Thursday, October 18, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-18-18

The Storm Is Upon Us

Contrary to what he claims, Joe Masepoes is not your average Joe; his excellent Storm Is Upon Us videos and discriminating awareness are helping to awaken Sleepers all over the world; Git Sum:

NL blogger Pete Meyer nails it again with this excellent overview of the old, failed world economy:

I would title this 1995 channelling from Germane through Lyssa Holt 'Waterworks for Ascenders':

While mucking about in the 90's this channelling popped up on my radar; Alex Collier is the interviewed channeller and he imparts much good information from the Andromedans: Grok On:

Today's capstone is a multi-generational mea culpa courtesy of grounded angel, Matt Kahn:

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