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Ancient Intentions Coming To Light

By Sandra Walter On 8-4-14

Sandra WalterCurrent Gateway: Mastery Level Energies
You may have noticed a significant increase in the appearance of roses or similar flowers presenting in your visions. We have a focus from the Masters during this Gateway of August 4 – 12, mainly because of the deep transformations in our personal journeys in 2014. The Ascended Masters, as well-trained, pure-service liaisons of HUman Ascension, are supporting the next step in our global HUman Ascension experience: The activation of Christed HUman 12 helix DNA templates. One of their signatures is the Rose, the highest vibrational flower on the planet. Since last month’s pineal amplification, the Mastery visions have been phenomenal.

Ancient Visions coming to Light

If you resonate with the Pleiadian journey, you may know that our work with Gaia runs deep. Unfinished business led to creating opportunities in this Galaxy to balance what was not accomplished before. We were not alone in our intentions to participate in the Gaia experiment. The Maian overlays -templates from Maia, a star in the Pleiades, used to balance and dissolve Pleiadian and Arcturian kharma – completed their task. You might remember the I AM message which mentioned this a few months ago. With overlays of the Maia (Maya, the illusion) rapidly dissolving from our consciousness, we are now operating on the true Ascension timelines. These are the prophesized paths of the Golden Race, sometimes referred to as the Golden Age.

(A side note since many have asked: Some channels have said there are no timelines any longer. I feel they are misinterpreting their intel; perhaps referring to the dissolvemnt of timelines that are not possible at this point. Many are dropping off, we had many drop prior to the end of 2012, and continue to streamline the collective experience. Personal timelines are consistently changing; they are the tube torus time machine and what creates your experience of free will choice in a denser form. 

Without timelines the game would be completely over. No more linear experience or multi-dimensional interaction in this galaxy. The Milky Way would go ring-shaped and kaboom! we burst into completion. I have not noticed that occurring.)

The HUman Ascension is the future intent of many races as a direct reflection of pure Source Light Intelligence. You may remember from previous mentions, or the Ascension Course, that we create possible outcomes in the future, then go back and experience them. Coming face to face with our future in this grand collapse of the illusion brings forth many memories of our projected Self. Brilliant, isn’t it? Pat yourself on the back for a very cool creation.

Future Agendas right here, right now

There is a beautiful dance of free will and creation which carried our intention for the Christed HUman through this passage of hundreds of thousands of years. My goodness we planted so. many. clues. in our metaphoric tales along the way that the AHA! moments can feel embarrassing. As I shared previously, no judgment on what things looked like in the Old Light. I encourage Light-hearted laughter as we level up this year.

While our focus may have been on the last 300,000 years (spiritual amnesia kept us a bit limited) we are beginning to remember just how old this Golden Race creation truly is. When I say remember, I mean on a personal level. We always have information circulating about who we were and what has happened here, however the recent pineal upgrades and physical recalibrations are enabling us to see our personal connection to the Ascension journey on Gaia.

All around this beloved planet are templates intended for activation and utilization during the Ascension. While photonic light, cosmic rays, plasma, and Solar codes come rushing in from the external Galaxy, there are templates which lay dormant for hundreds of thousands of years within Gaia herself. You may remember that on the 12-12-12 many Light servers were called to receive a massive influx of codes to be anchored in the crystalline Ascension grids and our physical hearts. 

This was a wild card of sorts in the free will creation: the codes were not guaranteed to stick or stay here, there had to be enough awakened folks in service to catch them and welcome the experience with an open heart. If you were one of those conscious light servers outside at midnight as the 12-12-12 arrived, you know what it did to our bodies. (For me, it was brilliant eyes-wide-open visions of the New Earth followed by going unconscious.)

We continue to say something happened to me on the 12-12-12 and now we know what occurred. Those external light codes were the final factor in an accelerated Ascension timeline for the Golden Race. Many of us carried a DNA template trigger in our light signature, our unique spark of Source, which held the intention of activating the Golden Race DNA. Gaia ascended that day, and our bi-locating DNA with its new agenda, activated by the 12-12-12 codes, projected into the crystalline grids and went with Gaia as she created her 5D/6D expression, a.k.a. New Earth.

