Monday, August 11, 2014

The Magdalena: The Nature Of Sacred Partnership


Channeled By Linda Dillon On 8-9-14

I am the Magdalena. Welcome, and yes, you have felt Yeshua and my gentle presence, and perhaps not so gentle presence, as we speak to you about union and re-union, sacred partnership, the nature of Love, the nature of Love intertwined with the responsibility of your own mission and purpose and how that is intertwined with partnership, with family, and with everything; for these cannot be separated.

We know humans have tried to compartmentalize everything; it does not work.

The very first time, and even before the first time I saw my beloved Yeshua I knew, I saw His light, I saw His soul, I knew of our union and our Love and in that moment everything was laid out before me.

It is one of my joys to discuss our union, not as a shining example of perfection, but as an example of how sacred union can, does and will work. When we joined, when we committed our lives and our souls to each other and to the conjoining of our sacred paths, we knew completely what lay ahead; the joy, the trials, the tribulations, the loss, the sorrow, the upliftment.

Knowing the unfoldment of the physical path, spiritual fulfillment of your mission, does not write the details of how you live together, how you Love together, how you come together, not merely around major events, because that is what they are, simply events.

It is the day to day Love and nurturing, support, mutuality, adoration, admiration, the coming together in the daily life of family and the co-creation of what you wish to experience individually, as a couple, as a family, with your community; that is important. That was ours to create and co-create, to come together with enormous passion and Love and commitment; commitment to the Mother, commitment to Gaia, commitment to each other, to our community. That is the essence and the substance of what the sacred partnership is truly about.

How do you live it? How do you breathe it? How do you inhale it and exhale it and sleep with it? It is not that Yeshua and I never had differences of opinions, we were both very strong beings, and we still are, each with our own sacred path. But the union of those paths and the unions of our hearts overrode any petty disagreements or different opinions on how best to proceed.

Our agreement, our human and our soul agreement, was that we would discuss, we would talk, telepathically and physically, about small and large things.

Our agreement was our promise to Love, comfort and support one another; that we would appreciate and express our gratitude in a multitude of ways every day by sharing. And that if there were situations where one of us felt the Divine guidance to take a certain action, that we would honor each other’s choice, that decision, that need, that soul’s priority, even if we did not like it, even if we knew the consequence might be painful; because the honoring of each other and the honoring of our paths and choices was more important than avoiding outcomes that we might not like.

Because Yeshua and I knew the unfoldment that lay ahead of us, it assisted us and encouraged us to truly live in the moment, in the now that we had together.

Although we are infinitely and eternally connected, that is not an issue, but the precious gift of being in form, on Gaia, to anchor Love, to model Love, to teach Love, sacred union, was such a gift that we did not want to waste our time because sacred union is being in the moment with a great deal of forward thrust.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 08-09-14
© 2014 Council of Love

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