Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Lightlover Energy Report: 12-19-17


By Maria Bethencourt

My Heart Family, (FB post):

Trans-dimensional Incoming Source Energies continue to amplify through this intense spiritual passage.

The synergy of solar and cosmic energies is accelerating DNA repair and clearing, chakra balancing and expansion across ALL chakra systems on the planet.

At this time humans are at 3 different Chakra/Consciousness/Frequency system expansions, across 3 different dimensions, 3D,4D,5D+.

3D is Human Spiritual Awakening. (7 Chakras)

4D is Galactic Awakening. (13 Chakras)

5D+is Multidimensional Awakening. (NEON chakra system)

Incoming Source Energies are both Electric and Magnetic, (among many other things), and as The Energies integrate into the grids, antimatter is shifted DOWN to the realm of matter to manifest physicality, and matter shifts UP to the antimatter realms.

As the frequency/consciousness of the earth increases, futile energy and consciousness is magnetically removed and phased out, as per the Law Of Resonance and the Law Of Attraction.

Left behind at the last gate so to speak.

This is the same principle as a planet traveling through space, going through a black hole and being shifted to a higher consciousness exiting through a white hole at the other end.

This is how Symphonic Universes link up one to another, black holes, wormholes, Portals...individual frequency must match the entry Portal for the soul to continue through to the higher frequency universe.

This is what has occurred through this trifecta 10/11/12 Portal Of Year 1,(2017),as the timelines have separated and the Forerunners have anchored to new Creation Timelines in the next Symphonic Universe.

I can honestly say these energies are the most intense I have ever felt. And they shift so quickly, and can trigger those around us instantly. Almost like they become a different person.

Incoming Source energies affect our “Bodies” differently...

Our bodies being Emotional, Physical, Mental, Energetic, and Spiritual. Each is it’s own consciousness and frequency.

When we heal all all aspects of “ourselves”, we step into our mastery and walk in service for the Highest Good Of All in Love as a clear channel of our Source to assist in this amazing shift. The is the path of the Forerunners/Volunteers.

As we anchor new timelines many of us have been physically alone due to the fact that there are not many others at our frequency, our timelines,...yet.

This is where Faith and Prayer come in, it takes time for those souls that we love to join us in the new earth.

Energetic bridges have to be built to a new Creation, a new Timeline by the Forerunners. Once the Timeline anchors, the love between souls calls them magnetically one to another.

And so it continues, co-creation between souls.

The Rainbow Bridge has anchored between Symphonic Universes, separating ascension and descension, human experiences and evolution. It acts as a pathway for all levels of chakra systems in The Heart Collective.

All souls have a color ray aligned to their individual energetic signature.

The Rainbow Bridge carries all color rays within it, so it can be crossed by All.

The Incoming Winter Equinox Energies And Incoming Christ Consciousness Energies will finalize the last of the Crystalline DNA process for the Forerunners/Volunteers in preparation for year 2 (2018), also an 11 year.

Crystalline itching can be extreme. My Head and shins are the most intense.

Incoming Energies are affecting ALL, and causing massive triggers as the sleeping collective can no longer ignore what is being brought to the Light.

Light-> Information.

Information is flooding the collective, triggering many to extremes, as they no longer have the option of remaining asleep.


Emotional outbreaks are the result of the inner child healing, which is part of emotional memory healing.

Our emotional expression comes from the Frontal lobe of our brain. It controls Thinking, Memory, Behavior and Movement.

When Incoming Source frequencies resonate to an area of the brain, the blockage is released.

When/If triggered; forgive yourself.

If it's someone else, remember your own awakening and expand upon your compassion and acceptance. Remember how it was for you.

The ascension process is a stair step process, no one is more or less, they are just at a different step.

The Forerunners are very strong spiritual catalysts now by their energy alone, you don’t even have to be doing anything or saying anything.

We are huge triggers.

We are.

Awareness is key.

We need to be responsible with our energy at all times and know how hugely it affects others.

Also, we need to discern the reason why we are experiencing something, and our ROLE in the Creation.

Is it our Creation, or is it a Collective Creation?


Panic attacks are the result of mental healing and disconnecting from the old Electric 3D Matrix; releasing Fear and False Light Programming.

Mental synaptic rewiring is hugely amplified by solar activity. Solar flares, solar filament releases and coronal holes...etc.

NEGATIVE thought loops have intensified during this transition as we become more telepathic and begin to “hear” others with our expanded senses.

Discernment, again is key.

Is it personal or collective clearing?

We Transmute Thoughts For The Collective, so don’t be surprised if you have some very dark thoughts pop up out of nowhere.

I have and it was very surprising How dark they were...

Transmute them and keep going.

Here is an article I wrote in 2013 on how solar flares and sun activity affected me during my awakening. The more we connect to our Heart, the more sensitive we become to Incoming Source Energies.   (https://lightworkers.org/…/solar-flare-symptoms-and-alerts-…).

As we anchor “The Christ Crown” during this passage, we build up the last of the Sacred Armor which allows for those that will to walk multi-dimensionally In Service; to be able to move between dimensions without interference.

