Monday, October 29, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-29-18

Monday, Monday...

According to Saint Germain, everything is in flux and co-creation's got a hair trigger:

Sorry, Brenda, I'll post your piece with a Santa Disclaimer - He's REAL and I'm a fractal of Him:

I'm having some trouble lately with navigating the shifting timelines; lovely Lisa to the rescue:

This from our Backhanded Compliments File; A Break From Double Speak,Trump Tells It Like It Is:

This was posted on The Hill site and crossed my desk courtesy of RT's New Samizdat page; git sum:

'Stop This Shit - GESARA Cannot Be Ignored'; this catchy title got my attention: ponder prosperity:

Blossom closes us out with this latest download from the Federation Of Light; quite grokkable:

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