Monday, October 1, 2018

Disclosure Digest 10-1-18


Red October Has Arrived

Senator Lindsey Graham's excoriation of fellow senators is great stuff; STO VS STS

Checking back with Jordan Sather we get two updates and a promo clip from his new documentary:

Sorcha Fal (Russian Intelligence conduit) sheds some light on the current DC Follies; Spaciba: 

 'Trump Meets Top QAnon Backer In White House'; Git Some LIONEL!!!:

A short Lionel elucidation; Somebody here is lying - Qui bono baby!
 "Arch Of Baal Set Up In Washington D.C. One Day Before Brett Kavanaugh Testifies; Coinkidink?:
Meet the Pied Piper of upstate New York as he charms his merry band of… raccoons!:

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