Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Disclosure Digest 12-27-17

We Are No Longer Here

To Pump You Up

The capitalism I grew up with is a broken system which only benefits the bottom-line feeders, Basta:

While I'm system-busting let's check in with the Quickening resulting from the Trump Yule EO:

David Wilcock chimes in with a heap and a pile of  his own, dot-connecting wisdom:

IMHO this is a big warning to any Team Dark minions thinking of taking it on the lam:

The masters-of-the universe meme is disintegrating before our eyes:

Speaking of 'wrong things' check out our ubiquitous, weaponized Canola oil:

Big Oil deserves a Big Rant so here it is; git sum:

Enough with these Dark Side discombobulations; time to get multi-D lovey-dovey with Saul:

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