Thursday, October 11, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-11-18

The 11:11:11 Is Near

Kejraj (Kayre) of Era of Light penned this ode to the upcoming 11:11:11 Gateway; grok sum:

For those not already familiar with his work here's Dave Janda outlining the cabal take-down:

If God gives you lemons chalk it up to your sour frequency, or something like that; go figure:

The Fulford Report is still playing catch-up with the worldwide Satanic conspiracy story; get woke:

Dr. Mercola does a great public service with this piece on the eve of the 'flu season'; please pass on:

The Council  chimes in on this current phase of Ascension Prime-Time Follies; enjoy the Show:

Ya gotta love these crazy emotional support ploys; flying coach is cruel and inhumane treatment:

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