Saturday, October 27, 2018

Discosure Digest 10-27-18

DW's Bad And He's Back

David Wilcock has been a busy quantum beaver lately; he'll tell you all about it right here:

KP is kind enough to conveniently bundle and introduce good, reliable Q-Anon decoders; Mahalo:

This piece by Preston James is 4 years old and this content holds up quite well; fill in some blanks:

If you're a Draco, Zeta or Hybrid bad actor on this planet, you no longer have an exit strategy:
Trust me, Lisa & co are talking about your zip code here; grokkable Reality check - git sum:

The ratings are in on the recent Team Dark, pipe bomb fiasco; oh, how the mighty have fallen:

Well, it's finally happened: the central banks, beginning with the FED, are in the kill box [$]:

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