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Speculations on the Reval, Ascension and the Removal of the Dark – Parts 1& 2

By Steve Beckow On 8-9&10-14

I think there are very significant things happening at the moment and I wouldn’t want you to miss “the signs.”

To all of us trying to connect the dots, there was one news story yesterday (Aug. 8, 2014) and three channeled messages which I think provide quite a few signs and quite a few dots to connect relative to Ascension, the Reval, and what stands in their way.

AND don’t forget to add a dot for the Global Meditation for Peace that happened yesterday. Speaking of raising vibrations on the planet! What could better have contributed to that more than the peace meditation?

Let me begin by repeating a part of a reading I had with Archangel Michael on July 11, 2014:

S: What is holding up the Reval now?
S: ISIS! Are they real?
AAM: Yes, they are real.
S: Is it not a CIA creation?
AAM: No. It is a grassroots organization. It is disgruntled ex-military.
S: Oh. Will they be able to hold it up for a long time?
AAM: No. Their goal is to create stability but it is stability at the price of great pain.
S: Yes, indeed.
AAM: There is no conscience. They believe that they act for Allah and to establish a Muslim state. But they are doing so through great violence.
Now this is part of what the Mother referred to as great chaos coming to the forefront. Will they be able to hold it up indefinitely? No. But the difficulty is that, with this Revaluation, if they were given even more money, that they would use it to buy very dangerous weapons.
S: Right. Does that mean that they’ll be able to hold it up indefinitely?
AAM: No. Not necessarily. [Next statement removed by request.]
S: But it won’t be in July.
AAM: It is more likely to be closer to September.
S: Any progress with the Dragons?
AAM: Oh, yes. There has been a great deal of progress with the Dragons. They are primed and ready to go but they are also not willing to allow a terrorist organization, regardless of their mission and purpose, as human as that is, to take that money and harm human beings.” (1)

Keep in mind what he said as we now turn to look at a news story that concerns ISIS or ISIL (they’re the same).

We now hear that “President Barack Obama has authorised airstrikes in Iraq in defence of United States staff and of refugees who have been besieged by Islamic State of Iraq and Levant militants on the Sinjar mountains in the north.” (2)

Does that mean that President Obama will actually bomb ISIS?  Not necessarily. U.S. forces may drop a few bombs in an isolated place for show, so that we can see them going off. But I think it’ll only prove to be a cover story.

I think what it means is that the chief among the ISIS forces will be removed by … uhhh, what Poof liked to call the guys in the rafters.

Notice that this announcement comes out on the very day that lightworkers, under the urging of Deepak Chopra and Patricia Diane Cota-Robles  (who joined Deepak in his call) had a Global Meditation for Peace.  If such a global expression of the wishes of humanity for peace does not free the hands of the Company of Heaven, I don’t know what could or would.

Keep in mind recent statements by SaLuSa and Matthew Ward about President Obama’s mission. SaLuSa said on July 4:

“In the greater picture help is also to Races or even whole Nations if they need to find a new direction. This often involves special souls with the required experience, and we need go no further than mention the role of Barack Obama. He is just becoming able to follow his plan to bring peace to the world, having struggled against the powerful opposition that has faced him for so long.” (3)
And Matthew added on Aug. 3, 2014:

“The Golden Age master plan was designed so that when Barack Obama became US president in 2008, your world would eagerly support his efforts to unite all peoples in peace and harmony with Nature in accordance with Gaia’s vision.” (4)

If this were the case, why would President Obama introduce such a controversial measure as restarting bombing in Iraq? I don’t think he would unless it were a disguise of some other measure. It’s just too big a change unless it’s a blind for something else.

The article on President Obama adds:

“The airstrikes would be the first carried out by the US military in Iraq since the withdrawal of its forces at the end of 2011, but Obama insisted he would not commit any ground forces and had no intention of letting the United States get dragged back into a war there.”

