Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yeshua On Sacred Union: "Why Should Love Have To Wait Any Longer?"

Channelled By Linda Dillon On 8-2-14

The Tsunami of Love that the Mother is washing you with, day, night, and in-between is preparing you for this sacred union. In many ways it is the baptism before the marriage; it is the cleansing before the full union…

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Yeshua. I am your beloved brother, Yeshi, brother of your heart, brother of your soul, brother of compassion, and brother of love. Welcome.

And yes, I know that you have been speaking of many things this day, but I come to speak to you about Sacred Union, about the sacred union with your divine self, with your beloved one, with your sacred partner, and with each other, and with the planet herself.

There is so much to say and actually limited time to say it, so let me get to the point. But let me preface, I am your brother and I like to think your best friend and I have walked the earth, as child, as adolescent, as young man, as man. And then, as now and as always, I have known, not only my own yearning, but your yearning for love.

In this planet, in the universe, throughout the creation of the Mother/Father One, what people call instinct or drive is truly, there is only one drive, oh there is a drive to maintain human life, to eat, to sleep, but that is not what I am talking about; the drive is to love, the yearning is to experience love, to give love, to receive love, and to know not only that you are loved and lovable, but that you are the essence of love. And you are at a point my sweet family where that knowing is upon you.

And one of the things that is occurring in that growth, in that expansion, in that becoming, in the Shift, in Ascension, it matters not what you call it, is that the yearning for love and the love of your sacred self has become persistent, consistent, undeniable. It has become a driving force and to this I say, “Halleluiah.” Because what was my life about other than teaching love, about trying to awaken humanity to the truth of love, to cherish one another and to cherish themselves, to honor, to gentle, their sacred selves so that they could be healed, so that they could expand, so that they could change the world? Well, it didn’t work out.

But that message and that drive has never died and it has never been stronger and more evident upon this planet than right now. The Tsunami of Love that the Mother is washing you with, day, night, and in-between is preparing you for this sacred union. In many ways it is the baptism before the marriage; it is the cleansing before the full union. You are ready to fulfill your desire to unite, but as one who has walked, yes, in favored position, perhaps more knowing than many, but also fully as man, as human, you are prepared to love yourself.

The Mother’s love washing within you, cleansing you, integrating, anchoring, what does this do? Aside from washing away the horrific debris, what is the end result of the Mother’s tsunami? It is that you are fully prepared, you are in a state of grace to enter into union with yourself. To love and cherish and honor and admire and commit and fulfill your dreams, your mission and purpose, your desired creations right now, not next year, not next month, right now. You are prepared to enter into union with your twin flame, with your circle, with the Council, with your star brothers and sisters, with the entire human race.

Now, are some still being washed by the tsunami? Yes, and we say it is about to intensify, so get ready! But you are holding the ground and what are you doing? You are taking it to the next step, the next level.

And I am there with my arms flung wide open; so is my beloved Magdalena. It is time, not only for sacred union with yourself, but reunion with us. I do not just refer to our Annual Gathering; I refer to today, tomorrow, the weeks to come. Let us begin. Why should love have to wait any longer? Why would you choose to wait any longer?

Everything, your design, your heart, your tri-flame, your grid, Gaia’s grid, our grid, we are in harmony and alignment. What is the next step after alignment? It is what I speak of: Sacred Union.

I invite you, I welcome you, come, preparation is over, no more excuses, no more false grids, no more false ideation. Embrace your perfection in what you have so often judged as your imperfection. Let us grace each other and join our hearts as one.

Go with my love. Farewell.

© 2014 Council of Love

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