Saturday, August 1, 2015

Is It Me Or My Guides ?— It’s Both

A Message From Jennifer Hoffman

Since October 2003, when Archangel Uriel first contacted me, I have had a constant connection with this energy. It isn’t something I can turn on or off, it’s always there. Not in an intrusive way, but in a way that has simply become another dimension of my energy aspects. So when I’m asked whether it’s me or Uriel who answers a question, I can’t answer that because it’s both and it’s neither, and it’s the wrong question because it cannot be answered that simply. We all have the ability to connect with angels, guides, and any other energy in the Universe, when we choose to and when we do, the result is an expansion of ‘us’ as human and spiritual.

So why is asking whether it’s you or your guides the wrong question? Because the question assumes that you are separate from your angels, guides, and any energy you work with and that cannot happen. It is through your particular energetic frequency that they connect with you and that is where you share an energetic resonance. Remember they exist at all levels, so every person’s connection with their angels and guides is individual and personal. Their energy also integrates with yours so there is a seamless interaction between you and them.

Is it you or them when you get an answer? It’s both because you provide them with the energy container they need to access the earth’s dimension, as a physical being, and they connect you with your higher aspects, as an expression of your energy in the higher frequencies of spirit. We’re all one and part of the One, so there cannot be any separation between us and any other being, physical or otherwise, in the universe.

Never think that you are ‘less than’ any energy in the Universe because you are not. You are a spark of Divine Light, a ‘piece’ of God/Source light and energy so you are on the same level as every other ‘thing’ in the universe. How you express and use that energy is your choice — but whether you use or acknowledge it or not, you are as Divine as anything else in the Universe.

What if you don’t want this connection or see it as too much of a responsibility? You don’t have to do anything with it, if you don’t want to. You can also use it in your personal life and don’t have to share it with anyone. Remember that at first I didn’t want to work with Uriel, I had other things to do with my life, so I thought, like being in the corporate world, managing an IT division in a large corporation.

Connecting with an archangel wasn’t part of that plan, although I have been intuitive all of my life. Now that energy is so familiar to me that I cannot imagine my life without it but the connection I have is possible because of my energetic frequency, and you have that potential too, and you can use it in any way you wish. And sharing it on a global level is part of my life path, it may not be part of yours. That’s something you will have to explore with your guides and angels.

What about the people who are already channeling these energies, like Archangel Michael, can you connect with them too?

Several years ago I was accosted by someone who claimed to be the ‘only’ channel for Uriel, and that I didn’t have permission to connect with this energy. I knew that was impossible because I had already been working with Uriel for 10 years, and further, that there is no single channel for any energy, there are multiple channels who each connect according to their individual frequency. No one can claim to be the ‘only’ channel for any energy because these are universal energies and are very expansive, existing at an unlimited array of frequencies, so they can connect with everyone.

We each pick up on the energetic frequencies that we can connect with. That’s why any energy can have many different channelers, they’re all picking up a different expression of that energy, at their own frequency. Everyone has these connections, and they are only effective when we use them.

Archangel Uriel says, ‘Participation in the 3rd dimension is by invitation only,’ which means that if you don’t invite your spiritual connections into your life, they cannot connect with you and offer the support and guidance they have for your journey. You’re the one who is here, doing the heavy lifting, they are there to help you remember all of the power and knowledge that you forgot, as part of your being here. They are your support team, let them support you.

And if you’re wondering whether information comes from you or your guides ~~ remember it’s all the same energy.

So trust yourself and if it feels good to you and you aren’t afraid, you can trust the information.

With practice it becomes much easier to feel, recognize, and feel comfortable with the guidance you receive, and you’ll be able to automatically use it in every situation.

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