. One Day Before Brett Kavanaugh Testifies; Coinkidink?:
Meet the Pied Piper of upstate New York as he charms his merry band of… raccoons!:

Disclosure Digest 9-30-18

Are We There Yet?

Bloggers are starting to ask tough questions; I've always thought that reality was highly overrated:

Highlighting the world’s top 5 ‘most evil’ corporations is a good place to start the global cleanup:

Here's a Luciferian agenda in dire need of eradication; it's folly to foul our planetary nest:

Thanks to Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, for posting this highly relevant article on his blog:

Many top U.S. scientists are being forced to resign over allegations of corruption and false studies:

EMF frequencies used in crowd control weapons form the foundation of 5G Networks; Yuk!:

Sandra Walter rounds this digest off with 'Embodiment II: Creator Conduit & New Earth Realms':

GaiaPortal: Energetic Completions Are Verified

Channelled By ÉirePort On 10-1-18

Energetic completions are verified.

Astral layers are cleansed.

Pardons for those in return are granted.

Destinies of hu-beings and Hue-beings align.