The U.S. is taking pains to reassure people that this is not the start of a new war. I think all of this is designed to mask an intercession from unconventional forces.


The presence of forces like ISIS that would misuse Reval money is just one source of concern for those who have the green flag in their hands.

Let’s leave ISIS aside for the moment and look at the various channeled messages that came out all in a bunch yesterday looking at “the dark Ones,” “the Illuminati,” and “the Draconians,” the second cause for concern.

Let’s start with SaLuSa’s Aug. 8 message, in which he informs us:

“The world continues to be in a turmoil as longstanding matters are being sorted out. They are karmic in nature and have to follow their path to completion.” (5)

But, he tells us, the reign of the dark is soon to end.

“The word has been given that there will be no further interference allowed to the plan for your release from the dark Ones. Their path has been ordained and soon their power will be so diminished that their destiny will be quite different to their plans.

“Certainly some individuals still wield sufficient power to be obstructive but they act under certain limitations. They will not be allowed to alter the course of mankind’s march towards the New Age and the freedom that accompanies it.” (6)

In the old days, this statement would be said to indicate the passing of a divine deadline. (7) We seem now to have passed one which will prevent the dark from freely interfering in the work of the Light any longer, SaLuSa seems to be saying.

There are things that I’ve been asked not to discuss, but you may well wish to consider this passage:

 “We continue to monitor all events upon Earth, and it is as well to remember that there is no hiding place from our technology that can see through solids.” He adds:

“We know that some of you are tiring of the seemingly continuous battle with the dark Ones, but rest assured that you are already in the End Times and entering the New Age. We do not mind repeating that we are overseeing all events upon Earth, and that is your assurance that there will be no return to the old ways of life.

“Indeed the old ways are already receding into the background, and many new advances are waiting to be introduced that will propel you into the New Age. As always it depends on the timing [Steve: actually on frequency], and we will not jeopardize your future by moving too quickly.

“After the long period of darkness we choose our moment to bring you into the New Age, when the dark Ones are unable to influence or interfere with our plans. They will eventually be removed as the new Earth will be no place for such low vibrations. Be cheerful and joyous as your journey is almost over, and the gifts of God await you, and peace and prosperity are to be yours.” (8)

So SaLuSa actually tells us here that “they will eventually be removed as the new Earth will be no place for such low vibrations.”

The galactics see what the last remaining dark ones on Earth are up to and have the ability and authority to stop their worst shenanigans. And let us say that they have stopped them on numerous, even recent occasions. And now I think they have permission to take that further step of removing them.

Why have they not removed them sooner? Well, we did ask prior to 21/12/12 that everyone on the planet be given the chance to ascend. And that may have bought the dark further time. But now even that period of time appears to be drawing to a close without any signs that the dark are relenting.

Suzanne Lie’s Arcturians mention the Draconians by name in their Aug. 8 message.

“We have seen our Away Team suffer under the constraint put upon them by the very Dracs, now disguised as humans, that they fought during the Galactic War. This war, to which Earth humans were completely oblivious, has been resolved in Galactic Space and moved onto your planet Earth.
“The Draconians could no longer roam our space and cause us problems, but they did seek a vulnerable planet on which they could continue their domination over others.”  (9)

This is much the same story that Sheldan Nidle has given out for years.

The Arcturians tell us that those who wish to continue their lessons in Third Dimensionality will leave the planet.  They don’t mention the Dracs by name, but….

“Those who wish to take on a physical form to study at a ‘planetary school of cause and effect’ will need to log into a different planet. The humans who do not feel complete with their lessons of cause and effect will simply shift from Gaia’s holographic projection to another planetary holographic project to complete their education.”

Again why a mention of that today? Surely we discussed the subject of the Annunaki or Draconians enough three years ago.

Unless there was a move afoot to remove the remaining Draconians/Illuminati.

