Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Team - Morning Message #51: Addictive Emotions

Channelled By Peggy Black On 8-15-15

We want to remind you of the importance of maintaining the emotions of joy, gratitude and appreciation.

These are challenging times upon your planet. As an agent of change, a being of Light, you and all others will be most effective in bringing about transformation and change by holding a clear, pure vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation.

It is important for your well-being, your health, and your ability to connect with your Divine Essence. It is important to recognize when you are vibrating at a low, dense, heavy emotion of fear, anger, sadness, frustration and worry, in order to shift that reality as quickly as possible. It is important for you to make this shift in each moment.

Remember, when you are operating at the frequency of these low, dense emotions, you are automatically plugged into the mass consciousness grid that matches these feelings.

When you allow your emotions to match the mass consciousness grid, you can easily be discouraged and swept away with a sense of being overwhelmed when vibrating at these low frequencies. These dense emotions are the most familiar to you and the easiest to fall into. They are the most prevalent vibrations on earth.

There is an addictive nature to these emotions. The body/brain recognizes the chemical reaction within and this triggers old mental programs, old past experiences, and hurts. Every aspect of your system becomes engaged, with all defensives activated. You are on automatic, easily manipulated by current events.

You are linked to the mass grid/matrix of fear, anger, guilt, worry, frustration, and a feeling of powerlessness. These emotions are holding the evolution of your planet in a lock down. There are those invested in keeping mass consciousness in these easily manipulated states of emotions.

In this game of evolution, this game of transformation, the most valuable skill is the mastery of evoking, sustaining and maintaining high emotional vibrations of joy, gratitude, and appreciation, as well as love. They are your power. Find and focus on the smallest things in your life that you can appreciate and express your gratitude for.

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