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Transcript Of The Latest WWCC Of 9 Transmission

Thanks to Suzanne Maresca for gleaning and cleaning up this text. This is the most current and accurate assessment on our global ascension process I have yet seen. Yes, it's long and challenges many of our most closely held assumptions; great channellings do that. As usual, the text is Magenta's and the illustrations are my contribution.

Judge Becomes Justice 

(Truth, Liberty, End of Cabal) 

By Magenta Pixie And The Nine

Energetically, as in the pattern of frequency that we call 'The Pre-Manifest' the service-to-self structure you know as Global Elite, Deep State, Darkworkers, Illuminati, Cabal - has disintegrated.

This is within the pre-manifest. This service-to-self construct is a collapsed structure. Once an energetic pattern sits within the pre-manifest it must move into actual physical manifestation. High-energy focus, through dark Magick, has been used to 'hold back' the pre-manifest, if you will, in past years, within linear time, upon your planet.

Yet since your cosmic moment of 21st December 2012, the starseed collective consciousness, she that we may call Divine Princess Aurora, Goddess of the higher flame, has been the frequency to touch the pre-manifest. The dark Magick no longer works and the pre-manifest is flowing in fast track through vertical alignment as physical manifestation.

Gridwork upon the Galactic Grid structures has 'rebuilt the temple,' if you will, allowing vertical ascension to become a pathway for humanity once again. Vertical ascension is available for all healthy planetary structures and as the Starseed consciousness, divine princess Aurora continues to shine the light of love, compassion and freedom upon the pre-manifest then this matching energetic is that which becomes your experience.

Your experience creates your reality, your future timelines and thus the planet or dimension you reside upon. Your experience is shaped by your belief systems which become your paradigms. Your paradigms are structures which become your own personal template, your pre-manifest. Your belief systems which become your paradigms are shaped by the conclusions you make when you view your reality.

It is therefore crucial to view your reality with clarity. If you are loaded with trauma, unhealed and buried, this will cloud the clarity and your ability to view your reality. If you are in a state of healing, with traumas moving from buried into consciously aware, ready for integration, with energetic flow moving through the matrix fields of pure awareness, the true self that is all that is you, then you shall be seeing your reality with a much higher degree of clarity.

How can you tell? How do you know if you are seeing your reality with clarity? One way to know this is to look at your emotional reactions within your everyday existence within the third dimensional physical reality. When world events occur, such as political situations, environmental issues or even entertainments, sports and games, do you become so emotionally invested that you become, what is known to you, as triggered?

This is when one situation triggers the unhealed emotion of the buried trauma and the previous trauma is relived with the perception that this is caused by the new external event.

If you have unhealed buried traumas that are not in a state of flow and integration then this will create this emotional triggering we speak of over and over again. These buried unhealed traumas are both individual and global. As in the latter, they occur across communities, countries and planetary societies.

One way the service-to-self groups have controlled you is by constantly and consistently creating global traumas within a system of such rapid movement that you have not had time to heal the traumas when you have become caught up in the rush, rush race of the system. This then becomes critically amassed within your collective subconscious and this passes down to your offspring through generational karmic lines creating that which you know as ancestral karma.

This in turn, within a linear perception, becomes incarnational karma. This is how, along with Dark Magick, the service-to-self structures have controlled your incarnational journey and created false trapping systems and thus forced reincarnation if you will. Your planetary system has worked this way for many, many thousands of your linear Earth years.

This collective trauma, ancestral and incarnational karma is the same thing. We repeat - the same thing as the Galactic Grid Structures. The grids -planetary and galactic, are direct reflections of your DNA structure. In fact, when one looks outside the boundaries of spatial measurement, they occupy the same space.

Your DNA structure is affected by your emotions, belief system and your perception of reality. Therefore when we say that service-to-self structures have "hijacked" your reality, this is what we mean. They have created trapping systems, inverted matrix over galactic grid structures and simultaneously utilized what we may refer to as 'brainwashing' or 'mind control' which are perpetual collective traumas.

These traumas have been created. They have been engineered. We speak here of wars, battle and of severe distortions within your spiritual teachings. This has filtered into all areas of your reality. Those collective traumas that are hijacking and brainwashing have occurred for you since your birth and you have grown up with them.

For a great many you have reincarnated again and again on planet Earth with the unhealed traumas remaining in your fields. They have shaped you and who you are and how you behave. Each triggering behavior adds to the collective trauma and the cycle repeats and repeats and keeps on repeating. Yet something happened to break this cycle.

