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What Does It Mean To Say that All Is In Alignment Now?


AlignmentNumerous sources have said, along with the Divine Mother, that “all is in alignment, right now.” (1)  What does that mean?

Hilarion describes the many alignments are taking place throughout the universe.

“Throughout the cosmos, alignments are taking place which have been anticipated for several thousands of years. These are opening up greater access to the knowledge held within each soul, for each of you hold a vast store of knowledge through many ages that have come and gone.

“It is a time for spending in stillness and a state of listening within as your world is reconnected to the rest of the galaxy – an event which heralds the understanding that humanity is not alone in the endless sea of other stars, planets and worlds. This means that the Earth is entering a new position in the heavens and that it is a new beginning for all.” (2)

Sanat Kumara reveals specifically what these phenomena are that are coming into alignment.

“In our reality time has always had a different meaning. Our time lines at this juncture are in alignment, our energies are in alignment, our grids, our intentions, the divine plan, it is all in alignment so that is why I am here this day, that is why the Mother is flooding you even as I am speaking to you.” (3)

The alignment is between our Sun and the Great Central Sun at the center of the galaxy is creating an opening for much greater energetic outpourings, as Jesus explains:

“Your scientists have been tracking and watching to see the various patterns of the solar systems, and you have come to a place now where there is from holy Mother Earth a clear pathway to the center of your galaxy. There is no other solar system between you and the center of what you call the Milky Way galaxy, the galaxy that you are in.

“And with that now is an opening for much energy to be streaming to holy Mother Earth, truly to your own sun and to your solar system. And as you are part, with holy Mother Earth, of the solar system, you are in a direct pathway to access and to feel energy from the very center of your own galaxy.” (4)

Aisha North’s sources give more details of this galactic alignment.

“The light coming into your atmosphere from your friendly neighbour, the Sun, is no longer the same light that it used to be. For it has changed in the most remarkable way, so that the very composition of it no longer matches the old one. And it has changed in such a way, it in turn is changing everything it touches.  …

“The wavelength it comes in, that is, the part of the spectrum that it belongs to … has gone through a very subtle shift, but this shift will have far reaching consequences for you all.

“And no, not detrimental ones, we are referring to changes that will entail the parts of your dormant DNA to be activated. For this trigger effect will largely come via those emissions you see – and indeed do not see – being beamed down upon you on a daily basis from your Sun.

“For the particles that are penetrating not only your atmosphere, but indeed the very core of your planet, are constructed in such a way, they will indeed set every single dormant switch encoded within your DNA to ON.

“In fact, this process has been going in for quite some time already, but lately, this process has been enhanced in such a way, it will act like a veritable chain effect and speed up this whole process exponentially.” (5)

St. Germaine reminds us that the energies hitting the Earth right now come from many more sources than just the galactic.

“The energies of the plan are in alignment at this time, above, below, in-between, and in each dimension.” (6)

In fact they originate with the Mother/Father One. Here the Divine Mother reveals the pathway they follow from her to us:

“Normally, [light] would come from me to my realms, to the dominions, to the seraphim, to the archangels, etc., to the masters, to your guardians, and then to you. But that is why each of you is shining like a star with many facets. You are being bombarded by all of us. You see, there is no shortage of what I have to share. …

“This is a group effort by all who serve, and is even being brought in in physical signals by your star brothers and sisters, both above Earth and on the ground.” (7)

The various grids are also coming into alignment, St. Germaine says.

“And in many forms upon the planet right now, this planet the I love more deeply than I can express and that I will defend and protect forever, there are intersections and think of it as layered intersections in your grid, in the Gaia grid, in the universal grid, benchmarks in the Mother’s plan that are all in alignment at this time.”  (8)

He explains that the “moment” of alignment actually covers a period of months.

“This moment is a period of months, not hours, not days, not weeks, but this intersection, this opening, not for an event but for a multiple blossoming of many events.

“The Mother’s plan is about, if anything, it is eliminating the peaks and valleys of the show, of the drama. It is creating a garden of Gaia in which every flower blooms beautifully and equally, including you.” (9)

Some time ago, Lisa Renee hinted at the types of higher-dimensional beings who’ve gathered here to align and effect the shift we’re now going through.

“The peak intensity of the shift happening now on the planet has called into action many new and different variations of Multidimensional beings from across the Multiverse. Many of these life form expressions (levels of existence or states of being) have never been exposed to the consciousness field of this planet nor this level of density in the 3D human realm. The majority of this vast network has agreed to work together in alignment to the higher orchestrated expression of the Celestial Management Structure which receives its directive from the Core of Creation.

“The vision of this collective network is Unity Consciousness in Action, achieved through the mutual cooperation of creating a massive focal point – multiple dimensions of vast bodies all aligning together to place their combined creative power into One laser focus of collective genius. The collective genius is the intelligent sum of All of its parts, perfected into an equal value and merged into a new tapestry of experience within God’s Universal Plan of Creation.”  (10)

Their joining together creates a new alchemy that is impacting far more than our planet, galaxy or cosmos.

“All parts of the consciousness experience recorded are equal and yet when joined together they create an alchemical power entirely new in the process of creation. What is held within this Ascension Alchemy transmutation process is an entirely new actualization of potential embodiment, and it extends beyond our planet, our solar system, our galaxies and even our Cosmos. The infinite nature of what is being newly created through the alchemy of these Cosmic forces is truly unfathomable.” (11)

All have gathered to effect our Ascension, which is a first in the cosmos.

“This ‘Krystal Star’ Celestial Management Structure contains a huge array of lateral hierarchal entities, both incarnate and disincarnate, both human and non human, all striving to accomplish the same vision and potential for a Universal Collective Ascended Timeline.

“[This is] a time of Freedom for the Future of Humanity and All Beings who choose Freedom in their heart. It is the Liquid Light of Christ (Krystal Star) Intelligence that is the promise of True Freedom for All.” (12)

It’s important for us to be aware of the importance of this time and to recommit to the Mother’s Plan so as to hold this alignment and allow Nova Earth to be born as a result of it, St. Germaine suggests.

“Your commitment, not merely your help, but your deep soul commitment, your consistency, your constancy, which is part of the Mother’s grace that she is already infusing you with, is needed right now.

“She is washing you clean with her Tsunami of Love; she is integrating you, she is lifting you up as never before. But as fellow journeyer, as mentor, as steward, as guardian, on behalf of all of us who are ascended masters, we ask you, with us, to recommit, to hold this alignment because when it is held everything falls into place, the openings are apparent and Nova Earth is born.” (13)

In sum, time lines, beings, energies, grids, intentions, and the divine plan are now in alignment, during a period that will last months. Nearest to us, the physical alignment between our Sun and the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy is releasing energies to us that are tripping switches, awakening DNA, etc.

The alignment of our grids, Gaia’s grid, and the universal grid is a benchmark in the Mother’s plan.  It will eliminate the peaks and valleys, the show and the drama in our lives, and cause the Garden of Eden that Gaia is to blossom. The Tsunami of Love is washing us clean and allowing us to hold this alignment which, when held in place, causes Nova Earth to be born.


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