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Stock-Market Plunge: Significance?

Reval 22I’ve been asked if plummeting stock markets have significance. Somewhere I heard that the Reval would be preceded by a stock-market plunge. I haven’t been able to find that quote but I offer the nearest to it. Matthew Ward said back in 2004, talking about this time:

“The first indication that all is not well will be stock markets plummeting. … What will appear initially as unthinkable, global financial collapse will be evened out rather quickly in quite orderly fashion so that hardships will not be long-lasting.” (1)

We can expect the Illuminati to try to hold on by manipulating markets. Matthew says on that subject:  “What is intended to appear as a rebounding stock market is simply computers moving the Illuminati’s vast fortunes back and forth around the world.” (2)

However, it’s the Reval that will be the death knell for the cabal, as Sheldan Nidle’s sources suggest:

“We now stand on the verge of the success of a ‘quiet revolution’ that is making possible a long overdue currency readjustment. These new financial systems are to drive out the dark cabal, swiftly bring this globe an end to debt slavery and produce a worldwide prosperity.” (3)

 His sources explain what will happen after the Reval:

“The old guard institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), are to be set aside as new ‘true value’ precious metal global currencies manifest.

“Along with these new currencies are to be new banking regulations as expressed by various ‘Basel III’ compliances.

“Our Earth allies and their numerous national associates are doing this to redistribute the planet’s wealth and create a way to push the dark from its present position of financial and governmental supremacy. All of this is just the beginning of a process to free you from centuries-long debt slavery and the corruption of governments sworn to uphold every whim of the cabal and its many associates.” (4)

They describe what the Company of Heaven wants the Reval to do:

“[The] growing level of consciousness is partly responsible for the numerous alliances that are forming across your globe. Humanity is becoming aware that a different way of doing its many tasks is indeed possible. This is why there is a great need to end governmental corruption and tie it into a new currency reset and a precious metal-based financial system.

“This system requires a high degree of transparency in order to succeed. Given these parameters, the new financial system is to encourage a redistribution of wealth and a means to transform poverty, homelessness and unjust taxations. This immense shift is to provide a way for each human to watch their respective levels of governance and help them truly represent them.” (5)

The sea of debt in which we drown is to be done away with. We’re not told when.

“Your prosperity is therefore to be in your hands shortly.

“These exchanges of funds are quickly to create the conditions needed to bring forth new governance. This, in turn, is going to eventually permit the formal recognition of our existence.

All of these various actions are finally to put you on a much faster track to full consciousness. …

“The dark cabal’s many delaying tactics are done and we are most happy to see the termination of their vile schemes. You are approaching a new watershed in your liberation from millennia of slavery! …

“A vast reset of your global currency system is to be overseen by this new global financial system. The enormous debt that this world has floated on is to disappear. In fact, debt as you have known it is to be transformed. A global jubilee is to release a great energy, which is to bring you new inventions in medicine, science and travel.” (6)

The process includes an end to unfair taxation.

“The completion of this process is designed to replace the current governance and permit you to put an end to a long history of worldwide debt slavery. This process is not only to bring you prosperity, but as well to end discriminatory and unfair taxation.

“What is most vital at this time is to use these financial resources to carry out your dreams and make this realm a better place to live in.” (7)

On another occasion, they exhort us to:

“Use this time to envelope causes that aid Gaia and support each other. This is to be a time of growing wealth for you.

“Use this wealth to aid this world, each other and yourselves. As the dark fades, rejoice and know deeply inside what Heaven expects of you. This is, of course, divine service – simple, unselfish actions. We can cite divine parables, but this is not necessary.

“Be in joy and relish this time and these amazing opportunities.”  (8)

Many people have asked how a moneyless economy will work. Sheldan’s sources say the replicator is an important underpinning.

“Various technologies as well are ready to be introduced, which end the days of money. This money-less society is to emphasize the rise of the replicator.

“These technologies are to free you from the numerous forms of debt slavery now prevalent on this world.” (9)

So this is in answer to the many questions coming in on the Reval.

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