Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Councils of Shamballa: Being Conscious Co-Creators

Golden Age Messages from the Masters
Through The Founders Of The Ascended Masters Mystery School -

Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose On 8-9-15

You were created to keep expanding your mastery while living on Earth, and part of your mastery includes your ability to access the higher dimensions that are not limited by time, space or even the bodies you have been blessed to use as your 3rd dimensional vehicles. The more aligned you are with your Presence, the more capable you are of accessing your multidimensional capacities to live, love and create as a Golden Age wayshower and to be a conscious co-creator with God.

~ The Councils of Shamballa
As your mastery continues to unfold, you will steadily lose interest in what may have filled your time in the past. Some of the more spiritually enlightened inhabitants on your Earth are writing books, creating websites and even bringing movies into your world that are directed at supporting your ascension by stimulating the dormant multi-dimensional levels of your consciousness and activating some of the dormant information that has been stored in your crystalline DNA.

Masters know how to connect their consciousness with the other dimensions by remembering that they are never bound by the 3rd dimensional levels of their consciousness. They are therefore free to connect and explore life on other domains while successfully maintaining their commitments and living an embodied existence on Earth. The more aligned you are with your Presence, the more available you also will be to experiencing the multidimensional levels of your own mastery.

Transitions into higher dimensions involve radical differences in perception between beings who are identifying with the constraints of their gravity, time-bound existence and those who are not. When you enter the 5th dimension, you will be given many opportunities to shift your perceptions into those that will be able to support you living solely in the moment. Meanwhile, you can continue to keep releasing any information that may be keeping you from seeing beyond the known into the unknown.

The more you are willing to merge with the timelessness of your Presence and to remain open to what you may not know or understand, the more capable you are of merging with the higher dimensional levels of consciousness that are beyond the space and time constraints that eventually became a natural part of your lives in the 3rd dimension. As a 5th dimensional master, your consciousness will be aligned with levels of freedom you have only known in previous Golden Ages or in lives you may have lived in other dimensions or in other star systems.

It is your glorious opportunity at this juncture in your ascension process to completely release all residual attachments you may still have to any identities you may have assumed and believed yourself to be in previous lives and all trauma that may be associated with those lives. When you release all value to these previous identities, you will be free to live as your unlimited, multidimensional Presence. You will then also be free to follow your spirit while remaining in ongoing harmony with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times.

To be a conscious co-creator with God, we suggest that you continue asking your Presence whether your everyday thoughts, feelings and habits are really supporting your ascension. You may ask questions such as: what level of consciousness is this new idea or latest creation supporting, and what purpose and whose purpose will it serve? Keep looking at anything you may be doing, thinking or feeling in an attempt to support the 3rd dimensional perspectives of your “old” self, yet never allow these observations to bring you a moment’s sense of shame, guilt or remorse.

The intensified solar rays that are now entering your atmosphere are coming into your world to quicken your atomic structure. This quickening is already shifting your vibrations so you are more available to remain in a fluid state of receptivity while simultaneously expanding your potential to receive ever-new multidimensional upgrades. Your Presence is always there to make sure that you are receiving these upgrades while maintaining your physical, mental and emotional equilibrium. Be open to these shifts within and around your body. There may be moments when you feel unstable or sense that you are losing your old memory references since you are now “living” in several dimensions simultaneously, yet this soon passes as you learn to master your expanded 5th dimensional awareness and consciously co-create with God.

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