The Galactic Group in their reading of July 22 told us:

” There is a very intricate dance that is being danced around it. It is the final act of the dance between the dark and the light and, as you are aware, the members of the dark want to stop this [Reval].” (10)
Just as AAM did, they explain why it is that the money cannot be released as long as the Dark or Dracs remain influential:

“For to give more funds to the darkness, the darkness would use the more money to buy more [weapons]. It would just be a recurrence of what is already occurring.”

They also predicted the departure of the dark:

“As the Earth expands her frequency, those of a very dense frequency will not be able to tolerate this Earth. They will get diseased. they will die. They will not be able to live. It will be too high of a light for them to tolerate.

“They will have to pull their members up and take them off to a darker planet.”

SaLuSa, the Arcturians and the Galactic Group all point to the departure of the dark in recent messages. Are they preparing us for it?

I think we’re seeing at the moment the removal of the dark’s leaders, to be followed by the later departure of the troops.

These are just my speculations and my track record has not been stellar.  Nor has that of anyone else.
But, if we wish to connect the dots, then we have to ask ourselves why we have a message out of the blue from President Obama that ISIS is being “attacked,” and several messages all in a recent time frame discussing the departure of the dark? What is the Company of Heaven preparing us for?

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Speculations on the Reval, Ascension and the Removal of the Dark – Part 2/2

Lightworkers Meeting Up

LightworkersSaul adds another dot by telling us lightworkers to join together. (That doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily be doing so. I have enough work on my plate to keep me more or less pinned down.) Why would he be encouraging us now to connect and begin working together? Doesn’t he know we’re waiting for the Reval?

“There are enormous numbers of Light bearers, workers, and way-showers on Earth at this time. Make the intent to meet up with one another, either physically or via the Internet, and be open to making new contacts.

“The Love that you are all holding and sharing is constantly drawn to Itself in others, so you will be divinely guided to meet others who are on a spiritual path that is assisting in the awakening process if you will allow yourselves to be open to it. To make new contacts with people on the path to awakening strengthens your own faith and intent, and adds to the divine momentum taking you all forward toward awakening.” (1)

Does he mention it because the circumstances standing in the way of the Reval are being resolved and these are the final messages before it occurs?  Quite frankly, I don’t know. But I do believe the Company of Heaven is preparing the ground for what follows the Reval – i.e., lightworkers beginning their global work.

Saul then becomes the third source today to suggest that the chaos in the world may be in the process of ending:

“We are very aware of your ongoing doubts and anxieties, especially as the news of war and conflicts along with earthquakes and floods seems to indicate that all is not as it should be. It seems that peace is getting short shrift all over the world, and that there is not an end in sight to the hate and anger that is driving many toward further conflict.

“But, as you have been told by a number of reliable channels, this is all due to the enormous quantities of buried or denied issues that the Tsunami of Love is demanding that humanity addresses as the moment for awakening draws ever closer.

“These issues are old but still strong angers and resentments that people who have been abused and betrayed by those they trusted implicitly – nearly everyone on Earth at some time in their lives – find themselves unable to face because they were so terribly painful when they occurred.”

Is he hinting at a great increase in the Tsunami of Love, coming soon, that will provide the key and missing ingredient for all of these events to happen?


Returning to SaLuSa, he explains that:

“Your next step in your evolution will be when you acquire full consciousness, and it is not as far away as you might assume. Once you have reached this stage you are a totally free spirit and your creative powers will be limitless. …

“Your present life is far removed from what you can expect in times to come. You are in fact about to conclude your experiences in the lower dimension, and will leave them with a greatly expanded level of consciousness.” (2)

The acquisition of full consciousness could generally mean two things.  It could mean the onset of sahaja samadhi after Ascension, which to me is “full” (well, fuller) consciousness. But I don’t think that’s what SaLuSa means.

I think it refers to what Archangel Michael and the Divine Mother mean by “ignition.”  Here is AAM on the matter:

Steve: Just generally, not specifically, so as not to break your agreement with the channel, when will the ignition happen for the mass of the population?