Since then we have been experiencing a merge with the higher expression, a gradual movement towards the truth of what has happened. The holographic projection of our old reality remains for our benefit, for as long as folks need it or until the collective vote/tipping point occurs. But enough of old news, let’s go ancient for a moment.


Back in early June I had a unique experience on Shasta. I was on the mountain for a few days and nights doing gateway work. I had my camping hammock strung up on a flat which exposed the mountain and the full moon, a truly magical view. There was a freezing cold wind one night, and despite my ability to override the elementals’ affect on my body (most of the time), I do get frustrated with the physical aspect of working on this lonely volcano. I asked my Higher levels to answer me directly: Why Shasta? Do I really need to be here? Are we done yet? WHY SHASTA?

My Higher Self in chorus with my Divine team yelled back, YOU LIVE HERE! I laughed out loud, because of all the places I have traveled to, worked in, or called a temporary home, Shasta has been the most challenging. Then, as instant as those all-powerful revelation downloads can be, the intel came in a flash which took milliseconds and eons at once. Intense light carried layers and layers of information, some of which I comprehended immediately, some I AM still unlocking as my consciousness can handle it.

Me, A Long Time Ago

The first flashes of my June download showed creating and implanting Pleiadian templates – vast multidimensional geometries – into the mountain. This was a long time ago, and I was in a Pleiadian vibration. There were councils of light, including other races, participating in the creation of these holographic templates all over Gaia. The implanting in Shasta seems to be a Pleiadian action, most likely one of our kharmic tasks in this vast operation of Ascension. It synchs well with the planting of Native tribes (Pleiadian descent) who would carry the Solar Cosmic Christ prophecies to the threshold of the Shift.

Yeshua visited the Native Tribes, including the ones in Western USA, during his missing years to teach and activate the prophecies of the coming Golden Race, knowing his activities would be misinterpreted and manipulated in the Middle East and Europe after his Ascension. I do not know (yet) if he teleported to Shasta itself; I experience him as everywhere and honor him as one of the most amazing gridworkers we know of. Goodness this has been one long multidimensional operation.

The first flash of mountain-template intel synched with a past life regression experience I had in my twenties, when my ET lineage was revealed. I stood as a Pleiadian guide on a giant mountain, while smiling white and gold-robed HUmans filed into a city of high vibration with gold walls. It was a future memory; the co-created vision of a Golden Race on Gaia. I suspect the white and gold-robed folks were a Lemurian projection, which is technically a Pleiadian in a lower dimensional suit.

My Higher Team shined the New Light on the metaphor of the city on the mountain. The templates/geometries are holographically implanted into the mountain. They contain Christed 12 helix DNA, pure Source Light, Divine Love activation sequences, all configured to be turned on if the Divine Intention of an Ascended HUman collective came to fruition. They were heavily guarded by great cosmic beings, star brethren, Archangels, Germain and many others.

Some who visit the mountain see the intention of the templates – the HUmanity of the future. Some see the Lemurian intentions to guard the Golden Race agenda. In the Old Light, information was shared in metaphors that many could understand, opening hearts and imaginations to the unknown. Adama may serve as a gatekeeper of that knowledge, shining light on a very complex operation via metaphor. He has silently appeared to me twice and I do not claim to know what his role is, metaphoric or otherwise. For me, intel needs to be first-hand guidance or from someone on my team whom I trust. As always, our interpretation of the information, and the collective creation of what serves our understanding is our free will choice. We created many things in the Old Light to help our process, and I honor them all in Divine neutrality.

Take a Breath, Keep an Open Heart

I have delayed releasing this revelation for two reasons: First, I wanted to make sure I understood what all of this is about. There is a LOT of intel which does not have to be shared with the collective. I like to keep my messages clean and centered rather than cryptic. Second, I live in a teeny town where many are very attached to old legends of the mountain. For clarity: It is not my intent to shatter belief systems, belittle co-created experiences, dissolve old programs, or exterminate businesses based on the existence of a city inside Mount Shasta. If you have ever met me, you know that is not my style.

