Friday, August 7, 2015

The Arcturians - Morning Message #48: Wake-Up!



  Channelled By Peggy Black On 8-6-15

Humans are being invited to recognize, accept and honor their multidimensional selves.

It does not serve you or others to continue playing at a low vibration and frequency. It might be familiar and it is certainly a habit well learned, however every human is being pressed to expand into their own magnificence.

Humanity is being confronted with all issues and all the patterns of limited thought and action. This is occurring on the personal scale and the global scale.

Each individual starhuman is facing their believed limitation. Each individual starhuman is facing their patterns, habits, shadows and demons. These habits and patterns are being magnified to the level of extreme discomfort. There is a belief that growth only comes through discomfort or pain.

The energy that is being radiating from the galaxy and bathing humanity is a high vibration; this energy is stirring up all that is a low, dense, slow frequency.

You personally, and humanity at large, have the opportunity to observe where you are holding limited thought patterns and emotional defensive patterns that are vibrating at the low, dense, slow frequencies. When your physical, mental, and emotional states are uncomfortable, that is a red flag, a sign post that is your celestial self pointing the finger to where there is resistance and an energetic blockage. Release these old patterns of limitation in thoughts and feelings.

You have the assistance and support from the realms of truth, love and Light. It is your responsibility to ask for this assistance. Honor yourself and make the conscious shift into positive patterns of unlimited flow.

It depends on your level of discomfort and pain and how long you will continue to allow yourself to experience this restricted flow of divine energy. It is your resistance that is causing your pain. WAKE UP. Your playing small does not serve the higher good.

Use consciousness raising tools to make the shift in your energy signature. There is much to do to transform and uplift mass consciousness into the realms of truth. Each human must realize that they hold a key piece in this transformation and that it is their responsibly to release all that limits them at the personal level.

One by one, humanity will begin to vibrate at a pure frequency of LOVE. Each human has a part to play. Each human has certain limited patterns and painful experiences only they can transform. Love yourself free of imagined limitation. Learn to reside in your holy heart, holding steady a vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation.

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