Archangel Michael: It will be before the Fall [of 2014].

S: How much longer after that before the mass of light workers are restored to their native powers?

AAM: It will basically happen pretty much simultaneously. It is a rather much like a domino effect.  So it is not that everyone turns on at once, but it is very rapid ignition. (3)

 And here is the Divine Mother:

“How, when all is in alignment, right now, how do you ascend, how does collective ignition take place if there is not love?

“How does this happen? You — and I do not mean you who are listening; so again I tell you, I am speaking and calling to the people of Earth — you have asked to ascend as one. You have asked to be the embodiment of the highest realm of consciousness, in form, collectively, creating, inhabiting Nova Earth, Terra Gaia. This cannot occur without collective love.

“Now, who is turning that ignition key? It is not merely me, us. It is not merely the archangels or what you refer to as my Company of Heaven. It is not merely your star brothers and sisters, it is not even merely Gaia herself. Your hand is on the ignition as clearly as mine is. And the energy to turn that key is love. It always has been, it always will be. This is never going to change. …

“And if you wish to think of it this way, all of our hands are on the ignition key. You who are the most committed and faithful — and this is not judgment, it is a reflection of how you have been committed and driven and focused in your lives — you are ready to go, not merely flying through and back the portal [as gatekeepers].” (4)

And here the Divine Mother makes the distinction between ignition and sahaja samadhi:

Steve Beckow: Some say that ascension is gradual; some say ascension is sudden. Ascension is both gradual and sudden, is it not? Can you talk a little bit more about the sudden aspect of ascension, please?

Divine Mother: It is that feeling — well, it is more than a feeling; it is knowing; it is ignition — it is that feeling that you have been switched on to a different frequency, and it happens suddenly. You may be working at it, working at it, working at it, and then you wake up one morning, and you see, perceive, feel, know different.

You may come out of a meditation, and most of you are surprised! You think, “I’m seeing colors,” or creatures, or light, “in a different way. You know, yesterday, I didn’t think I could do this, and today I think I can do this task and 20 more.”

You are embracing your multidimensional talents yourself. So in that way it is very abrupt. It is the feeling, “I am not the same person as I was yesterday.” You may not know how or why, but it is very clear and very line-in-the-sand.

SB: But that is not Sahaja Samadhi, Mother, is it? When does Sahaja Samadhi occur?

DM: It occurs with a more gradual awakening and lifting up. So there is the abrupt “I am not the same,” then there is the working and the anchoring, the integration, then there is another jump, and another jump, and another jump. And you don’t know it — well, some of you do — but you are leap-frogging. And then you will be there.

SB: Now, are those jumps equivalent to sub-planes?

DM: You can think of it as sub-planes, dimensional sub-planes, yes. (5)

I repeat these passages to forestall anyone passing through “ignition” or “Ascension proper” and wondering why they haven’t experienced sahaja or “the natural state.”

When SaLuSa says, “once you have reached this stage you are a totally free spirit and your creative powers will be limitless,” I think he’s referring to sahaja.

Finally, last dot: Remember that the Reval and Ascension are related, as the Galactic Group confided.
Steve: I’m assuming that the Reval will happen before Ascension.

Galactic Group: It will be a part of it. It will be the jumpstart, so to speak. (6)

All of this combines to have me think the month of August will be one of the most significant months of our journey so far.  But then no prognosticator so far has hit a home run. Or reached home base under any circumstances, for that matter.

We know now that matters are not related to timing but to frequency so the following remark from the Galactic Group is most germane as we reflect on these signs, dots, and subjects: “Whatever anyone believes about anything, our grounded ones are best served by concentrating on their frequency.”

It is the raising of our frequencies, by such events as the Global Meditation for Peace that occurred Friday, that all else – the leaving of the dark, the coming of the Reval, and the advent of Ascension – will be set in motion.

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