Sunday, October 7, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-6-18

When Did The Sky Change?

Let's begin with this latest Q&A from The council via Ron Head; good stuff here:

DD's Love Bubble is our Multidimensional Exposome and it’s a lovely shade of pink tinged w/ gold:

Here's the latest Full Frontal Fulford Report; Ben still has a problem with Divine timing:

There's a grassroots movement to re-invent the Internet; sounds like a job for The Arcturians:

Folks, it's time to spread the truth about 5G mass mind-control technologies, while we still can:

When given the chance, the Dutch are capable of very good science; this is a good example:

Time out from current affairs for this blast from our Egyptian past/pres/future via Ra Ho Tep:

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