Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Note On Revelation Energies

Channelled By Sandra Walter On 7-28-14

The weekend’s gateway was powerful. Note the Pineal upgrades and meridian resets (a strong circulating energy within your body and fields, as opposed to the tingling and surges.) Many of us are getting the re-calibrations this Summer, it is part of the Christed DNA templates activating within key points on the Earth grids.

We are aligning with our new, true selves, and it won’t happen overnight – it will take several veil-lifting sessions before we can embody this new level of truth. Just when you feel you took on a brand new level, another revelation presents. It can be unnerving ~ self-care and patience assists during this transformational passage.

Let the personal revelations unfold, complete clarity on forward momentum won’t arrive until the personal alignments have stabilized. It is a passage to observe and be present with the body and energy. Attempting to push forward with ideas based in the old energy, making old light assumptions on what is occurring, or over-thinking our personal evolution can cause anxiety or confusion. If clarity eludes you, be okay with not knowing until the new light reveals what is unfolding for you.

Be with this new level in an active, enjoyable way. I understand many are using this new light to confuse, trigger or create drama when inner peace is needed. Drama as motivation is old paradigm – note when you feel emotional triggers being used to manipulate your energy. Be aware of the difference between action and reaction. Let us apply peaceful, heart-based, creative solutions to our personal and global issues. Beyond being present, Be the Presence.

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