Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What Do We Bring to the Project?

High riggers of an earlier generation:
Construction the way it used to be done
As Matthew Ward so eloquently put it, we’re in “the storm before the calm.”  (1)

Once the calm hits, the torch will be passed to us lightworkers and it’ll be time to get to work. What do we bring to the project?

In the first place we bring to the project authorization from the highest levels.  The Divine Mother, the source of creation, has spoken to us many times telling us that we’re here to carry out her plan for the Ascension of Planet Earth, the first Ascension in the universe in which (1) masses of people ascend, (2) taking their bodies with them; that is, without needing to die.

And she’s told us that part of that process – not the whole of it – is building Nova Earth and that that part she’s assigned largely – not the whole of it either – to us.

What happens here will ripple through the universe. No longer a train headed for disaster, what we do will lay down new track to heaven on Earth.  We are truly pioneers in every way.

But we’re pioneers who have the Divine Mother’s backing.

In the second place, we bring latent powers and capabilities which are hard to imagine. Most of us are angels; some are archangels, seraphim and elohim. Such an array of talent is, as far as I’m aware, unheard of. Archangel Michael has told me that it’s a rare event for archangels to incarnate and this is the first recorded instance in which seraphim have embodied.

Such beings are transcendental in their natures. Their powers, in their native form, are beyond our ability to grasp. Well, I shouldn’t say “they.” I should say “us” because it’s us the masters, galactics and celestials are talking about.

So we bring to the project remarkable nascent powers which we use at the behest of the One in form; namely, the Divine Mother.

Until the blindfold is removed, knowing that provides a source of tremendous courage and strength for me. But there’s more.

We bring with us many lifetimes of experience on this and other planets, lived in preparation for this Ascension and creation of a new world.  I know an incarnated archangel and a seraphim who’ve lived thousands of lives on this planet in preparation for this Ascension. (I’ve only been here eight times. I’m a stranger to these parts.)

We bring with us commitment, dedication and persistence to the work. We bring with us loyalty to a way of being that had almost become extinct less than a century ago. And we stand on the shoulders of giants who cleared the way for us.

We can do what we set our minds to. We’ll be receiving help from all manner of sources – the galactics, masters, celestials, elementals, devas, the fairies – even the animals.  This is what we bring to the project and what we’ll be drawing on to get the work done.

(1) Matthew’s Message, Aug. 17, 2015 at at http://www.matthewbooks.com/mattsmessage/.

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