Monday, August 25, 2014

Tazjima And The Angels: On Accepting Power

Channeled By Tazjima Amariah Kumara 

On 8-24-14

Empowerment, personal sovereignty, self-love – all of these are current buzz words among those who are in the process of revealing Truth to a people who have been starved on lies for centuries.

Yet, what Is Power, truly? Is it giving yourself permission to beat other people down by your sense of self-importance or superiority?  Hardly. Yet this is how many people use and abuse power in our world.

Power is given by the authority within each man Or woman Or child to live freely. And long has that individual power been denied, reviled and suppressed by the Powers That Were.

Lies were invented to strip power and personal sovereignty away from those who were deemed ’different’ or ‘less than human’ by someone in ‘authority’.

In other words, these lies were invented by those who claimed the authority to act in the lieu of the divinity that exists within everybody – whether human, animal, plant or rock. And they did whatever they pleased, using their self-defined ‘right’ as an excuse.

How could these self-appointed ‘authorities’ get away with this manipulation? Through their knowledge and misuse of Cosmic laws – laws that they carefully kept hidden from the populace – those whom they ‘ruled’ over as their self-defined Divine Right.

That misused power is now being systematically stripped away from the usurpers of the divine right of all living creatures to exist freely and without prejudice in this world.

Why has it taken so long for this transformation to take place?

Well, to understand that is to understand many things – some of which are presently beyond the capability of the human mind to comprehend.

There were reasons this seeming injustice was allowed to continue. One reason was simply to have the experience of living under conditions that do not exist on ascended planets, and have not for hundreds of thousands of years.

Another [reason] was the turn of Cycles that exists beyond the boundaries of this world and which define all endings and beginnings. A new cycle is opening, which means new opportunities are arising for those who would be free.

Many souls come here to grow and experience – to develop in their soul’s understanding and compassion at a much quicker pace than is presently possible in their Home worlds, or in the Dimensions of Light that exist beyond all need for material existence.

Souls who are on the journey to become creator gods often come into physical existence, as it is only [through physical existence] that one can truly internalize the lessons that [have been] encountered. One cannot do this by listening to a lecture or reading a book.

One learns by walking the path and stumbling upon it from time to time.

To regain one’s power of self-determination is also to accept the responsibility that goes along with the power that is your right.

Responsibility is the acknowledgment that having power does not give you the right to have power over others. It is to work in cooperation with others. This is how all true Masters work together as one unified Being, which in Truth they Are.

As the people here become self-empowered and regain their sense of personal sovereignty, they will begin to reach out to and embrace others, for that is the true nature of humanity – one that has been suppressed by false teachings and beaten down by the misuse of personal and state power.

To become self-empowered, one must first be willing to let go of the need to be a victim, whether of circumstance, of the abuses of others or of whatever calamity you can imagine. You need to let go of the vicious-circle hold that victim–perpetrator [mentality] has upon your spirit. In other words, you need to let go of all fear.

Many men and women fear what will happen if they step out of their ‘comfort’ zone, even if that zone of comfort is many sizes too small for their spirit. Fear of the unknown has been highly inculcated within the psyche of man for centuries; it is hard to step through that fear, but it can be done.

Many fear what others will think of them once they have passed the point of no return—no return to the conditioned state within which they have experienced what passes for ‘living’ in this confused world. Yet once they step across that imaginary line, they begin to taste what true freedom is really like.

With freedom comes responsibility – another [quality] people are unwilling to take upon themselves, for many times they have consciously or unconsciously ceded their rights and their self-will for those of others, whether in their own family or in places or offices of ‘authority’.

There are those people who truly feel they deserve more than others. Whether or not their belief is based in reality, it is their truth despite the fact that it infringes on the rights and power of others. Because they truly believe in their truth, the Universe has supported them in that belief, until now.
This selfishness – and that’s all it is, in truth – is based on fear, as well. It is the primal fear of being nothing at all when all is finally stripped away from oneself; the fear of the truly lost.

This fear stems from the denial of divinity within oneself. And the denial of the divinity within others.

When these lost ones see a person whose light shines, it drives them crazy with a madness that emanates from the deeply-suppressed fear of their own divinity. They strike out and, in past centuries, have succeeded in suppressing and even temporarily destroying these lighted ones.

I say ‘temporarily’ because these same lighted ones spring up like dandelions on a well-kept lawn. Poison them, pull them up by the roots and still they pop up like daisies in a spring rain. For these lighted ones are the light-bearers of the planet. Some have been sent here; others have volunteered. They are here for a reason, and that is to act as Wayshowers.

The Wayshower is simply to live the life of one who is self-empowered and free to be himself or herself—as one who honors the divinity within all living creatures, within the living flesh of the planet, within the stars in the heavens and within himself or herself.

We have been sent by Spirit to aid with the birth of Humanity, as it transforms itself into a Race of great creative and intuitive powers. We have been the midwives, the teachers, the priests and priestesses, the kings and queens, the warriors and the humble artisans who created great works of art and culture for the people.

We have lived long among you as humans to enable you to reach the point at which you could finally graduate to being adults—not just in years, but in wisdom and understanding.

This wisdom and understanding have come to you through the ages that your soul has lived here – suffering at the hands of the powerful and acting in turn as perpetrator of abuses to others – all in the name of experience.

Until you walk in the shoes of another, you cannot understand them. Yet as you gain wisdom, your heart and then your Higher Mind open, and then come the revelations.

You Have lived as another many, many times. When you Know this, as written in words of fire upon your own heart, you truly understand and begin to have compassion for yourselves and for all the other beings with whom you share your World.

This understanding comes at a great price. You begin to understand the true Power that exists in Love. It is as soft as a feather and as bright as an exploding star. Within Love are all things; and all things exist within Love.

Love is Power.

Balanced Power is Love.

Power that allows others to live freely, within self-determined and self-acknowledged boundaries, is love. It is also respect of the divinity that exists within all beings, whether they walk on two legs or four; whether they fly, swim or wiggle upon the earth.

Those who truly love understand this and do not need to be taught this wisdom, for it is written upon their hearts and within their flesh.

Love does not coddle or dismiss responsibility. There is a balance to retain. Cycles flow, seasons change, and we flow with them, or become as stubborn as rocks.

But even rocks break upon the onset of wind, sun and water – the other elements who naturally seek the balance that exists within all Nature.

Flow like the water, swim like the dolphins, run like the horse, laugh like a child; and feel the power that wells up from your center. It is love of life. It is life in love with living. It is You.

There is so much to enjoy in this world. Allow joy to be In you and expressed through your gratitude for being here, alive and able to breathe the sweet breath of freedom that is being carried upon the Cosmic winds that are now sweeping across the Earth.

Accept the freedom that these winds bring to thee, dear ones. Move into that long-denied power and beauty; be the one who is willing to express freely what you are experiencing within. And step into your new self-created collective existence that is the New Earth.

It awaits the laughter of children and the footprints of the brave who have walked through the Valley of Darkness and emerged free of fear, and with their hearts filled with gratitude and forgiveness.
We are there already waiting for you, dear ones; waiting to greet you in the New Dawn.

We are the Angels, and with Lady Tazjima, we greet you one and all.

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