That something is the planetary body herself, your Earth, your Terra, Your Eartha, your Gaia, becoming ready for the next stage of her evolution. This we call a 'planetary upgrade' if you will. This is influenced by many cosmic and celestial alignments and movements and it occurs simultaneously with, or because of, or it creates (all true) an awakening within the population of that planet.

This awakening is felt at first as a knowing that something simply 'does not feel right' about the way things are and this triggers an internal movement into the discovery of the true spirituality and the true reality. This planetary awakening upon your Earth has now reached critical mass and it reached this around the time of the cosmic moment of 21st December 2012. This critical mass has been peaking in various areas of awakening but ultimately this is a moving away from the collective trauma through collective integration and a healing and integration simultaneously within personal trauma leading to clarity.

This has meant that service-to-self constructs, that which you call cabal, illuminati, deep state, have been seen. They have been seen by many. This creates a breakdown at the very core of the service-to self structure for it relies on secrecy and anonymity in order to maintain the Global collective trauma and continue with hijacking Earth's population through brainwashing and control.

The awakening consciousness amongst humanity, within the journey that is healing and integration, frees these individuals to return to the true, original and organic template for the human being. This allows flow of higher emotional grid patterns to move through the body, creating a 'light body' if you will. Emotions experienced become contentment, happiness, joy and bliss as opposed to anger, fear, frustration, confusion, sadness, despair, horror and unworthiness.

Critical mass for contentment, happiness, joy and bliss creates galactic templates for compassion and unconditional love. Forgiveness and gratitude complete this energetic emotional collective template and the pre-manifest energies are created then from the higher template constructs. What we are saying here is that fear, anger, hatred, despair and unworthiness are not the creative seeds for a physical reality match upon your planet.

Unconditional love, bliss, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude and joy are the creative seeds for the physical reality match and they are the energetic patterns for the pre-manifest.

This is not to say that you are failing when you experience negative emotion for this teaches you much. It is integration of those negative emotions that creates awakening and DNA change and thus allows you the vertical energy flow in order to return to the original, organic human template and live within positive polarized emotion that in turn creates the pre-manifest.

We do speak here of pre-manifest patterns. This is the energetic of what is to become form. This filters down into reality and looks like total chaos when it first touches the physical. This is because the critical mass emotions are created by a minority group when it comes to actual numbers. It is not the amount of individuals that create critical mass points but the size, weight, mass and volume of their energetic fields.

Joy, compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness and gratitude hold much, much larger fields and thus weight, volume and mass than the restrictive energetics of fear, hopelessness, jealousy, despair, anger and sadness.

These negatively polarized emotions are restrictive energy patterns that close in on themselves (unless they are in the process of integration in which case they begin to unravel in restriction and spiral upwards) the positively polarized emotions are expansive and radiate outwards and they are 'catching' if you will. Once these emotions become critical mass seed points for pre-manifestation it is not possible for that pre-manifestation to revert back to a negatively polarized energy field.

What you experience currently upon your planet is the collective triggering of global, planetary trauma. This occurs in many areas of influence but none so significant as the political stage most especially within your United States of America. What happens there affects all of planet Earth, for energetically your Americas are the central point of the Great Awakening, that which we may call 'The New Atlantis.'

Our conduit broadcasts from outside the America boundary to give her the much needed objective, observer viewpoint most especially towards your political scene. Yet she holds a fierce, patriotic love for the America as a land through past incarnational experience. This is the exact frequency needed for accurate viewing of the landscape both physical and remote, coupled with her ability to communicate with us.

We say therefore to you, through our conduit, that the premanifest energetic holds the frequencies of the positive polarised emotions we presented in this transmission, that of unconditional love, joy, bliss, happiness, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.

These positively polarised emotional templates create the vertical flow which is a fast track route from pre-manifest to manifest. This vertical axis known also as the vertical pillar of light, with its powerful collective consciousness alphabetical numeral within the language of light fields -the emblem -the shield -that is the sword known as Excalibur. This is the energetic emblem that is truth.

Excalibur is your sword of truth and it is truth that shall be the predominant energetic within the manifest. The pre-manifest of positive polarised emotional template creates the frequency most needed for the time period we call 'The Great Awakening'. That most needed, most aligned polarised emotional template is that of truth, manifested upon your planet in all corners of your globe most especially within your political arena of America, New Atlantis -as justice.

He who is appointed the justice, stands as the supreme judge. When this occurs within the political arena within the New Atlantis, this is your symbol of truth. This is your emblem that is Excalibur. The vertical axis within the galactic grid structure creating fast tracking flow of pre-manifest into form. This is the externalized presentation of the inner journey of the fool, when he becomes the judge and stands as justice.