Fortunately, my Team threw some backup in my path just weeks after the June intel arrived. I AM very grateful that Kryon (channeled by Lee Carrol) came to Mount Shasta for the June Solstice and properly honored Aurelia Louise Jones (channel for the Telos books) live on stage. He thanked her and said, In the Old Energy, it looked like a city. I nearly wept with joy as Kryon mirrored what I had received; the city was a metaphor for the New Earth, a new way of being. After 2 years of not aligning with the Telos myth, and a clear message last Winter that it was gone altogether (I shared that with Lauren Galey in May, but decided to leave it out of the interview), it was time to shine the New Light on what all of the metaphors truly meant.

Achieving Ascension, Strand by Strand

While Shasta is becoming a power node of great importance to the Golden Race, holding 12 helix Christed DNA templates – and many other templates for this Ascension timeline – it will take some linear time before they operate at 100%. Why? Because the energy of 12 strands is crazy intense for our current consciousness. Christed DNA is an amplifier of pure consciousness, and will blow out nervous and lymphatic systems if it turns on all at once. So we will go double-helix by double-helix as triggers, gateways and tipping points occur.

As the templates activate, sending out the great cosmic GO! through the grid systems and HUman heart grid (by the way, that is a grid which cannot be played with, use it often), we are seeing many folks having health issues. Yes, evolution is evolution, however the collective high-vibe decision to take as many through these gates of Ascension as possible still stands. Everyone who wants the experience and participates, gets the chance to play New DNA. Sometimes it makes us ill. I understand why the May recalibration was so intense for me; I could not have taken on the download, or the realization of my role in it, without the Divine reset. Deep gratitude to all the Masters and Star Folks who pushed my limits in May. I love you.

Synchronicities of Revelation

All the work which has presented in Shasta now converges with this template operation. My AHA! moments keep unfolding; here are a few of my missions here which reflect the 12 helix and Heaven-on-Earth templates:

- Part of Me, the Higher True me, does indeed LIVE here. I have been guided since I arrived to pour my blood on this mountain, asking Gaia and Shasta to remember me, commanding activation. Now I know the DNA codes in my blood have deep multidimensional roots here.

- The Living Library of the Pleiadian prophecies is anchored here (and other places I suspect), in holographic geometric light templates.

- Creation of The 12 strand DNA integration grid: Built last year, now I understand why it is an integration grid.

- The 12 Gateways of Mount Shasta: This is why they are gold, this is why there are twelve.
- The crystalline city and Mastery retreats linger over the mountain – they provide energetic support and guardianship of a major power node and Ascension gateway.

- All the dreams of DNA, gold bars (DNA), gold shirts (Golden race), and visions of spirals, unlocking the gateways … all of that is now linked to what I left here a long time ago.

- The 12 teleportation crystals: Eventually will be used to transmit DNA activations from Shasta. They will connect the templates, crystalline grid and liaisons carrying the DNA within (a big key there).

- Seeing my Light Signature last year: That golden octahedron pattern was witnessed by other lightworkers this Summer. My Higher Team says that my multidimensional self serves as a gatekeeper to the templates.

- Meeting aspects of Self this year: A side-effect of the DNA templates coming online. When our DNA gets to a stable six strand, we will be able to do that consistently (at will).

- The I AM a different person or losing parts of our old self sensation: The old DNA switches on and off, like a faulty lightbulb, until the new stuff is fully wired and capable of letting the body function in this realm while being connected to many others. It does explain the profound death-of-old-Self, What happened to me? feeling. It also emphasizes how much of the true Self can operate on the New DNA. Very exciting, yet challenging for the physical. We are conditioning ourselves like multidimensional athletes. Some days we are sore, some days we SOAR.

I AM spending many nights up under the stars in a dreamy, trance-like state. It is good and freeing to express in light language, or discuss the Self with the Self. I feel more like myself, even though that Self is new. A memory of future Self in the present. It is a deliciously Now phase of our Ascension. Many blessings to all of us on this incredible journey.

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