Sunday, August 17, 2014

Arcturian Message From Last Month’s Webinar


Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 8-14-14

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Greetings we are the Arcturians.
We wish you to know that we have been with you throughout the entire webinar. When you first commune with your higher expressions of SELF you may experience that your higher Self is above, beyond and far, far away.

Once you allow yourself to breathe in your personal and planetary Elementals, you begin to have an awareness of the Universe that is truly inside of YOU. Outside of you is the holographic projection of the 3D Matrix, but inside of you is the “real world.” As you realize that fact, you become more conscious of how you are intermingling with your higher expressions of SELF.

In terms of these energy fields that are flowing within your Now, there has been a lot of expectation and the resulting disappointment, which began with 11:11, 12:12 and all the different “times” that humanity thought they were going to instantly flash into the fifth-dimension.

An instant flash of that sort would have created great devastation because the majority of the energy fields were nowhere near being balanced. There needs to be a majority of Light in order to have a peaceful transition.

During the fall of Atlantis, Gaia also had a great fall. She was never meant to go all the way down to the third dimension. She was not meant to go into this darkness, but the disaster of Atlantis was so intense that she almost lost her position on the Axis. Hence, Earth fell into the low frequency of the third dimension.

Part of the reason that happened was that she had accepted different laggards in her great heart. These “power over others” beings had gone through Ascension timelines on other planets and didn’t pass. Fortunately for them, Gaia accepted them into her school of learning about cause and effect.

What is occurring within your Now is that those who are choosing to go through the great initiation of assisting Gaia with Planetary Ascension are being blocked by those dark Ones who have resisted Ascension on many other worlds, as well as this one.

To counteract these dark Ones, many of our Celestial and Galactic Families have chosen to wear an Earth vessel in order to assist you to remember how to unconditionally love these dark Ones, for that is the only way you can deal with them. Fortunately, the energies that are occurring within this NOW are of a very high frequency.

With this very high frequency, if your body is prepared enough, you can accept that frequency into your form. To retain this higher frequency you will need to make some lifestyle changes. You will not be able to maintain your higher frequency of form while living a frenetic lifestyle.

Many of our volunteers in human vessels have been able to tune into the Ascension frequency and travel it with their consciousness to communicate with their Multidimensional SELF in the higher dimensions of reality. To maintain this connection they know that they need to find a way to release the stress in their life. Many of them are moving into the country, changing their career choices, working from home.

These choices, as well as many other different types of solutions, are being made because they know that in order to maintain this state of consciousness they need to be protective of the environment in which they place themselves.

In closing, we invite all of our dear friends and family to review your life and make choices that create peace and calm. It will be helpful if you can ask yourself on a regular basis, “What can be more important than planetary Ascension?”

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