Monday, August 3, 2015

Morning Message #47 - Personal Sovereignty


Channelled By Peggy Black On 8-3-15

The key to experiencing the magic and miracles in your life is the level of allowing and the focused clear vibration that you are offering your reality. Since manifestation is always taking place in the lives of humans, the key to remember is to observe where you place your focus and your vibrational attention.

This observation will clearly show exactly what has been the focus and what has been the emotional vibration that has been offered by anyone into their reality. Most focus on what they "do not" want to unfold in their lives and reality, rather than focusing on the delicious unfolding of dreams and goals. To this extent, every human is creating their personal experiences and drawing to them what they hold in their vibrational field.

The mass conscious grid holds the patterns of fear, worry, stress, and powerlessness. It is the evolution of each human to recognize that this grid does not belong to them. This grid of limitation, of fear, of mistrust and powerlessness is part of the matrix of the planetary hologame, simply that.

Once the individual human recognizes this illusion, these programmed beliefs, they can certainly and consciously make a shift to create and allow a different result. Each human is a multidimensional starbeing with the incredible ability which molds and sculpts their very existence.

In this hologame on your planet, humans have been taught they are at the effect of events; they do not have the ability or the skills to shift their lot in life. They are taught to vibrate, hold the pattern and hold the thoughts/emotions of unworthiness, impotence, lack and fear.

Humans are rarely taught or made aware of their incredible authority, their omnipotence, their personal power to bring into reality and manifest their highest vision and dream.

This is changing, this is shifting, this is the evolution of the human spirit awakening. Everyone is experiencing this change and this shift in how they view their reality. One by one each human is claiming their mastery, claiming their authority and stepping into their personal sovereignty

They are recognizing the truth that they are responsible, they hold the power to make an incredible difference in what they experience in the day-to-day unfolding in their lives. Joy, gratitude and appreciation are the keys to this power. It is all vibrations.

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