Monday, October 22, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-22-18

It's Already Monday Again...


As per quintessential New York curmudgeon Lionel it's game on with unmasking Cabal globalism:

Remember the 50's, when the best fear porn often made it's way into Broadway shows? Git sum:

Real Freedom...ever wonder what it's like?; try tripping down the cosmic rabbit hole with Brenda: 

Try looking at this month through Diane Canfield's blogposts; git sum postcards from 5D:

Morag brings us another glimpse into our multi-dimensional, shamanic spirit animals helpers:

Marilyn Raffaele and her Arcturians offer empowering insight into humanities current travails:

We close with this latest installment of The Perils of Blossom Goodchild; intrinsically grokkable:

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