Saturday, August 9, 2014

Merging With PeaceAnd Oneness In Dimensions Beyond Words And Time

"Ego is no more than this: identification with form, which primarily means thoughtforms." -- Eckhart Tolle

As we move further into the new time, more souls are stepping past limiting identities that previously held them to lower-vibrational timelines. The transformative energies of the new time have the power to carry us into deeper waters of consciousness beyond realms of thought. These inner dimensions exist beyond thought-based constructs such as time. Inside these dimensions we experience ourselves as more than an endless stream of words flowing through our minds. Here, our awareness expands beyond the world of form, allowing us to step past limiting identities, beliefs and thoughtforms.

Merging with the Peace, Oneness and Wisdom of our Soul

Inside this dimension we experience oneness and communion with source energies. Here we gain awareness of the multidimensional nature of our soul. Immersing ourselves in these energies helps bring awareness of our parallel lives occurring simultaneously. This immersion allows us to see the interconnectedness of all things and the spiritual intelligence underlying all physical realities. Here we are able to receive intuitive guidance about any question or issue we are working with. In this state of direct communion, we exist in a peaceful, joyful state. By daily entering this dimension, we merge our physical world with the peace, oneness and wisdom of our soul.

The Dimension beyond Thoughts is our Natural State

This dimension beyond thoughts is a natural state for us. Old programming and thought viruses have separated human consciousness from this natural state at times. This state of inner separation is the wellspring of all separation we see in the outer world. A house/mind divided against itself fosters realities steeped in separation that lead to violence and war. The frequencies of the new time are moving consciousness past this separation and toward reunification with our natural state.Those who heal the separation within themselves are able to help heal the destructive divisiveness that exists in the world.

Releasing Over-Identification with our Thoughts

Regularly immersing ourselves in the dimension beyond thought liberates us from over-involvement with the physical world. It keeps us from being over-identified with our stream of thought.

Over-identifying with our thoughts gives way to compulsive and addictive thinking. We may identify with our thoughts to the point that we lose the sense of who we are apart from them. We may not know who we are apart from thought-based aspects of identity.

If one loses touch with their natural state, they begin to derive identity solely from relationships, the physical body, thoughts and memories, race, religion, gender and other roles. When we move away from such strongholds of identity, we are able to shift to a new identity that incorporates the infinite, limitless nature of our being. This new identity is derived from the awareness that exists in the background our minds.

Time Disappears in the Space beyond Words

When we enter this place beyond words, time and other constructs of thought disappear. Since there are no thoughts here, we are beyond the grasping tentacles of thought viruses. Inside this realm we experience the real love we are seeking behind every third-dimensional reality we construct. There's no need to look further.

Inside this space, we are aware that we are one with all-that-is. We are aware that we are infinite, limitless and loved. Each time we enter this space we energize and activate these frequencies within our energy field. These frequencies are always within us; they are always a part of us. When we bring our focus to them, we strengthen our experience of them. This allows us to manifest physical realities infused with the energies of the space beyond words.

Connecting with the Essence of what we Seek to Manifest

Inside this space we can connect with the essence of whatever we seek to energize in our physical reality. We can enter this dimension beyond words and time with the intention to connect with subtle energies that contain the essence of that which we seek to manifest.

An example might be the essence of a book, a work of art, a relationship, body of knowledge, or an invention. There are an infinite number of potentials. Many creations, inventions and gifts to the world have arrived through the doorway of someone's soul travels beyond words and time.

Re-Centering Daily in the Dimension beyond Words

While the dimension beyond words is a part of us, your experience of this inner space may at times be hindered if you have been strongly embedded in thought and physical-based realities. It is helpful to make a daily practice of re-centering yourself in your eternal and timeless nature.

You may find it helpful to use some simple techniques to energize your experience of the dimension beyond time. Our vehicle might be transcendental meditation, binaural beat technology, relaxation training, dream work, automatic writing, channeling, or candle gazing. The possibilities are infinite. Whatever carries you into this space is your perfect vehicle to strengthen your experience of the space beyond words and time.

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