Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Team - Morning Message #54


Chanelled By Peggy Black On 8-24-15

Ego Manager - Part II

The ego keeps you focused in the third dimension. As you become aware of this, you acknowledge the ego role, which has been the manager of your life. However, YOU, the multidimensional self, now have a very active part, an evolved, conscious, active part.

As your multidimensional aspect becomes fully present in your awareness, you gradually realize and recognize that you can move and experience many realities, time-frames and dimensions with ease and delight.

This is the great and grand awakening that is happening upon your planet. More and more beings are becoming aware of the many levels, layers, and realities in which they interface and affect in each moment.

These dimensions overlap and interact. They are woven into the fabric of all. As a multidimensional being, these dimensions, energy fields, and matrices are very real and very visible. It is much like awakening from a dream.

While in a dream, you believe it is real. Yet when you awaken, you observe that it is a dream. You are now awakening from your dream into the multi-dimensions in which your true self dwells and plays.

It is an energy field in which thoughts manifest instantly. It is a reality in which you can travel to any timeframe, any hologame you can imagine. It is a reality that is fluid.

Begin this day being conscious of at least one other reality. Allow yourself to come to the still point within, the balance place within, and then allow yourself to observe what you sense or feel. Relax into this process of discovery.

Like a child's game of hide and seek, begin to be aware of the other realities that have appeared hidden. Notice your beliefs about your physical reality, soften them when they are discovered, and allow other realities, other energy fields, to become visible.

There are energies all around you at all times that you can become sensitive to and interact with from a conscious, multidimensional state of being. Practice this.

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