Saturday, October 27, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-26-18


Move Along, Nothing To See Here

Time to be mindful of our very thoughts, words and deeds; hair-trigger co-creation is ongoing:

NeonRevolt is getting lots of Q street cred these days; well deserved recognition for the lad:

Spoiler Alert; We've left the old 'mind control neighborhood' in the rear view mirror; go look:

Speaking of cabal dirty tricks, maybe it's time for another Full Frontal Fulford Report, Eh?:

 'The Monetary Transition Is Upon Us' was just posted on Final Wakeup Call's site in Holland;

Some Cliff Notes on the 'Illusion Of Separation' as experienced here in the Holodeck; grok sum:

Here's a good one from our multi-dimensional 'Ambassador From Over There', Sue Lie:

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