Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Disclosure Digest 12-13-17


Looks Like Friday The 13Th

Comes On A Wednesday This Month


Thank Source it's only the 13Th once a month! And now the news with Jordan:
and a late California fires bulletin as well,

Big Pharma is truly acting out of desperation as it's marketing machine no longer produces the desired sales; time for Big Brother to enforce drug usage with the help of crooked courts:
Looks like it  will take Divine Intervention to  wean our civilization off of constant warmaking:

The Deep State loves it's clandestine operations with no oversight by elected officials. This article is right on, save for not recognizing the behind-the-scenes White Hat agenda being pursued by POTUS:

Not all is what it seems and this Pope's no dope, he also came for the Party:


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