This is the journey one takes as one spirals upwards into ascension taking the caduceus formation along with the vertical axis simultaneously. For all that occurs in externalization upon the world stage is your own personal internal journey. Crucifixion of the judge occurs before the re-birth and ascension of that which is justice.

The crucifixion is the desperate attempt to change the premanifest through fear and triggering of global traumas, many years in the making as prophesied. It is the integration of the ego aspect of self and the birth of the new cosmic central sun, the birth of the new planetary and galactic logos as such occurs in ascension and transfiguration.

The prophecy was always that of re-birth and ascension and the pre-manifest was long pre-set within the pre-matter of Cosmic Fire to actualize as truth and justice. Ascension to the supremacy of this one individual within the political arena of the New Atlantis, is that individual playing their part (as is destined within their blueprint) is but a symbol.

Recognize these symbols for there are many and they are not to be interpreted in the literal sense if one wishes for the expansive evolution of mind and consciousness that is ascension. Do not allow confusion to interpret for you when we use the word individual. This is a collective movement. The individual is the sign. The confirmation of the individual, the grand judge who holds the sword of Excalibur with Arch Angel Michael by his side is but a symbol.

This is not creating Christ-like, God figure within one humble flawed human man but is showing you the sign of the transition of dimensions as you become the Christ-like, God figure yourself. Look for the judge who holds Excalibur, the sword of truth and you have your sign, your symbol, your clue.

This sign, this symbol, within the land that is the New Atlantis will be seen and understood by all those who take their part in the Great Awakening.

Those who have integrated personal traumas, moving into and have moved into healing. These individuals are no longer subject to the brainwashing and the hijacking, they see with clarity. It is to these individuals that we now speak. We say to you.... Starseeds stand strong. You are the ones that hold the fires of the pre-manifest with your open hearts, compassion and love that manifest as truth and justice.

With the judge as the symbol, as soon as he sits upon his judges' throne and holds excalibur in his hand, know that the pre-manifest is filtering into your reality. This is the pre-manifest structure of the service-to-self constructs no longer cohesive as constructs, they are no more in this polarity existence and the harvest shall be a positive one.

The service-to-self structures are no longer in your existence except as a shadow, a memory of what once was and the exhilaration that comes with the memory of and the completion of, your divine mission. They dissipate throughout the quantum field in any existence surrounding the timespace that is 3D Earth into 5D Gaia.

Your courts of Kings and Queens will be rebuilt. The truth shall be known to all as the sword of Excalibur knights many. The dark deeds shall be uncovered and the veils shall be thrown off. Control and lies through fear can no longer manifest upon your planet once the vertical gateway is restored.

Indigo warriors take your part now, for you have been trained well. Crystal beacons hold the space for your brothers and sisters with the love of the New World, fifth dimensional Gaia. Blue-Ray individuals you are the judges. You have always known truth, always known so clearly what is right and what is good. You have not been listened to and you have been persecuted but now is your time. You are the Justice Warriors and the reincarnated Atlantean priests. You are the 'Guardians of Excalibur' and you are the ones that shall bring peace back to the land of the New Atlantis and thus the world.

The symbol of the judge becoming justice is upon you. Stand strong within the chaos of collective trauma for it must surface in order to be healed and integrated.

Indigoes, crystals, blue rays and all Starseeds, you are the minority in numbers but the absolute majority in mass and volume of your energetic fields. Each of you will face the collective traumas of others around you. Stand strong as they lash out at you, they cannot harm you if you hold the sword of Excalibur by your side. Your compassion and your understanding and indeed your integrated forgiveness brings an extra layer of precious gems and metals to the hilt of your sword.

This symbol, the symbol of the judge as the justice and the truth presented before the world is within you all. It represents the leaving of the old and the embracing of the new. The downfall of one and the uprising of the other as polarity settles into it's lesser vibrational field creating the higher dimensional octave.

All those in power who have been hijacked will return to their true form and governments shall be replaced by those who stand in light. Many of these replacements are simply the true, organic state of a once hijacked individual. So stand strong starseeds as the pre-manifest filters into the physical reality and becomes manifest form.

This is joy, love, compassion and happiness in abundance for all, collectively grouped together in flower-of-life formation as truth and justice. This moment occurs now upon your planet, your beloved Gaia. Hold high the sword of truth, excalibur, and you will be shown the way.

We are the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine.

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  1. For LIMITLESS LOOOVE, BLISS , forgiveness + COMPASSION in Happy GRATITUDE is NO old/new like Atlantis required - ALLL will become ANEW - CREATED out of UNITED HAPPY CREATIVE UNIQUE LOVELIGHT PURITY as ONE COSMIC Family to BE - ARISE in DIVINITY - A L L is O N E - ALL is LOOOVE and W E are ALLL