Saturday, October 13, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-13-18

Friday The Thirteenth

Came On A Saturday This Month

Saul, via John Smallman, does a fine job of dispelling persistent Cabal fear-porn regarding death:

Lisa Renee exposes the Controlled Chaos Strategy of the Negative Alien Agenda for all to see:

Join rabbit-hole bound que following lovely Lisa into some severely dark neighborhoods; grokkable:

Brownshirt Politics is a desperate repressive tool of the fascist Hidden Hand bad bloodline families:

The global tide of revulsion has finally turned on the human trafficking business of Team Dark:

Aussie rescuers saved this Humpback whale calf ‘enveloped’ in shark net protecting tourist beaches:

Magenta and The Nine accent the importance of Divinely Discriminating Awareness; Git Sum:

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