Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spoiler Alert: No Disaster For The World

Archangel MichaelI’m getting requests to comment on a channeled message allegedly coming from Archangel Michael that begins:

“We have come to you as part of your agreement with us, to have this advisory remitted to the public for the upcoming times ahead.

“This period is going to be one of upheaval and general consternation amongst the people. It is not our intention to exacerbate the ruinous situation that is about to unfold but this is intended as an advisory to ameliorate and guide those who are prepared to listen to their inner guidance, in the days to come.”

Folks, no such thing is in the works for the world. Why would millions of our star brothers and sisters be here? To preside over the wholesale destruction of the world? Wasn’t that what they came to prevent?

As for it coming from Archangel Michael, you’ve listened to him for years through Linda Dillon. When has he ever predicted catastrophe? When has he ever called what faced us a “ruinous situation”? When has he ever uttered veiled threats to those who don’t listen to their inner guidance?

When has he addressed you in such a matter-of-fact, businesslike tone?  As he would say, that is “not of love.”

Moreover, if Archangel Michael wished to spread such a message, why would he pick an unknown channel for such an important announcement? Why not Linda Dillon, or Ronna Herman, or Celia Fenn?

Surely we can recognize the signs of Third Dimensionality in a channeled message. If I hear those tones in a channeled message I’m about to post, I won’t post it, even if it comes from an established channel.

Here are some sources that you can consult to convince you that no disaster scenario is destined to occur:
(1) Ready-Reference Guide: There’s No Need to Fear Written a few years ago, but the message remains the same today.
(2) “The Victory of the Light” at
This wiki  (  is THE place to go to answer your questions on what’s happening in the world. The contents of this particular page of it include:

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