Interesting that in the Bible, this spiritual armor initiation is called the Helmet Of Salvation and protects your Divine Mind.

Set Your SACRED INTENT to fully activate your Christed Armor and seal, shield and cloak your self from any outside interference through this passage.

Once on the other side of the Portal, Gnosis is accessible to all who are at the frequency to receive the Gift, as the ”Hue-man” mind can no longer be controlled by outside consciousness and limiting mental programming has been upgraded.


Physical pain can be intense during this passage as any blockage in the expanding chakra system is intensified as Embodiment continues.

This is cellular/DNA clearing which is also clearing our Divine Endoctrine System, a network of glands that secrete hormones and affect growth and metabolism.

Lately I have noticed my hair and nails are growing super fast.

Depending on the Incoming energies, our brains are being affected as our lobes, brain stem and cerebellum return to their original divine blueprints and begin to expand to a higher level Language Of Light.

Physical Symptoms are ALL over the place as the DNA shifting happens so quickly.

-Complete emotional detachment and soul disconnect from all so the NEW World is created. We are not recreating Atlantis, or Lemuria...we are creating a new Heaven On Earth, not the one we descended from, for we do not replicate experiences.

This is occurring as we Create A new world...imagine the Hyperboreans descending and Co-creating the world we just left behind.

-Sleeping a lot and once again going into the Triad Sleep Cycle.

Waking up, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55... This synchronizes The Forerunners to align outside 3d/4d time and space, and align to True Universal time.

This is how we become multidimensional, and travel in and out of time.

 -Time is speeding up hugely after having experienced massive time loops since 11/11.

 -Lucid Dreaming; extreme, to where it feels I can actually stay in the dream...

 -Awareness and knowing of Incoming Cosmic Source Waves before they affect the grids; Gnosis Is    accessible to All now who have raised their frequency to Resonate.

 -Enhanced Multidimensional communication across all grids.

 -Hand and feet Chakras- itching and some cramping as they once again expand.

 -Massive connection to Galactic Soul Family with the need to unify, to be together and the need to find each other.

-Increasing telepathy with soul family members, AND with 1D and 2D Heart Collective Light Beings.

This can get very noisy inside the head when out in nature and EVERYONE not human also has something to say...spiritual boundaries must be set at all times.

-Awareness Of All Spaceweather, extremely so.

-Body shaking and vibrating.

Kundalini Rising experiences, including long term Bliss and conscious Awareness.

-Rashes in skin, hives. Especially if I eat GMO foods; hives all over my throat, even after transmuting food.

-Vision -blurriness and double vision when Occipital Lobe Activations occur.

-Filament Eruptions cause a sharp physical pain in my Heart when they happen.

-Feeling “inner cellular Spin” increasing, which causes body to feel wobbly and disconnected, almost as if it can’t keep itself together. This can cause nausea or feeling faint.

-Rapid Frequency Light Upgrade Symptoms. FLU. Rapid fever rising, extreme thirst, can cause digestive releases.

Brain Fog episodes can be extreme.

-Energy Dross: Waking up drenched, feeling cold inside, hot outside, and vice verse. 

Body temperature going haywire; sign of Massive DNA repair and raising of Frequency.

-Food: I seem to be eating mostly white or yellow. It seems as if I am a newborn and can do very basic food. Nothing resonates. I only need a little bit, it all feels so heavy.

The Occipital Lobe is responsible for sight, color perception and object recognition. It Houses the Third Eye, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, pineal gland and the Well Of Dreams Chakra.

The Temporal Lobe is responsible for Hearing, Learning and feelings. When ringing in the ears is present, it is this area of the brain that is affected.

The Parietal Lobe houses Language and touch. When Incoming energies affect this area of the brain, we often Hear nonsensical language, cannot make sense of what is being said, feel tingly everywhere.

The Cerebellum is responsible to balance, coordination and speech. When we feel dizzy and wobbly, it is this area of the brain that is being affected.

The Brain Stem controls breathing, heartbeat, and temperature.

Being aware of what is happening to our bodies help us to shift faster, for Light is information and it is to be shared, so that it removes fear from the ascension process.

Upgrades and downloads have intensified And are affecting this clearing massively.

Reminder that Source is Divine Intelligence and Healing.

The Light goes where it is needed without our human input. Our goal is to be clear channels of Light and Love to anchor incoming energies into the grids so that all living things on this Earth benefit from it.

As we prepare for the anchoring of The Christ Consciousness, know that everything is divinely perfect.

We are Shifting very quickly now.

Honor Your Body.

Set your SACRED INTENT to walk in Service for the Highest Good Of All in Love.

Ask for assistance if this passage becomes too extreme, this Is a free will planet and our Light Family cannot interfere and help if we don’t ask.

We have to believe and have Faith.

And we have to Pray. A lot.

May everything Unfold For The Highest Good Of All in Love.

We are Love, for Love is all there is.

And we have enough Love for All that needed it.

And then some...

Upwards And Onwards.
Inwards and Out.
The Only way Out is In.
Let‘s finish this.
Once and for All.
And so it is.
I send my Love to All.


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